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  1. I'm in my sixth week of gluten-free eating & eating at home is now becoming comfortable but the thought of going out is scarey. I've been ordering a salad but understand that pretty much all salad dressing has gluten in it. Just for basics do I think that I need to order a salad from all resturants or plain meat? I asked about gluten-free items @ one place (O'Charley's) and the looks I got from the waiter & the manager was, "What in the heck is that and what's wrong with you???" I gave up & ordered a salad. Any suggestions on salad dressings to bring with me to restaurants? BTW: I have a Celiac friend & she said Bone-Fish has a Gluten-Free menu - have not been there myself since going Gluten-free.
  2. Wow - great postings! Empowered, Great for you! I'm so glad you changed your food and felt as great as I did. It was so dramatic for me that I swore it was a placebo effect - even though I really thought I'm way too anylistical to succum (sp) to a placebo effect - anyway...... I used someones saying here at the doctors office this morning... "You know medicine, but I know my body".... So, this morning I got his PA - LOVED her - super nice gal. I retold my story of the last 9 months, added in my family history and she basically said... if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck.... you get the jist. She said that unless I REALLY wanted that scope test (which you have to be twighlighted for)and go back on Gluten for a minimum of three months, then I can just leave it alone as long as I'm feeling great. I really don't want that test nor can I imagine going back on gluten at all, let alone for three months. She said they are writting down that I am allergic to wheat in my file and for insurance reasons, that would be better than Celiac because if our insurance ever changes, I won't have a pre-exsisting condition to deal with. I asked her if there is any other thing out there that coud be wrong with me that by stopping gluten would make me 100% better & she said no. She said "We have our answer, but without a positive test to back it up, we're lisiting allergy." I can live with that & DH seemed glad to hear that it wasn't in my head (???), meaning they said something conclusive (wheat allergy) and not your test was negative, so we don't know. Empowered - I too have for the first time in my life, lost weight easily and been able to actually manage it the past 5 or 6 weeks almost without effort. It feels like my body just settled down and relaxed, like it was dog, dead tired and it just settled into a cozy recliner. I don't feel like I'm struggling anymore - like me and my body are on the same team finally - too weird???? I'm getting the blood tests faxed this afternoon - I'll update this when I get them in because ya'all know way more than I do about what that all means. And I have to look up what Entrolab does that the blood test doesn't - didn't I read it's a fecal test? How much does that cost? Will also look up the links this afternoon - Thankxs everyone - chat more this afternoon!
  3. Waiting for a call today from them - half-sister was out of town for a long weekend & being brought up to speed today is what I understand.
  4. Morning everyone! I was hoping to have several members thoughts on my newly learned family history. Everyones thoughts and ideas have been SO helpful to me this past week or so. Anyone have the Dr. Fine link so I can read up on his endevors? My follow up is tomorrow morning, I'm anxious to hear what he says with this family history I now found out about. Everyone have a great morning & thankxs again!
  5. We've had several conversations since yesterday morning. I think they may get blood tested while they are still eating gluten. If they come up positive, that would be my diagnosis w/out my going back to Gluten for 3 months and re-test. I hope that's what they decide to do - waiting to hear today on that. Plus I have my re-check on Monday w/the doctor and now I have all this family history to fill him in on - anxious to hear what he says. I have read a few blurbs about Dr. Fine here on the boards. I need to read this - where do I find it? Last night - very strange. I was out of my regular whey protein powder & used some of DH Casein Protein powder and felt so bad about an hour later until bedtime! Stomach went into orbit and felt just like I did 4 weeks ago before I started Gluten-free. I've had this powder before & don't remember feeling bad, but I was still on Gluten back then. Casein is from milk & I don't recall ever having a problem w/milk before - does anyone have any ideas? All I had yesterday was the 2 protein shakes, some peanuts & almonds.
  6. Look at it this from what I did - hindsight is 20/20. I internet searched myself into coming up with Celiac's, thought I was just so ahead of the pack by trying a gluten-free diet BEFORE going to the doctors, saving him a bunch of time right? And screwed up my blood test it came back negative. Now being told that if I want to re-do blood test and have the biopsy, I have to go back on gluten for three months minimum. I'm in my 4th week of gluten-free, feel 100% better, all symptoms gone after having them pretty severly for 8 months - the very thought of going back on gluten makes me bite my lip - except when I think about Goldfish, Ritz crackers & PRETZELS! Oh, how I miss pretzels! (( My story is under the header: Left doctors feeling perplexed.......))
  7. WOW - So many replies! I'm going back in a couple hours to re-read them all & respond! Everyone - THANK YOU! I'm so glad to be here! I have new news and I need everyones thoughts please!!!!!!! At the 1st doctors appointment, he asked specifically if I had dibetics and/or Crones in my families history - I'm not in touch w/most of the family regularly. Since my test came back negative & I've been pissy, this morning I made a couple of calls. I have diabetics, crones, IBS & severe colitis in several members on both sides of biological parents. Mom is colitis (bad - on several drugs not making a difference) and half-sister (we have the same mother) with 100% of the symptoms I had - she diagnosed w/IBS, on several Rx's none making a difference either. Maternal Grandmother had colitis, non-responsive to any colitis drugs and she died when I was about 15 y/old - so she must have been a fairly young woman. Okay - the cheese that stands alone is now suddenly not thinking she needs a therapist - maybe just a new doctor???????
  8. You're doing exactly what I don't want to do, but understand why you are doing it. Is ther such a thing as IBS w/an intolerance to Gluten? God knows I don't want to repeat that the rest of my life! I told my hubby @ lunch my plans - keep the follow up appointment & go back on Gluten after the vacation the 1st of July & see what happens. Thank you for the IGA thing. I will ask and see where that leads me. Anyone out there get diagnosed by diet change alone? Say, by an allergist etc?????
