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    I design custom wedding invitations (7 yrs. now) and work out of my home studio. I love what I do! I enjoy meeting new people and designing something really unique and different for them/I like decorating/Asian decor/ music/singing/dancing (taught ballroom and tap for many years) being fellowship elder at my church/theatre and...learning how to live gluten-free (difficult but attainable...hopefully)!
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    Canton, Michigan

  1. Just jumping in here - haven't been on for a very long time. RE cereals, I didn't know Rice Chex was ok to eat (for most of us). It would be great to have something new in my diet! Hope it works for me. I thought the only cereal I could ever eat was Trix. Trix has never bothered me and I've been eating it for about a year now. Also I used to be a big pancake eater. I've bought numerous kinds of mixes but they all still seem to bother my stomach somewhat. I'm honestly beginning to think it's the SYRUP! If I eat them without syrup, it seems to be ok (but wierd without it!). Any ideas on why syrup could be the culprit? Seems innocent enough. Thanks! If I get a reply for someone...I just may start checking in more often. :rolleyes: KarenDianne

    They say gluten free

  2. Agree with Chris.

    If it were derived from wheat, it is required by law to be listed. If its not-its safe from wheat. :)

    Hi there-I have a couple questions...Hillshire Farms Kielbasa seems to have no "bad" ingredients EXCEPT "soy Protein"...I'm always afraid when it says soy. I thought soy was off limits...but I think I'm confused. Any soy products...derived from soybeans (how do I know?) should be good, right? Is it only the soy that is "soy sauce" used in Asian cooking/restaurants that isn't good?? The lists all say "no soy" but the 2 things I've eaten recently that had "hydrolyzed soy protein" didn't bother me. I was scared to death after I ate them...but nothing happened. Could someone please clear this soy thing up for me? Thanks so much! KarenDianne (I'm rarely on this site lately so if you could answer some time today...it'd be great!)

  3. [

    Lorka - this is to you. If you're willing and have time, I have some questions for you too. My problem currently is not weight gain - but weight loss. I think my gut is beginning to heal and I'm feeling a lot better with many more good days now than bad which I'm happy about. However in the last 2 to 2-1/2 months (when things were really bad for me gut-wise) I went from 128 lbs. to 111. I've gone 2 weeks now without losing any more. I'm small fram (petite), 5'2", and really didn't need to lose that much weight. I went from a size 9/10 jeans to size 5...yeah, I know, some people would love that... Several problems came from that...because I have fibromyalgia and my muscles really cramp and knot on me a lot, I haven't been able to exercise for years. The 19 lbs. I lost is now...well...hanging on my arms and legs - and it's really gross! I'm talking really wrinkly, dimpley...bad. :o I'm trying to "exercise" with two soup cans doing lifts every day now - no idea how many reps to do or how often...and over time, will this honestly firm up my upper arms?? Please say yes...Secondly, If I don't eat every 3 hours or so, I'm starving, have stomach pain, very uncomfortable...and most of the time...I'm just really HUNGRY even though now I'm eating veggies and fruit and chicken and sirloin burgers! Will this go away eventually? What is my body telling me?? I don't feel like I'm in starvation mode any more - but maybe my body doesn't agree...?? I'm lactose intolerant, no eggs, gluten-wheat-dairy-egg-preservative intolerant. Doesn't leave much room for anything that isn't healthy!! ANY advice or explanation you can give me will be sooooo appreciated!! SORRY this was soooo long :unsure: KarenDianne

    quote name='lorka150' date='Feb 1 2007, 09:00 PM' post='265267']

    Hi Cathy,

    you're right - there is a lot to think about and a lot to remember.

    My first question would be to you are, are you exercising?

    If yes, my second is, are you strength training?

    After that, there is a lot to consider. I am not sure if you are eating an ideal amount for you, as I don't know your height, weight, bone structure, activity level, and so on.

    You can figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) with a site like this: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/. Those are the calories that you need per day just for your body to function. Use that number to apply this: http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculat...edict-equation/, for how much you will burn.

    As I mentioned above, where the calories come from is important too. You cannot eat 2000 calories of one thing - you really need to balance complex carbs, good fats, and proteins.

