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  1. Thank you for these responses. I have done a little research and it appears that these options are the standard. I can see where "taking the cup" would be suffice. What I really would like to know, is, is it possible that a little bit of gluten is ok? It appears from my research this evening, that there is really no test to tell. Safer to abstain all together...? Is that the general consensus? I tired to find info on Allergy/intolerance (ie Celiac) vs. sensitivity (which is what I'm told I have). Lingo...what does it all mean. What is the best test, short of biopsy, to indicate the severity of ones condition. Again, thanks and I hope that some Catholics will see this post. I actually converted from Presbyterianism to Roman Catholicism ...and "traditional", at that. So, the concecration is key. In other words, a corn chip won't do. But, I did just read about the low gluten wafers. There are a lot of Celiacs out there if it's 1 out of every 130 (?). That's a lot of Traditional Catholics, just in this country (we number about 1 million). JL
  2. Oh My...Can I take the communion wafer? My alternative health Dr. tested me for food intolerances and I came back highest with Bakers and Brewers Yeast. Next was Gluten and Wheat...He said it didn't appear from my Ig-whatever the test is called, I forgot, that did NOT have Celiac disease. Evidently I need to go further with some more testing...thinking it would be doable for me to not eat gluten...except I'M CATHOLIC. I just found out that IF one IS Celiac, it can be actually harmful to eat ANY gluten. I'm concerned. What do I need to ask my Dr. to do next in order to get a complete picture AND...what about the amount in the communion wafer? Thanks!
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