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  1. He will throw up about 2-3 hours after he has had something with flour in it. The exception is when we only give him a little bit over time. The first time with the rice cereal he was just getting alittle everyday for about a week and finally he started throwing up for about 24 hours off and on. But every other time it is always within 2-3 hours after eating something with flour, or formula. He does fine with my milk, he doesn't even spit up. When we tryed the cheerios we only gave him 2 the first day, 3 the next and I tryed 4 the third day but he would only eat 3, he didn't throw up until later that night and then he was fine so that indicated to me it was the cheerios.
  2. My son is 11 monthes old, we started him on rice cereal at 4 monthes, and it made him sick. We initially thought is was the flu and tryed a couple of more times, which ended up with him throwing up. We have tryed oatmeal, same thing. Formula makes him sick as well. I guess I am confused, because alot of the gluten-free food has rice flour in it which I know will make my son sick. I only just found out about Celiac Disease 2 days ago so I am still trying to figure out if this is what he could possibly have. We just tryed cheerios a couple of weeks ago and he got sick on those. He is only eating fruits and veggies at this point and since he can't keep formula down(not even soy) he is strictly breastfed. Does this sound like Celiac Disease even with the reaction to rice flour? Do other people with this disease have problems with rice? Or does my son have another problem? Any help would be appreciated, I would like to be well informed before I take this to my docotor who has dismissed my concerns so far. Thank You
  3. I could use some insite!! I just found out about Celiac yesterday. I have an 11 month old, who throws up rice cereal, oatmeal, any food with rice flour in it, cheerios, formula(even soy). Is this celiac? My doctor has been blowing me off everytime I bring up my concern that something is wrong, he dismisses it as "he just doesn't like it." He started out in the 75th percentile for his weight, as of his last check up he is in the 25th percetile. Are these all signs? I would love to have something specific to give to my doc.
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