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  1. Hi.. I am dairy free too.. can I substitute anything for the milk?? use soy milk or what?? anybody try?? Thanks Kim
  2. Is this recipe posted here for homemade biscuits?? and I need to avoid dairy for now too is that possible with this recipe? Thnaks..Kim
  3. I am at a loss to probiotics.. i have been taking chewable lactobacillus tablets for lack of knowing what else to take.. I am avoiding dairy too.. I need any help u can give.. What should i get and where to get them.. I am trying to heal my gut.. thank you.Kim
  4. THANKS missysmom... That was sooooo helpful! I really needed that.. Kim While i am trying to feel better and get my system back on track. ...I just started this gluten-free/DF diet monday.. I am staying off of dairy too.. I used to like to snack on popcorn in evenings but it was the 94% ff kind so there was some butter.. so i am avoiding that for now.. we ordered pizza and boy i can't belive i didn't have any! i loved dominos! I love being painfree more.. first day no real belly pain to speak of... yeah! I have been having soymilk in lieu of milk so we'll see if I can handle that... how do i know whether it bothers me or my system is still getting healthy??? Kim
  5. Hi.. I get lower back pain and cramps at times and I used to take ibuprophen for that cause for sertain aches and inflammation.. it is better..for me.. but does anyone know is any brand they know of gluten free and dairy free? thanks in advance..Kim
  6. Where can i get charcoal capsules? I have been using splenda in my coffee in the am so I will switch to sugar... I love an occassional diet soda(d. coke or d. pepsi.. not good for me with this type of condition? thanks..Kim
  7. Where can I get bio-k?? thanks..Kim... my diet is fruit..bananas and an orange or 1/2 cantelope, lunch is salad with beans or meat... oil and red vinegar.. snack is apple, tortilla chips, slasa sometimes.. then dinner meat and a veggie.. snack .. grapes or carrots.. boring huh??? i am afraid to eat much else.. kim
  8. Hi everyone.. I am new here.. and self diagnosing becasue i have most of the symptoms I read here... I have just started this past monday.. gluten free and dairy free diet.. to relieve my pain in my lower left side/front.. I can tell it is gas bubbles.. they gurle and occassionly I can pass the gas.. sorry but i must be descriptive... I used to take exlax or stool softeners to help me go but i think i read that i shouldn't.. I eat salad about every day.. oil and red vinegar... I have fruit for breakfast, and I am taking lactobacillus chewables to help repair my insides ..( the pharmacist said that was a probotics, not the brand name..) and eat meat and veggies for dinner.. last 2 nights I had 1/2 bak pot.. I did not go today in the past i would only go 1 time a day.. if i skipped a day i would get like this all cramped up and miserable.. what can I do?? does prunes work?? is there something that works without fail that i won't become dependant on til my system is working better??? I have also put off going to the dr.s til I try this diet for a couple of weeks... to see if i get relief... I am kinda scared to see if I have damage... can my sysmptoms tell me how if any damage has been done?? so many questions..sorry... what else is really good at repairing the gut..no dairy either tho, please... I got soem cod liver oil capsules.. I read they were supposed to be good.. the ingred do not list any forms of gluten, and no phone #.. should they be ok?? I hope anyone can help.. thanks..Kim
  9. Hi ! My name is Kim and I have not been diagnosed but thru recent articles feel trying a gluten free/ and for now lactose free diet may illeviate my symptoms and get me on the road to recovery.. I have been living with indigestion, gas for as long as I can remember.. as of late since trying to eat healthier.. more whole wheat products.. this pain in my lower left front side area has gotten constant... has anyone had similar complaints?? I have alot of the other symptoms that I have seen associated with this condition... I am going to eliminate lactose as I think I may have damage and could have trouble digesting that too... so for at least the next couple of weeks I will avoid both groups... I am concerned about this constant nagging gas? I feel in the lower left.. and would love to know if any of you experienced this... and how soon once gluten free it may go away.. also i heard priobotics will help heal.. but if i am avoiding lactose can I use it??? what kind? any help I would welcome. I have enjoyed this site and so glad I found it... Kim
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