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  1. How can you figure out what is potato vodka and what is a grain vodka? Any brand names you can recommend? So far, the only thing that I've found to drink is rum. Would love to have a vodka and tonic these hot summer nights. Thanks for any info
  2. I am a newly-diagnosed celiac (two months) and really miss baked goods. I agree that the Mi-Del ginger snaps are really great. They're my favorite cookie. They seem to be fine to me. I haven't noticed any problems eating them. I noticed that my local health food store carries both gluten and gluten-free Mi-Del cookies. PS - I have been reading posts for quite a while before jumping in. Thanks for the push to be included.
  3. I was misdiagnosed with microscopic colitis before the celiac was found. The colazol seemed to help with the D.
  4. I was also put on Colazal by my gastro doc while we were waiting for biopsy results. I was taking it three times a day. It seemed to help. After the diagnosis he switched me to Sandostatin shots twice a day. I did that for a month. Now I'm on the Sandostatin once a month. I am newly diagnosed. It's been about two months. I find that eating very plain chicken, pork, beef and potatoes or rice is the best for me until the intestines are healed.
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