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  1. It sounds like your blood sugar might be crashing. I developed a reactive hypoglycemia sometime after going Gluten Free. There were a lot of carbs in that breakfast that could have caused your blood sugar to jump and then crash... I would start focusing on protein meals and see how you feel. Always make sure to have a protein with a carb... nutella is not enough......
  2. I am 28 as well. I have a b-12 deficiency. I had to get injections and now I take a 2500mcg sublingual every day (nature's bounty is the only brand that makes it). I just don't get where some doctors get their ideas from! I am also severly iron deficient... that is also normal with Celiac.
  3. Well ravenwoodglass, you were exactly right.... my stomach is telling me who is boss today. I think 4 days was enough of a challenge. I have been back on Gluten free for two days now. I think I have had enough proof that I cannot tollerate gluten and I suppose I really can live without an official diagnosis. On top of that, Endco Lab called me--- they cannot do business in my state (NY). After two years of trying every gluten free bread and pizza crust out there and being disappointed... I think it's time to buy myself a nice bread machine and start cookin.... nothing like shopping to make yourself feel better. Thank you everyone for your responses and support!
  4. for me its not about feeling deprived, its about figuring out how careful I have to be when I go out.
  5. I actually just ordered the DNA test from Enco Labs online... I think it is my best bet....
  6. Good Morning All, I am looking for advice, I am not sure what to do. I have never been diagnosed with Celiac. Two years ago my doctor at the time only tested me for IGA and IGG antibodies. The IGG came extremely positive. She immediately put me on a Gluten Free diet. By the time I made it to the Gastroenterologist and got the real blood tests and the endoscopy nothing showed up positive. I have been on a Gluten free diet for two years even though I never knew whether it was just a sensitivity or Celiac. I now have a new doctor. She looked at my old labs and told me that a lot of times, my test shows false negatives. We discussed liberating my diet for 30 days. Well so far I have liberated it for 4 days.... Day 1 I was ok (surprisingly) Day 2 I had a migraine that lasted for 18 hours. Day 3 I started to become really short tempered and nasty. I am not experiencing any major stomach problems except I have also had heartburn for the past 3 days. I am surprised at this, but my Doctor also just put me on a heavy duty prescription iron because my saturation was dangerously low (4%) and b-12 because I was also deficient. I am wondering if the iron is countering the stomach issue? Anyway...my question is: I feel horrible, I have heartburn, I am short tempered and snappy... although no longer I migraine I still have a dull pain behind the eyes. I am not sure if it is worth it to keep eating gluten for the next 26 days... but I also have the issue that we NEVER figured out the true cause.... What would you do? Thank you everyone in advance for reading this and listening to me.
  7. Hi Annie, I just got tested last week and my results came back fairly quick (a few days) but I do know that the Lab had to ship to a different location because they do not do that kind of testing in their facility. That may be why it is taking longer? Hope you get them soon!
  8. Hi Guys I am new here! I am quite confused. I have been diagnosed with IBS for the past 3 years and I have probably had stomach issues for much longer than that. After comming across the definition Celiac disease while doing some research recently, I marched into my GP and asked her for the test. She was very reluctant and apparently did not test me for everything that I see on the screenings on the board here. My results are the following: IGE - Wheat Allergin - Undetectable Gliadin IGA - <3 Negative (Results of 11 and higer = Positive) Gliadin IGG - 33 POSITIVE (Results of 11 and higher = Positive) Is this normal? I am quite concerned that my IGGs are 3 times the reading for positive - however my Doctor said that this does NOT mean I have Celiac and is sending me to a GI. She also put me on a gluten free diet and now I am concerned that by the time the GI sets an appointment for any tests that the gluten free diet will show negative readings. I guess my question is: How many of you out there had Blood tests of a Positive IGG and Negative IGA and were diagnosed with Celiac? Thank you very much in advance for all your help!
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