    I can help you more if you'd like, I just need a little more info!

    Hope this helps for now.

  4. I'm been offline for a few days and I'm catching up. Obviously someone here must be a nurse/dr/PA... My recent labs read RDW 14.4 (norms 11.0-14.0) and the dr. said my dose is a bit too high (because my gut is absorbing better now and I've lost 19 pounds) so to cut out one Synthroid a week...for now. This surprised me somewhat...I understand that my BP meds have been decreased because of my weight loss. Doctor says I've overmedicated now. Interesting talk in this thread about thyroid....honestly can't remember if I'm hypo or hyper...I take .05 mg a day, which is low, so I thought. So why am I told to even take less? Guess I don't understand throid disease. My goiter is huge, people often comment on it because it's so visible, but the dr. says everything is normal and not to worry about it. Your comments are appreciated. I'll try to sign on tomorrow to hear what you have to say. ALSO, my labs say under "Chemistry" that my GFR is low. Norms are 59-180. Mine is 53. What is this and what does it mean - anyone know? Thanks very much! It's so great the way everyone takes care of each other here and is so supportive. KarenDianne

    TSH looks a bit high. Good Thyroid Drs start to become suspicious of HypoThyroid when TSH is greater than 2 , and you are near to that. I notice your lab is using the old range. Have you read about the TSH Wars and the new ranges ?


    FT4 is a bit low. What was the Free T3 or wasn't that tested :rolleyes: Were Thyroid Antibodies tested ? You can be HypoThyroid with an autoimmune disease of the Thyroid and have an absolutely perfect looking TSH. Once you have Thyroid Antibodies show up - the TSH test is even more useless than it is normally. You need to test the Frees and Antibodies for Autoimmune Thyroid. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/tsh-why-its-useless/

    Autoimmune Thyroiditis is often linked to Celiac , which is also autoimmune.

    I would go back to your Dr and ask why all the Thyroid tests have not been done, and ask for them to be redone properly. http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/recommended-labwork/

    And read up about autoimmune HypoThyroid


    Good luck ! You are not alone in your fight. An International Thyroid Patient Organisation has been started now - to fight thyroid mistreatment like this. Imagine - tens of thousands of people all speaking with one voice ! Thousands of Drs as well to support us and work with us side by side to make changes !And it has started ! Things are moving in the Thyroid world.

  5. What and where is Stonefire Pizza? They have gluten free items? -Not pizza I imagine...we can't get that lucky... :rolleyes: KarenDianne

    I am going to Stonefire Pizza tomorrow with my family and another family. Has anyone tried it? Besides the salad bar, are there any gluten-free options? I am also lactose intolerant, so anything with cheese is out :( I did email the manager at the beginning of the week and heard nothing. <_<

    Thanks for any insight!


  6. Hi Liz, that's happened to me before too and it was really strange...eventually it just went back to normal. I have a question for you - how do you get all that info at the bottom of your page...like "gluten free since...."etc.??? btw everything you say about you and your symptoms etc. could be exactly the same on mine! However, I just found out for sure about 2-3 months ago. No wheat, no gluten, no eggs, no dairy (except butter)...etc. My doctor agrees that this is probably what it is...took me years and years before I ever heard of celiac. Sure is a totally new way of life (and it often sucks!). Thanks in advance for telling me how to set up my "bio"...KarenDianne :D

    Thanks! My home computer is fine. I'll fix my work computer tomorrow.

  7. I'm curious about the Gatorade...other than tea, because I can't drink carbonated stuff, I have nothing to drink (OJ seems to bother me and now I think lemonade does too). So Gatorade doesn't have anything in it we shouldn't have? I may go buy some today if so! I'm really dehydrated because I'm just not a water drinker and afraid to drink anything. Thanks for the info - KarenDianne

    If I remember correctly, Endurox R4 has whey protein in the ingredients list so this isn't a product for someone on a dairy free diet. I used this product for many years and with great success until I found out I could no longer have dairy. I've been on the hunt for something just as good that is both dairy free & gluten free but have found nothing.

