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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I get severe headaches every single time I drink a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I know they supposedly are gluten-free but it never fails with the headaches, and a throbbing, unrelenting headache is for me THE unmistakeable sign of being glutened. I don't know. If S-bucks can guarantee this drink is gluten-free, maybe it's a caffeine sensitivity? But other types of caffeinated drinks from S-bucks seem to be fine. Could there be something in different drink syrups? I can't seem to have other flavoured drinks from there either like the cinnamon dolce latte but the regular latte is fine.... argh!

  2. Hi All,

    I did not take a second look at and made a mistake on my Multi vitamins that I bought earlier this week I think. I guess when I bought them I had my daughter with me and was in a hurry to get other things done before I went to work that night and did not fully see the ingrediants on the Multi Vits that I bought. THe other two are safe, I saw this morning after taking them Maltodextrine and also had Gluconate this and Gluconate that, Have I not seen these ingrediants on the I'M NOT SAFE TO EAT LIST. If these are not safe no wonder i have been really tired and having trapped gas internally and C all week. I have been trying to eat really good this week until today, Its harder when I am home with my husband.

    THanks, Donna

    Hey Donna,

    I ran into this same thing not too long ago when I was looking for a good gluten-free multivitamin.

    Apparently Maltodextrin is okay, and the "gluconate" that you mention is probably "ferrous gluconate" which is a source of iron in most multivitamins. Coincidentally, iron also causes "indigestion" and constipation! Hopefully that's all that you're dealing with.... hopefully not CC of some sort.

  3. I went off of Celexa cold-turkey last summer because I didn't have enough money to refill my prescription.... it was the worst summer of my life! I got SOOO sick. I was nauseous and dizzy for at least a month... no appetite, because of the nausea... I got carsick after driving only a couple blocks... my dreams were bizarre. I lived on gravol. :blink: After a long time things settled down again but it was a ROUGH experience! ughhhhh

  4. It sounds like what your family needs is blunt, up-front honesty about everything. I can understand being annoyed if most of your communication is passive-aggressive (I am the ultimate passive-aggressive person in the world so I have dealt with this with almost all of my friends and family! Yikes...). Instead of doing the "argh"/nagging thing from time to time and letting your own resentment grow, leading to a huge freak-out session, I would take the advice someone else posted on here about sitting down with your family and suggesting clear, basic ground rules. Communicate your fear about getting sick, not just your frustration with your family's ignorance. Explain that all of your nagging is based on very real fear that you will get very sick. Hopefully your family will realize how important this is to you.

    In terms of your anaphylaxis, I can't believe that people in your family are still cooking with/using those allergens! It is unbelievable! When I was much younger and in elementary school, we had ONE peanut-allergic kid in the whole place and NO ONE was allowed to bring in any peanut butter or peanut containing products. I really don't think it is unreasonable for your allergens to be banned from the house. In this case it IS a life and death situation! No wonder you are so stressed out!

    I hope everything gets sorted out for you :)

  5. I have been getting headaches more frequently, (not the brain fog from being glutened) What is the safest thing to take? - I haven't taken any pain medicine since I was diagnosed and the headache is just to much today.

    Anyone else get frequent headaches? I had a Neurologist tell me I would start getting them and she was right.

    I don't entirely know what to say because my chronic headaches are going away now that I am gluten-free. Anyway, when I do get headaches I take Excedrin "Tension Headache", which works really well, or any other acetaminophen pain killer. There are lists online of gluten-free meds and most pain killers are on that list. For me I find that anti-inflammatories don't work for me, maybe it's just the type of headache I get, I'm not exactly sure.

  6. I would say that mood problems/irritability were my biggest problem. I was dianosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety before coming off gluten. I would be extremely irritable especially with family and friends, and with perfect strangers I would automatically feel defensive. I felt like I had a dark cloud over me all the time. Now that I am off of gluten I feel like a different person. I almost always feel happy and carefree, and outgoing. I don't feel paranoid anymore. Basically, all of the symptoms of GAD and Social Anxiety are gone. It's awesome.

