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  1. I have been sick with chronic diarrhea for 2 months now every single day. Colonoscopy was clear, so my family dr. scheduled an appt. with a GI. Thurs. of last week while at my family dr., he said they had finally found something in my blood work (after checking for giardia, salmonella, and about 30 other things). He said I had an antibody that caused an allergic reaction to gluten and what I had was called, "celiac disease" or "celiac sprue". I was actually relieved to finally have some answers and willing to do whatever needed to get better. Today I saw the GI and he said, "I don't think you have celiac." I have no idea which test was done, I do know it was a blood test, but the results were ">6". He said that was not celiac disease. I asked where my family dr. came up with his info then? I am SOOO CONFUSED. The GI says IBS, most likely, but I am not willing to begin taking up to 3 meds every day if he is not SURE that it is not celiac and could be fixed with a gluten free diet. No additional labs or tests were ordered. I am going to my family dr. tomorrow morning and picking up a copy of the labs for myself. Should I see a different GI? After reading the celiac symptoms (which I had never heard of before), so many things from my life over the past 5 years made SOOO much sense and I was so encouraged about this gluten free diet making my life so much better. HELP!!
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