    I asked my coach if he had any ideas and he suggested Gatorade. While it does help... it's nowhere near as good as Endurox R4

  8. I'm surely no expert and celiac disease is new to me too - however, while reading these posts, I had to add my two cents worth. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At that time, I had it very severely...couldn't get across a room without being exhausted and aching severely all over. I could sleep and sleep and never get enough. Over time, I discovered through my rheumatologist, that when I slept it wasn't a rem sleep - I wasn't in a deep sleep and my body couldn't heal or recover. She put me on elavil which took a couple weeks to work (this allows you to get into a deeper rem sleep), and slowly I began to feel more rested, less muscle pain, and less like a zombie. Eventually, I was able to sleep less and felt more rested. I do still have all the other muscle-related problems but I've learned to live with them. I also had the wierd pains in my back and upper shoulder...very painful...and the terrible headache when I slept so much...so I understand what I think you're going through in that regard. Even now, if I sleep too much I end up aching all over and often have that bad headache (I find that an ice pack on my head helps - I used to think heat helped but it really didn't). My neck muscles also really hurt and contribute to the awful headache when I oversleep. I think your body, although you're "sleeping", isn't really in the rem mode and so your body reacts adversely to the lack of real sleep. I hope this may help - it's only my experience but perhaps it's something to think about. It helped me tremendously. Feel better...KarenDianne

    I am also new to this (2-22-07) and you sound just like me,but reading all of your replies I will be calling my doctor when I am done here. I already take Ambien CR to sleep at night and still wake up feeling like I have been awake for days but without it I wouldn't sleep at night at all (I have tried)but for some reason I could sleep all day with no drugs this also affects my work drasticaly and my home life does any one have any idea why this is? The doctors have been making me feel crazy for so long never finding anything wrong with me till now, could celiac's be my problem with sleep too or do you think there is something else wrong with me, and what about migranes does any one else get them I get 3-4 a week

  9. Food4life Rice Almond is really good and so is Kinnikinnick Brown Bread...I eat the brown bread every day. The white bread is also pretty good. The only problem is it falls apart easily but the taste is worth it. Try it - you may like it. KarenDianne

    This is my first post and i'd just like to say that this website has really helped me!

    Anyways, I noticed that Whole Foods Market has a new line of gluten-free items that claim to be 100% gluten free and are made by "good manufacturing" but this week I tried the gluten-free sandwich bread and i've had slight stomach aches and problems with "dumping my garbage" (sorry if TMI). Does anyone know a decent-tasting gluten-free bread that doesn't taste like sawdust and won't make me sick?

  10. Where do you buy Greek yogurt...it sounds great - mixed with fruit...yum! Please advise. Thanks for sharing! KarenDianne

    I just discovered my love for greek yogurt! I'm also lactose intolerant and I have no problems with this yogurt (I use fage brand). The consistency kind of reminds me of frozen yogurt so this morning for breakfast I mixed a cup of the greek yogurt with 4 overflowing tablespoons of peanut butter and a banana in it...it felt like i was at coldstone! Tomorrow i'll be eating my greek yogurt again but experimenting with different fruit. The label says "gluten free" and it has no sweeteners, additives, chemicals, etc. SO GOOD!

  11. You go girl! I agree - I know my body far better than my doctor and I've self-diagnosed many, many times...correctly. I'm still struggling with the beginning stages of all this and it's trial and error - some good days, some bad. But I believe at least that I know finally it IS celiac disease - the diet works! My doctor didn't even want to do the tests...she said they're inconclusive and if the diet is working...continue on it! Maybe there more to it than just being gluten-free but I take it one day at a time. But - the bottom line is...trust yourself and your symptoms and the treatments that work for you. Stay online and take the advice of the people who live it. Good luck! KarenDianne

    Hi - I also have that darn pain in my side and up under my ribs...sometimes it's really difficult...painful. I do think the reflux idea is valid and I also believe it's trapped gas from our diets (or lack of) and trapped air...sometimes Gas-X will help me - other times nothing helps...except eating mashed potatoes. Honestly, when I have this pain, I often cook mashed potatoes and it really does seem to help. Sounds dumb but it works for me. Another thing I do...maybe psychological...maybe not...I hold a heating pad on my stomach. It actually does work. Hope this helps. Take care - KarenDianne

