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  1. I'm trying to find articles on how much gluten exposure it takes to cause symptoms, as well as time from exposure to symptoms. I have been on the diet for two weeks after being diagnosed. My symptoms are primarily brain fog/ dizziness with occasional GI issues. Twice I have been smacked in the last week. The first time after potato salad from a deli that was supposedly gluten free and the next time from a Baja Fresh taco that was in a corn shell. I'm reading many posts and people are mentioning being "glutened" from corn taco shells that touched a grill that was used for flour shells. Is that really enough for symptoms? I mean two weeks ago I was eating pasta by the pound - can this low exposure really generate the same level of symptoms? Also, in both cases I started having the brain fog within hours and it persisted for two days. Both times the day after I was wiped out - so tired I could barely keep my eyes open at work. I appreciate any personal feedback. In addition does anyone have any peer reviewed articles to support this? Thanks. Jonah
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