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  1. At one point, my doctor insisted that I come in to get my test results, too, even though I tried hard to talk them into giving me the results on the phone. It ended up being a five minute office visit where she told me my test results all were normal. (It was a pain for me, but she billed the insurance company hundreds of dollars.) The only time I've been able to talk her into giving me test results over the phone was when I needed them for another doctor.
  2. Hi, I'm hoping some of you can help me learn a little more about gluten, celiac, and related issues. I have symptoms that could be celiac, though they could be caused by other things. My doctor is not a great listener or a great communicator, so I've been trying to read and learn online. Until I asked for a copy of my test results last week, I didn't know what my doctor had been testing for or why. She told me my tests were all normal and I was fine. I know from how I feel that I am not fine. I asked her to test for celiac. She was resistant, but finally agreed. So, I have a few questions. First, some of you with thyroid issues may be able to tell me, is a TSH of 3.9 fine? Second, I've read about the celiac panel, but I'm not sure that's what my doctor ordered. She didn't have time to talk to me about the results, but the receptionist read them to me. These are what I got: 1. anti-gliadin, ABS, IgA: 1 (range of 0-4). 2. anti-gliadin ABS, IgG: 1 (range of 0-9) 3. endomysial antibody IgA: negative I
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