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  1. Hey I live halfway between Chattanooga and Dayton and unfortunately there aren't too many "TRUE" gluten free products to be found there but I stumbled upon a really awesome place near the downtown area called A Bountiful Harvest. Not to be confussed with Great Harvest Bread Company which is also in Chattanooga. A Bountiful Harvest is probably where your daughter got her cake as they are the only place in Chattanooga who bakes wheat free, gluten free and sugar free cakes and cookies. I'd recommend you take a look at their website www.abountifulharvest.com and pick out your favorite choices before stopping in because they have such a HUGE selection of goodies it can be a bit overwhelming if your like me and have searched endlessly for all natural wheat, sugar and gluten free products. I usually have to order any cakes a few days in advance becuase they are always busy but they are some decent folks who have a dedicated bakery not contaminated by wheat or gluten. They always have loads of cookies ready to grab and go. Hope this helps ya'll. :DA Bountiful Harvest