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  1. Ok lately i have been reading about things that have gluten that i would have never thought of. So I was hoping we could start an list of things that most people do not think about that would have gluten.


    most bbq sauces - malt

    steak sauce - malt/color

    terriaki sauce-from soysauce used to make it.

    some flavored potato chips - bbq and sour cream&onion includes flavored pringles too.

  2. hiyas

    over here in australia at least, m&ms, mars bars and snickers All contain wheat starch or Wheat Glucose Syrup! i thought i would mention it Becuz i have seen threads where ppl say m&ms and snickers are gluten free. i do realize things are made different in different countrys sometimes!

    gluten free since 25th april 2007 (2 days so far ! yay lol)

    I too live in AU, but I thought it was only the peanut m&m's that had gluten in them, dont have a bag around to check it but thats what I remember from looking in the past.