  12. Hi - I also have that darn pain in my side and up under my ribs...sometimes it's really difficult...painful. I do think the reflux idea is valid and I also believe it's trapped gas from our diets (or lack of) and trapped air...sometimes Gas-X will help me - other times nothing helps...except eating mashed potatoes. Honestly, when I have this pain, I often cook mashed potatoes and it really does seem to help. Sounds dumb but it works for me. Another thing I do...maybe psychological...maybe not...I hold a heating pad on my stomach. It actually does work. Hope this helps. Take care - KarenDianne

    Do you know Chris, - docs could never really give an answer as to why my hubby suffered terrible chest & rib pain (even took him to A+E numerous times 'cos he thought he was having a heart attack!)

    If I had to hazard a guess I'd say it was the 'reflux' (where stomach acid comes back up the oesophogeal tract)

    Hubby was also found to have a hiatus hernia which alot of coeliacs get.

    Another possible cause of chest pain is an electrolyte disturbance caused by constant diarrhoea.

    His armpit pain seemed to be caused by a constant swollen lymph gland - it went away once gluten-free - but that's a sign of an immune system under stress.

    Regarding the prescription system - once you have a (biopsy) diagnosis of celiac disease you are entitled to free membership to Coeliac UK

    They then send you a 'handbook' (listing loads of mainstream brand foods which are gluten-free)

    At the front of this book is a list of all prescribable products.

    As an adult male you are entitled to 18 units of gluten-free foods a month.

    You then go to your g.p ...tell him you've been dx with celiac disease and are entitled to some prescription foods.

    We usually get some bread, pasta and flour.

    Most gp's are not prepared to prescribe without a biopsy proven diagnosis.

    However I think you can purchase the 'handbook' from CUK (without a 'formal' dx) :)

  13. OK - everyone's recipes sound wonderful but all seem to have things in them that I can't eat like cream cheese...how can a celiac eat cream cheese?...anyway, today I finally tried a gluten-free pancake mix, added egg substitute, soymilk and canola oil according to directions - couldn't wait because I really miss my pancakes...it kinda looked like a shiny tortilla...and was kinda crispy on the outside and not thoroughly cooked on the inside ... Also since I don't like maple syrup and think regular syrups bother me because of preservatives (although I love syrup), I just had butter and strawberries on it. It wasn't exactly tasty, unfortunately...I'm getting very frustrated. After losing 18 lbs. I really cannot afford to lose any more - I'm down to 110. I know some people wish they could accomplish this...but for me it's not good. Yesterday I thought I ate all gluten-free foods and late afternoon I got all the yukky stuff and was miserable all night long - layed in bed with a heating pad on my stomach...yuk! It's difficult to have more than a couple good days in a row even when I only eat "safe" foods, it seems...If anyone could help, it'd be great. All I can eat is chicken, veggies, fruit and gluten-free bread. I'm also lactose intolerant...and right now...not very tolerant of any of this...getting pretty depressed. Thanks for your help! :( KarenDianne

    It all started with a box of Glutino pancake mix. I'd been more than happy with my Incredible Edible for Kids waffle recipe but was feeling lazy and the picture on the Glutino box just looked so inviting... so I bought it.

    We made the pancakes and you seriously cannot tell them from the wheat version. They're delicious.

    So we decided to reduce the milk in the recipe (you can sub fruit juice or water so says the recipe on the side of the box BTW) by 3Tbsp and substitute in 3Tbsp of maple syrup into the mixture.

    Make the pancakes the size of a piece of bread (6" or so) and let them cool on a rack. The next morning, make up sandwiches with spreadable cream cheese and two slices of blackforest ham (bought).

    These sandwiches are so so so so good. They're good cold. They're especially good warmed up for 20 seconds in the microwave. I took one to work yesterday and it was all I could think about all morning (of course I probably shouldn't have skipped breakfast!)

    I could seriously eat them every day.

    Hope someone else will try them - and I of course highly recommend the glutino pancake mix but I'm sure any pancake recipe that you love would be good - just put a little maple syrup into the mix and don't make the pancakes too thick.


