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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I have been prescribed VSL#3 from my dietician and i noticed it says there are trace amounts of gluten in it. I just want to know how many people take VSL#3 in the states, and whether thay have any problems with it. Apparently there is no difference between the uk one and the us one other than the flavoring. I emailed the manufacturer over here in the uk and this is what he said: Dear Jason Many thanks for contacting Ferring about your VSL#3 probiotic. VSL#3 only contains 11ppm (parts per million) gluten. This is classified as
  3. Yes Steve, i had a bone density test and it was fine.
  4. I have noticed that on my left hand side, one of my middle ribs protrudes further out than the other right. I am trying work out what could be causing this. I want to rule out problems with my stomach if possible. My stomach did tend to get bloated when eating gluten but reduced alot now i am off it. I wonder if this bloating could be pushing the rib out. i know it sounds strange as its only one rib. Anyone heard of this, should i visit the doctor or chriopracter do you think? Thanks
  5. I rang the company who make VSL#3 over here and they said yes there are traces amount of gluten in VSL#3 and it is made in the exact same way as the ones in America. The difference is that the regulations regarding packaging over here are much stronger that that it america and therefore have to state even trace amounts. He also said if they have trace amounts in the product then so will you. Apparently it is picked up along the way when growing the bacteria (or something). The company i rang was Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd (uk) So do you still think that I shouldnt take VSL#3 even though it is the same product. Trace amounts means that its so small they cannot measure it, will this harm me (us). I am confused, i have 28 days worth in my fridge and dont know what to do with it?
  6. It is over here in UK so possibly made by a different company
  7. It states on mine "this product contains traces of gluten, soy, lactose and skimmed dehydrated milk. It states this on the packaging and the inset leaflet. Did you ring Actial Farmaceuticals Ltd It states it in the website aswell http://www.vsl3.co.uk/index.php?option=com...6&Itemid=29 Dont know what to do?
  8. Hi everyone, I have had a prescription from my doctor for some VSL#3 Probiotic food supplement. I got this to try and help with my candida and get me some good bacteria after a course of antibiotics. My question is, is it safe for celiacs to take, i read in the leaflet it has traces of gluten in it. Thanks, Jason
  9. Yes i have, i saw him yesturday with all those symptoms. I said i should try and go through the next 6 weeks. He assured me my symptoms would go when i stop gluten. i am monitoring them and believe me if they get any worse i am going to stop
  10. I already have, they wanted to make it for 3 months. i got them down to 2 months
  11. Hi everyone, Its been a few months and thought i would update you all on my progress, or lack of. Well the last time i was on, i had just had my negative result for Celiac, but did have inflammation of the duodenal tube. They left it like that for a couple of weeks before i got a letter from the hospital requesting i go back on gluten for 2 months and have a re-test. What they did find out is that i had helical bacter pylori, which i have had twice in the past year. I have now taken my eradication therapy. Which hopefully has cleared that up. In 2 months when i have the second endoscopy they are checking to see if i have got rid of my bacteria aswell as taking biopsy of my duodenal tube to check for the celiac. I think the doctor is concerned that i might have got a false negative in my first biopsy. After a couple of days of thinking about whether or not to go back on, i gave in. I decided id rather know if i had gluten intolerance or not. I have been gluten free for 2 months and was feeling alot better although my stomach was slightly better but not completely. (Probably due to the fact that i had helical bacter pylori). Well i have now been on gluten for 2 weeks and feel really rubbish. I have started getting the following symptoms: Numbish Left side of my face Permanent Muscle Spasm in my left hand side upper hip. (cant sleep on that side of my body) Piles have returned (with a vengeance) Large rash on chest (doctor admits this could be candida, yeast overgrowth) Permanently white coated tongue (could be the after effects of the eradication therapy and candida). I have hurt my back twice in 2 weeks really badly. (trapped nerve) My symptoms seem to have come back with a vengeance this time, before i just has a numbish face and a permanent stomach pain. Is it possible that i am overdoing the gluten. Is there a rule for the biopsy test on how much gluten to eat? Now i know that most or nearly all of you are going to say "STOP GLUTEN". HAHA I know, this is what i am saying to myself every minute of the day. I need to get a positive result this time. I have tried to live life without gluten but confident my way of lifestyle had suffered alot. Not only that but i was scared to drink in bars and scared to eat in restaurants. I am even scared of going for weekends away and holidays. I dont want to have to live like that if i dont have to. Im sure some of you might understand. I need this result. My relationship is suffering because of me being worried about getting glutened all the time. I believe i can quite happily live without gluten if i needed to. But i dont want to live like that if i dont need to. The way i look at it is that i only have 6 weeks to go. My doctor has seen my concerns about going back on the gluten and has agreed to take blood half way through my 2 months to check my vitamin and mineral levels. he will also check my blood for celiac disease at this time. I would like to know if anyone has experience the back problems and the muscle spasm problems. I did once have a muscle spasm on the other hip for 2 days when i did my last gluten test but this went after going gluten free. I have had this spasm for 1 week now. My question to you all is will this extra 6 weeks cause any permanent damage. My doctor has ruled this out and said it will all go away once i go off the gluten. I suppose i am more worried about the serious disease associated with celiac disease. At what point should i say enough is enough, i accept i may have celiac disease? I know i have gone on a bit of a rant but would like everyone's input on my situation. The thing that i am most worried about is the fact that i am turning into a hypochondriac and there might not be anything wrong with me, the fact that i focus my attention on my symptoms may be making it worse. This is why i need a true result. Sorry for the long post Best regards Jason
  12. Can anyone suggest any good protein powder supplements that are gluten free? Thanks
  13. Hi chris, thanks for the response. When i had the MRI scan done it was done on the nhs. The neurosurgeon i am seeing tomorrow is being done private. I dont mind things happening to me below the neck, but things above the neck i do not want to mess with. Why did the neurologist suggest that he test your cerebrospinal fluid, did he mention if it was celiac related or something else? Do you get the numb face all the time or is it on and off or has it gone now you are gluten free (how long did it take). Mine used to be on and off but noticing it more now, its not really numb, its more like someone hit me in the face. Is this the same for you. Is the neurosurgeon the best person to ask for this strange sensation when i see him? I just want to ask him everything, for
  14. Is there a link between Celiac Disease and Cerebrospinal fluid? I am seeing a neurosurgeon tomorrow night but dont have a clue what the problem is. My doctor didnt have a clue neither, he just said that an area in the brain is larger than it should be. Perhaps inflamed. he refered to this area as the place where the brain fluid is found and then used to filter it around the brain. My doctor admitted to me that he didnt know what this meant but it could simply be something i have had all my life. It still made me slightly worried so i asked him to refer me to a specialist to put my mind at rest. He said it could be a result of my numb face i get on and off. I thought i would post it just to see if anyone has had the same thing when they had a mri scan.
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