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  1. Hey all. Its been a while! HA! Anywho, I was wondering if any of you could tell me some of the names of the ingrediants that are in lotions, shampoos, body washes, etc that have wheat in them. I had a list and lost it. And now Victoria's Secret is having a sale on body products and I want to go nuts but can't remember the names of the ingrediants that are in them to make them unusable by us, good ol' celiac folks. I appreciate any information that you could send my way! Thanks all.


  2. Well you might want to check the ingrediants of the products you are using on your face. I found out that I was using products that had WHEAT! in them! I had to throw away half of my wonderful lotions/sunscreens and some facial products. I don't remember exactly what the names of the Gluten products are in the lotions and bodywashes but If you ask the forum I am sure that they will let you know. There are a lot of very smart folks out there. Good luck with your spots. I have found that if you keep the spots moisturized to a certain extent that they won't itch as much as if they were dry. Again, good luck and make sure to check ALL of your body products, even body spray.

  3. Hey all! Well turns out that I use Aveeno body wash and guess what...it has wheat in it!! SO I was pretty much just rubbing wheat right on my DH! Great eh! hahaha I have stopped using it and my DH has improved immensly in two days! I also recieved an email and it told me to look for these four things in my body products:

    1. TRITICUM VULGARE (wheat bran)

    2. SECALE CEREALE (rye seed extract)

    3. HORDEUM VULGARE (barley)

    4. AVENA SATIVA (oat bran)

    I went through all of my products and had to get rid of 9 lotions and shampoo's and conditioners. So becareful when you get new bath products. I was completley surprised to see that most of my lotion had avena sativa, :blink: so be sure and check out your stuff if you have DH and it doesn't seem to want to go away! Good luck all.


  4. I am completely surprised about all of this information!! Thank you all for posting these, I thought all I had to worry about was eating or drinking gluten!

    I am looking up the lotions and face creams that I use, and was curious what the names of the ingrediants (sp?) that I should look for. I don't think that it will say "gluten" on a facial moisterizer will it? Anywho, thanks again!!

  5. I was playing around on the internet the other day and found this medication called Formotab. I think its made in Scotland, but not too sure. I think if u just throw a .com after the name it should come right up. Has anyone heard of this? Used it? Did it work?? I am pretty much at the end of my sanity and I think if someone told me to rub celery or something on my DH I would probably do it! hahaha so let me know. thanks all...

  6. Hi, I guess a little background since this is my first post EVER on any thing like this. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2005 and never really stuck to the diet until about a few months ago. About a year ago I started getting these rashes on the creases of my elbows and on my thighs. I didn't think about it, but long story short, it turned out to be DH. I have been going to the dr. and at first he gave me tetracycline and I had an allergic reaction to that, my neck swelled up and was extremely itchy to the point of pain. Then the Dr. gave me Dapsone only 50mg a day and two days ago the left side of my neck swelled a little, not to the level that it did before but is stil itchy and painful. My legs are covered in DH spots and rashes. I can't take this stupid itching anymore, I have been staying on a strict gluten free diet for about two months and it has only gotten worse. I was also perscribed a lotion triamcinolone acetonide and its pretty much worthless.I have tried almost every anit itch creame on the market and nothing is helping. I am about to lose my mind!! HA! Someone please give some advice or something. Thank you so much. By the way I am so excited that I found this site, I knew I wasnt the only person with this but i don't know anyone else and this place makes me feel not so alone in dealing with this! Thanks again.

  7. I also have super dry skin and DH, I have found that Aveeno as a body wash doesn't dry me out as bad because it doesn't have soap in it. My doctor even said you can use shaving cream as a body wash. All the soap does is take the oil off of your skin, so your body wash does not have to have "soap" in it. I highly reccomend it, especially if you can find fragrance free Aveeno. Now for me it doesn't stop the itching but at least I dont have to lather my body with lotion 4-5 times a day! Good luck.