  7. Pedro

    Wow! I can safely say that I do not react the same way as you when i ingest gluten knowingly or not. My reactions always very from one thing to the next except maybe store bought brownies from my local 7-11 store usually reaction within 2 hours with that usually very gassy stomoch and a blow out in the AM early sometimes and Brownies are my absolute favorite sweets of all time, So I am having a heard time with that. If I do get gluten using regular items to make my spegetti usually burns going down or it could be the tomato sauce and paste that I use, I strongly believe that i have a food allergy to Tomatos, I simply can not have fresh tomatos or I do what you do when you get gluten, not immediatly but soon after along with very gassy that is gets trapped in and I hurt everywhere fells like in 10 months preggers. I have tomotey items like katch-up tomato, suace, tomato paste usually I just get gassy, but I do get very sick with the real thing. I aslo get very gassy with avacodos, so I have read that tomatos and avacodos are just some of the items listed for Latex allergies, but I'm ok with bannas and kiwi (well that I know of)


    Hey Donna, that's funny that you mention having trouble with tomatoes... come to think of it I have heard a lot about celiacs and even people with simple wheat intolerance having a lot of issues with tomatoes. Sounds like you should stop eating them! Sucks, eh? Stupid food intolerances.

    I know of an AMAZING recipe for gluten-free brownies. Trust me... my step-sister likes them even more than regular brownies and she is basically a chocolate coinnoisseur. I don't have the recipe with me (I'm at work) but I can message it to you if you are interested! Seriously.... you'll never go back to glutenous brownies.

  8. I find that rice crackers hit the spot once in awhile when I want something cracker-y. Not rice cakes... I hate those things... rice crackers. And there are a bunch of good flavors.

    One thing that is really good is corn bread. It's way better than fake "white breads" because it doesn't need strange replacement flour... just corn flour and corn meal. More flavour, too. Really good with butter :)

    Hmmm, apparently I like my butter?!

  9. I was wondering the same thing. Since going gluten-free I've gained about 5 pounds and am about the heaviest I have ever been and my clothes are too tight. Even though it is only a slight weight gain, it is making me miserable. I eat a very healthy, balanced diet and exercise almost every day. My dietary changes have not been especially significant.

    I'm thinking it might just be my body finally absorbing nutrients it has been missing and just sucking everything in while it can. I'm wondering (and hoping) that maybe once my body realizes it is getting what it needs, it will stop holding onto everything and go back to a normal weight for me. I sure hope so! !

    I think it will! The body isn't supposed to be chunky so I think your weight will go back down after a bit :)

  10. I've never been much of a bread eater so giving it up didn't take much thought for me.

    I haven't been gluten-free very long and am surprised how easy has been getting used to eat burgers without the bun.

    I still have to have my occasional bagel though!

    Mmmm, bagels... I like gluten-free bagels just as much as regular bagels, as long as they're toasted. Cinnamon-raisin toasted with butter are yummy :)

  11. I tend to eat rice bread in the morning because I need something that really fills me up quickly and gives me energy... but sometimes I think that it isn't worth it, because frankly, the bread is sticky and has a strange flavour, and I don't feel so great after eating it. I think it's a good idea to stay away from unnecessary breads although I don't want to be TOO strict... after all, staying away from gluten and dairy is hard enough in itself for me to have to worry about avoiding gluten-free breads as well :)

  12. I already posted this question on some Facebook celiac groups and got a bit of guidance, but I would like to ask some of you life-long gluten-free experts as well :)

    I am IN LOVE with Mi-Del brand's gluten-free gingersnap cookies. In my opinion they are better than glutenous regular ginger snaps. After being on a 2-day high of happiness that such a cookie exists, I heard on a different message board that this brand is notorious for cross-contamination. Apparently Mi-Del also processes wheat-based baking in the same factory. However, I also heard that this has changed and that Mi-Del gluten-free products are seriously gluten-free now.

    Some celiacs in the Facebook groups mentioned getting sick from the Mi-Del animal cookies which on the package claim to be gluten-free. Apparently, though, this is just in the States... in Canada they are processed at a different plant or something.

    Does anyone know anything about this? Have any of you been glutened by this product? By the way, Mi-Del makes chocolate chip, animal cookies and pecan cookies labeled as being gluten-free too. But my favourites are the ginger snaps. :)

  13. This is just my humble opinion, but I do think that people who eat relatively normally on the gluten-free diet after being diagnosed probably lose or gain weight for awhile and then come back to a balanced weight. The body is good at balancing itself out and if you don't tend to overeat or to eat nothing but junky gluten-free food, I think the body will normalize itself. This is what I've experienced, anyway, and also what I've observed in other celiacs. Unless there are other hidden sensitivies or if your body is REALLY wrecked from years of gluten, anyway... those people seem to be sickly and underweight even after going gluten-free!

