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  1. Hi Adam, I read your post regarding New Orleans, I am from Canada and will be visiting soon, I will staying in the French Quarter and was wondering if you have any suggestions for gluten free restaurants.

  2. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure the hurricanes Pat O's are gluten-free, but not 100% positive. I've yet to try one there mostly because I'm not 100% sure. I am positive that the daiquiris are fine though. Those would be perfect on the hot days here this weekend. As for food, I really never travel out of New Orleans for the food because it's so good here. The hard part though is finding somewhere nice open on a Sunday or a Monday. Those are the days restaurants typically close here. And then finding an open seating this weekend is going to be tough. If you like sushi you can try Sake Cafe on Veterans Blvd in Metairie, I've heard really good things. Fiesta Bistro on South Carrollton in Uptown is very good Mexican food, with a lot of gluten-free choices. The shrimp or salmon appetizers are delicious. I hope you have a memorable gluten-free trip this year, and hope you revisit next Jazzfest! Take care, Adam
  3. Hey Marisa! Glad to see you coming down for Jazz Fest. I'm living in New Orleans right now and it is very tough finding a restaurant down here with gluten-free food. Not every restaurant knows what can and can't go in the food. I went to a restaurant and they gave me 'gluten-free' food not knowing that I couldn't have soy sauce. I'm actually working in that restaurant now and whenever someone gluten-free comes in they ask me what they can/can't have. I'm at Brigtsen's now and it's located in the Uptown area. We are booked pretty solid for Thursday til next Saturday. I rarely go downtown for some unknown reason so I don't know much of the restaurants. I know some places in Uptown that take care of my diet though. As far as beer goes, no bar down here have I found Redbridge at; I get it at Whole Foods.
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