  14. Thanks - I didn't know what it meant eithereither. Also, the only way I seem to be able to ask a question or respond is to answer in someone else's email...then I get the personal email response sent directly to my email...which is great. But - how do I post a question or comment on the Board tht everyone sees and that more than one person can respond to? I really enjoy reading all the posts and I've learned a lot - especially from CarlaB - she's been a wonderful source of information. I'm also new and need all the help I can get. If you could respond to my question re posting, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! KarenDianne

    Pinned mean that a moderator has looked at the new post to see if it is appropriate in content and placement.

    Sorry that you recieved no response, some days are a little slow. Try it again. :)

  15. Hi there - just thought I'd add my two cents worth...I seem to have the opposite of everybody else...I can't gain weight yet but keep losing it. Two months ago I weighed 128 and I now weigh 111 - I'm 5'2" and "petite" - but am now getting kinda bony. All the weight loss and no exercise (due to muscle spasms from fibromyalgia) or muscle tone in a short amount of time has made my arms flabby and it's really GROSS. :o I'm finally gluten-free (I think) and starting to slowly feel better (although I'm always hungry and have to eat every 3 hours) - I'm wondering if you think slow and easy arm exercises with maybe very light weights (or my friend said to use cangoods as weights...) would improve muscle tone and eventually firm up my upper arms...would this take forever...or isn't it going to be enough to make a difference? I'm actually embarrassed now to wear anything without long sleeves...Thanks for any advice...also how long does it usually take once you're eating somewhat again to begin to start gaining weight back?? Karen Dianne P.S. You look great!

    Jessica, I'm not sure why you've gone down with the swelling but up on the weight. It could just be losing water weight puffiness for your face and waistline but gaining glycogen stores elsewhere or something like that.

    I don't have any answers on the weight. The dietitian that I saw said that I may hold onto weight after going gluten free because 1) a body thinks it is still "starving" because it was malnourished for so long, so it is holding onto weight and 2) now that it is absorbing nutrients, it is more efficient at saving calories than it was before and 3) the body's metabolism may have slowed down due to celiac, so it is not burning calories as efficiently. She advised weight training for me plus aerobic exercise. Hope this helps.


  16. I find dairy free harder than gluten free. There is no good cheese substitute, even with soy, and no good yogurt substitute w/o soy.

    There are lots of milk alternatives: various rice milks (Rice Dream is far from the only one out there), almond milk (also a number of brands), potato based milk, and hemp milk, to name a few. There are even butters you can have - I use Earth Balance for things like popcorn, but olive or canola oil for everything else.

    There's lots of Gluten-free Casein-free chocolate (though you'll have to acquire a taste for dark chocolate), and a few kinds of which are soy free as well. (Though I didn't think you need to worry about soy lecithin in those sorts of small quantities for mild thyroid issues. Of course, I'm not very knowledgeable about thyroid issues, so what do I know! :) )

    My recipe thread ("As Promised, A Few Recipes") has a number of Gluten-free Casein-free recipes (most are free of other major allergens as well), and you'll probably find some useful things in raw foods cookbooks (like a ranch dressing made from raw cashews that has no dairy).

    Hang in there!

    Yikes! More questions after reading (for an hour!) all this stuff...! What's this about not drinking tap water?? Also about not eating butter?? and what about someone talking about eating chocolate?? Where do I find chocolate I can eat that's gluten-free?? and what about the talk about yogurt? I think I read there are kinds of yogurt that I can eat that don't have dairy (I'm also lactose intolerant, for the most part)?? I also have thyroid disease... Thanks so much for addressing my questions - anyone...please...and THANK YOU! KarenDianne

  17. Find a local compounding pharmacy and see if they can make your thyroid meds without corn. That may be a way to try it out.

    Hi Tiffany...I'm new around here and just curious. In reading your bio info I see that you have been gluten-free since 2003 but never had the endoscopy and your bloodwork was questionable. I seem to be doing better being gluten-free although it's really a struggle (lost 15 lbs. in 4-5 weeks) but when I eat foods that I know are gluten-free, I seem to feel a lot better...it's when I DON'T know there was something I shouldn't have had that I suffer for days and days. I've had stomach/intestinal problems for probably 20 years and had no idea, other than an ulcer, what was going on. Never head of celiac disease until someone at church told me about 2 months ago - thank God! Anyway, just wondered if you minded sharing what went on with you? Thanks very much! KarenDianne

  18. I looked it up on my Clan Thompson software and it said that it has stabilizers that may contain gluten so they have it listed as NOT gluten free. Yoplait is a General Mills company so they will list any gluten. Tillamook yogurt is also gluten free.

