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Elaine Allen

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About Me

Like many people with Celiac I have traveled a long road to finally be told that my problem was the I had Celiac.

I was 61 at the time. I have had osteoporosis for a long time (I have had a fractured hip like 15 yrs. ago)

Along with this, I have had gum lose and again, no one had any answers for it.

I was at the Pritikin Center in Florida and had a stress test and was told the I had an irregular heart beat.

I was told once I got back home to see a heart specialist. So, that I did. The Doctor that I saw said it liked like I might have a blockage. I was having the preliminary tests done for a stint when I was told that my hemoglobin was extremely low. I was admitted to the hospital immediately and was given 2 pints of blood. From there, I had a colonoscopy, and endoscopy. (The Dr. suggest the test for Celic after doing my colonoscopy.) So, after all these yrs. I had a answer as to why I was to tired, along with why I had severe osteoporosis, and I was loosing blood.

So, a yr. has now gone by and I am feeling much better. I can jog on the treadmill for 30 mins. without stopping!

Like many, I had never heard of Celic Disease until I told I had it.

Its website like this one, that has helped me the most.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!