  14. I definitely can relate! This is my 4th day gluten-free & only the 6th day since I was diagnosed. I think I am starting to enter the "grieving period" & it sucks. :unsure: I am very fine with the cooking @ home & eating only gluten-free whole foods but the thought of having to go into restaraunts & not know what can hurt me & having to screen everything on the menu with the waiter is terrifying to me! I dunno when I will be able to eat out again but I am sure this like al the other feelings will pass.... I hope!!!! :blink:

    Oh man, I can definitely relate with the restaurant fear thing! Every time I've gone to a restaurant since being diagnosed I have had annoying experiences with restaurant staff. I am NOT one of those pushy people who have no problem asking for special treatment. I tend to be shy. I went to Boston Pizza and very shy-ly asked if they knew of any gluten-free menu selections... after a long time the waitress came back and proceeded to list everything on the menu that DOES have gluten. "Oh, really, pizza and pasta have gluten? Wow, I never knew". HAHA.

    We need to figure out a way to know how to talk to restaurant staff or we'll never feel normal again! :(

  15. I have a question about all this dairy business... is it lactose intolerance causing the dairy issue or is it something else? I keep hearing about casein sensitivity and I'm not sure I totally understand what casein is or why celiacs can be sensitive to it.

    I can't handle dairy either, and I think that for me it is lactose intolerance... I know it's bad, but I take lactaid pills before eating dairy and I feel fine.... It's bad because I was diagnosed with celiac disease just about a month ago and I really should just be avoiding anything that sets me off like the plague... and I should be sticking to the basics :S

    Anyway, can someone fill me in on this casein business?

  16. Yikes. I'm sorry you feel so awful. I don't know what to say, because it seems that every person with celiac disease is unique - different random things seem to cause this gluten reaction in some people. Maybe you have a casein sensitivity? Casein is a milk protein I believe... some celiacs can't handle it and it causes a gluten-like reaction. I don't know.

    I react as though I have eaten gluten after I drink red wine and I am still not entirely sure why.

    I hope you start feeling better soon... I wish I had more advice for you!

  17. Like some other people said, I think it will just depend on your sensitivity to gluten. Some people are so sensitive they are extremely careful with cross-contamination and what not and they STILL get sick, without even knowing why. If I were you I would use the bread machine after scrubbing it out... but I am not as sensitive to gluten as some people are. So just use your best judgement based on how you know you react!

    :D I hope you come to a decision! Haha... so much controversy on these message boards!

  18. I recently bought a little pocket dictionary listing a TON of obscure-sounding chemicals and additives and just about everything you can think of. It lists everything in alphabetical order and everything is labeled as being "Allowed", "Not allowed" or "?Check" based on the gluten-free diet. It is incredibly helpful... especially for us newbies. The pocket dictionary I have is published in Canada by the Canadian Celiac Association but I'm positive that there is one in the U.S. as well.

    Something like that might help? Good luck, anyway!

  19. I'm glad someone posted about this!!! I too am incredibly happy and relieved that I finally have a solution to (almost) all my problems. I feel like a new person - less moodiness, tiredness, headaches and even anxiety. Life is wonderful :) :) :)

    To everyone out there who hasn't started feeling better yet... hold on, it WILL happen!!

  20. One more question that may seem silly but might solve the mystery. Were you on a date with your significant other? If so what were they eating and drinking and did you do any kissing? We can get glutened from kissing someone who is eating or drinking gluten. May not be the case for you but figured I should throw it in.

    HAHA, good question! Unfortunately I was NOT on a hot date... but that is good thinking, bringing up the possibility that it may have been something else DURING my red wine drinking that may have glutened me. I shall have to think about that. :D

  21. :) :)

    Thanks so much! To be honest I am surprised someone had this happen to them as well... it seemed so random and unrelated to celiac so I wasn't convinced that it had anything to do with celiac. Last summer I had a lot of trouble breathing and even went to Emergency and they could find nothing wrong with me so they gave me a prescription for VALIUM. LOL.

    I definitely didn't have 12 glasses of wine (wow!!) but it's still a relief to know that wine can cause problems if your gut is still healing. Thanks again for the advice.