    Hi there...could u pls tell me what Clan Thompson software is and what it does that has to do with celiac disease etc? Thanks!


  19. Beans bother me sometimes and sometimes they don't ... when they're a major part of a meal, there is a bigger chance of them bothering me than if they're a side dish. I don't think it's the gluten ... seems okay to me.

    Hi there...you seem to be on the site a lot and have been around for a while and have some good advice...so I'm stopping by to bother you, if you don't mind. Rather than write a book here (oops...tool ate, I guess)...I'm new to the celiac disease diet and lifestyle...it's horrible...but I'm working on it! I can't find how to post a question etc. other than by jumping in on someone's posts, as I am now. Can you tell me how? Several days ago I wrote several comments and questions but then wasn't able to get back on to check results for a couple days...and now I don't see a thing, either my posts or any answers. I think I've had celiac disease for 20-25 years at least and had no idea what all my "stomach problems" were. I'm pretty convinced now that it's celiac disease - seeing a dr. and having the bloodwork...maybe the colonoscopy but definitely do not want the endoscopy. Basically I'm losing weight like crazy...maybe not a lot to some people I've read on here...but a whole lot for someone who is 5'2" and already a small frame...I've lost 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks...my ribs are showing, I've lost several clothing sizes and I'm sooo hungry all the time. My "body" just aches...Eating rice/potatoes and homemade vegetable soup (tastes good but really gives me gas pains up under my ribs...)...trying some gluten-free products but want to know about practical things...like are hamburgers ok?? I read someone said arby's roast beef and their sauce was gluten-free??? This would be miraculous...I could actually put it on my gluten-free bread and feel normal...but somehow I'm not sure it's ok to eat. What about something like Classico spaghetti sauce on gluten-free noodles? I didn't read anything on the jar that was off limits for me but I'm so afraid to try it...?

    OK I'm done for now...I'll check in tomorrow and see if you've responded...so far I haven't heard from anyone and it'd sure be nice to hear from another celiac person...it's such a whole new world and very scary to think I'm always going to feel like this...I'm hoping it does get a lot better. Thanks so much for your response (please respond to as many things as you can) - I really look forward to it. FYI: I'm a "new senior citizen" with grandkids who took early retirement due to health problems (only a couple years early), and have a business out of my home that I absolutely love. I feel very blessed - but sure could use some encouragement in the celiac disease department. Thanks! KarenDianne

  20. Thanks so much for the info. You're only the 2nd person I've talked to here...juts discovered this thread and I'm soooo glad I did! I've had celiac disease for many years and didn't know it. The past two months have been pretty bad and I finally went to the drs. I read about everyone trying to lose weight here...I've gone from 128 pounds to about 111 in about 3 weeks and I'm starving! It scares me to realize the weight I've lost...I do write down everything I eat and sometimes can find the culprit when I have problems but often times don't have a clue as to what I ate that caused my misery. It's so frustrating (not to mention painful and discouraging). I appreciate any practical tips on food you can give me. Right now it's chicken, plain, baked or mashed potatoes and vegetables. Made vegetable soup with gluten-free noodles and it tasted great - and then gives me really bad gas/heartburn and I'm always eating Tums. How do I combat that?? I'm considering ordering meals from the gluten-free Mall just to have something to eat. Any tips will be greatfully appreciated! Thanks very much!



    As everyone has said you will find a bevy of information and support here.

    Info from Lame Advertisement on Celiac Disease (Gluten-Free)

    Dietary recommendations:

    * Because malabsorption is prevalent with celiac disease, daily vitamin and mineral supplementation is essential. Important supplements for celiac disease include iron, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D.

    * Add organic extra virgin coconut oil to your diet to benefit from healthy plant-based saturated fat.

    * Add foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids to your diet in the form of ground flax meal, wild-caught salmon, minimal-mercury albacore tuna, walnuts, fish oil, and sprouted walnuts.