  9. Well, ugh... just as I thought....blood test was negative. They want me to keep my follow up appt. I told hubby and he said the follow up sounds like a waste of money. He said "Just go back on your food and see what happens." I think I'm going to do both......eventually. I'm going to keep my appointment to see what they have to say now that the test was negative AND go back to wheat but not until the beginning of July. We have a tropical second honeymoon planned in June (6 weeks) and I just feel too great right now to screw that up right before this trip. If it wasn't for needing to prove it, I would just stay on the diet & leave it alone right now. I don't what you officially would call what I have... Celiac or a gluten intolerance IBS (per the doctor) , but taking that delish' food out of my diet has radically made me feel better. I just do not want to go thru my life saying ..."I can't eat that." "Why?" "Oh, it'll make me feel bad." and get that look on faces like I'm a hypocondriac. Okay... I'm being a bit pissy right now. It tweaks with my mind when I just KNOW something and have no proof to back it up.
  10. Wow - thankxs everyone. Waiting on the labs & I'm on pins and needles - hopefully a few more days to wait. I left a call to see if the labs were in this morning & no one called me back - UGH! This is a big practice - something like eight locations locally. Well, I'll call again tomorrow. I'm starting week four gluten-free today but not eating much other than tunafish & veggies, fruit because I decided not to take the time to learn all the ingredients I can't pronounce if I end up not having Celiacs, but as more & more time passes, AND I feel so well, I just don't know about "going back" to eating regularly again. It hurts me to type that! I would dive into an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers right now if I thought about it hard enough!
  11. I had my blood work taken on Wednesday. The lady @ the labs front counter said 2-3 days. The phlebotimist said a week and the doctors office wouldn't allow me to make my re-check appointment for less than 2 weeks. I don't think they really know how long it takes, they all seemed to be guessing.
  12. That's what I'm thinking too. He basically said that if the test comes back positive for Celiac - "Game over.". But if it comes back negative, then "It's 98% No Gluten IBS ". When I said I had read of false Celiac negatives, he said, "We could put you back on Gluten, wait a few weeks and stick a camera down your throat and look for the illi (something like that - little hairs). Do you WANT that test?" He said it like I was hoping to become a lab rat for multiple invasive proceedures..... Me who is never sick - always healthy and would rather go to the dentist then go to the doctors - I was not happy! Almost like he was fishing to see if I was a potential Munchhausen (sp) patient. Question: I've read several postings from people that are self-diagnosed and leave it @ that because tests came back negative, etc. Does anyone identify w/my feeling to be medically diagnosed so for the rest of my life I'm not saying that I think I am Celiac, but the doctors say I'm not so I just eat this way because I self diagnosed myself? This even extends to my husband on a very minute level. He knows I feel 100% better this last 3 weeks, but I have a feeling he is really resting on this blood test to be able to say "She's Celiac" or "If she eats that, her tummy will be upset." See the difference? Gheesch - I'm in this whole mental emotional thing right now and the waiting until next week is consuming me. Side note - thank you for your replies. I was really hoping someone responded this morning as I signed on. I need some friends that can help me. For three weeks I've felt like the cheese that stands alone -
  13. Hi everyone! I just found this site about an hour ago & would appreciate your thoughts on my last few weeks. History: I've always gotten crampy, gassy & run down feeling after eating what I used to call "Carbs". I thought everyone was like that. I'm never sick so I never said anything. I'm 41 y/old. Last September I went thru an over the top, stressfull 3 month period unlike anything ever before. During that time I was in the bathroom up to 7 times per hour, sometimes almost not making it in time, my stomach felt like knives when I ate anything other than protein shakes & nuts such as Ritz, Goldfish etc... I LOVE CARBS! I dropped 25 pounds in the first 2 of the 3 months. I loved the weight loss at 1st, but then it started to get a tad scary. I figured when the stress event was over, everything would go back to normal. That did not happen. When life went back to normal, I ate like I did before and the scale went up 10lbs, but all the bad things stayed in overdrive. Months passed until a couple of weeks ago when I couldn't take it anymore. The gassiness became so bad, I couldn't go places w/my family, stand in lines at theme parks, was white knuckled in closed in rides and on the edge of tears the whole weekend while being mortally embarrassed over gas that occurred almost every 5 mins. The next day I got on the net and input my symptoms and it came up w/eight IBS or Celiac. Several non-related sites said that if it's IBS, then the symptoms will stay no matter what you eat - you need drugs to fix things. Celiac was Gluten-free diet. So I thought before I go trapsing off to the Doctors, I would try the gluten-free diet for 2 weeks. The 2nd day I was 80% better. I felt better mentally, the gas was almost gone, no more knives. At the end of the 2 weeks the bathroom visits returned to normal - I shook my head at how warped it was that I was overjoyed when going to the bathroom returned to "Normal". I am a new person - seriously. I feel SO GREAT! I read the antibody blood test may come back negative even tho you have Celiac if you are already on the diet, but I went to see a digestive specialist anyway because I'm one of those people that needs a definite answer. He listened to what I had to say and said he severly doubts I have Celiac because it's not that common (tho I read differently online) & he said it sounds like IBS where my intolerance is to Gluten - I almost felt like I had to convince him to order the blood test anyway. My test is due back next week. I left there feeling like he thought I was some internet searching crackpot LOOKING for a problem which is SO FAR from the truth - the very thought of never having my most favortie foods whenever I want is enough to make me cry. I would love any thoughts you all may have on my experience so far because I really think celiac is what I have & if the test comes back negative, well... I don't know what to think.
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