    * Eat plenty of vegetables and vegetable juices (kelp, sprouts, green and black olives, peppers, spinach, chard, celery, zucchini).

    * Add nutrient-dense and unprocessed foods such as sprouted nuts and seeds to your diet.

    * Drink purified water throughout the day.

    Foods and other products to AVOID include:

    * All foods that contain gluten in the form of wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

    * All processed foods that contain gluten as an ingredient. Read all processed food labels carefully for hidden gluten. Foods that may contain gluten include canned soups, salad dressings, ice cream, candy bars, instant coffee, luncheon meats, ketchup, mustard, processed and canned meats, yogurt, and sausages.

    * All supplements that contain gluten. Wheat starch can be used as a binding agent in tablets and capsules.

    * Cosmetics. Gluten can be found in cosmetic products such as lipstick.

    * All grain alcohols such as beer and malted liquors.

    * All dairy products, since those with celiac disease also tend to suffer from lactose intolerance.

    * All foods containing refined sugar or artificial sugar-substitutes such as aspartame, Splenda

  21. Angie - the less you eat, the more your body thinks that it is 'starving' itself. You are hardly eating, so your body is holding onto what it can, and almost (if not already) reverting to starvation mode. It's hoarding everything it can to keep you functioning.

    Your body is telling you this as you ARE starving, but also, you NEED to balance proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats for optimal health and weight loss. (Combined with exercise, but you already mentioned that). This is definitely imperative.

    Thanks so much for being there...I'm new - miserable - starving - and losing weight like there's no tomorrow. I just found this site and your response. Your explanation at least helps me to understand what going on with my body. I can't eat hardly anything...much of what I'm reading on this thread sounds like foods I can't tolerate. I'm starting to order food from the gluten free mall but may starve to death or wilt away if I can't get some substantial food in me soon. I'm a young senior citizen. I've had this for years and years and only two months ago found the culprit! Since then I've lost about 15 pounds and weigh about 111 (I was 127-128).

    What PRACTICAL things can you suggest for food? Like today - I thought I ate only what I should...but threw in some cinnamon applesauce and also some deli chicken. A couple hours later I was doubled over again, stomach cramps, heartburn, etc....it's soooo hard to know what to eat. Any advice would be great. I'm thinking fresh fruit is good and fresh veggies and not much in cans...I've made lots of vegetable soup but it really gives me heartburn and I end up having Tums for dessert.

    Sorry this is so long...I really am frustrated and was elated to find this website and chat room!! Thanks for whatever advice and encouragement you may have for me! Where else can I submit my moans, groans and complaints so as to get input from others?? Thanks so much!


  22. Hi - I'm new to this...just looking for someone to talk to. I'm starving listening to all this talk about good gluten-free food! I live in Canton and sure wish I'd known about the food fair. Briefly, after tons of years of problems, we now believe celiac disease is the culprit. HOWEVER - for the past 3-4 weeks (along with losing 12 pounds) I can't seem to tolerate anything I eat but the following: mashed potatoes w/butter (cooked at home with soymilk/store bought really gave me diarrhea), green beans, carrots, canned peaches, lately a little plain chicken and a glutenfree cereal with Silk. In one month I've never gone more than two days feeling good...I'm not sure what I'm eating that periodically bothers me...these foods are basically all I can eat and even then, something seems to hit me. Today, for the first time, I had a baked potato from Wendy's - I just knew it couldn't possibly hurt me...I did put their butter or margarine on it - and I've been miserable the rest of the day! So do you think that could be what did it? and if so, why?? . I'm so tired of mashed potatoes...even gluten-free waffles seem to bother me, along with anything toased (like glutenfree bread). What's up?? What can I do?? Can the butter be bothering me? I thought veggies and fruits were good...but maybe the peaches are bothering me...???

    Can anyone please help me get through this for the next few weeks until my next dr.s appt? I'd be so grateful to get any advice on what food I might try...and also hints on what I'm currently eating (whether or not it's ok to eat it all).

    Thanks so very much!! I'm getting pretty desperate here...


    Also, do you know of any glutenfree restaurants in the surrounding areas (including Ann Arbor)??