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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Great Information......Thank You from me too!
  3. Still new, only 6 days. I hear the phrase "got glutened" often and I understand that it would mean you accidentally ingested gluten but my question is what happens to your body? "got glutened" for me is accidentally ingesting gluten. If you continue to "get glutened" you will eventually damage so many of your organs....immune system and you could get Lymphoma....I was misdiagnosed for many many years, since birth until diagnosis...(59 years)...when I finally got the diagnosis of Lymphoma is when they discovered celiac disease. Do you experience the same symptoms as before you became gluten free? For me Yes!! Like a week ago I had pain, cramps, bloating, the Big D and nasty gas (don't I sound like the ideal date? if I were single) panic attacks for fear of accidents in public. Yes, I have to know where every bathroom is when I am away from home. This was with almost every meal. Is that what I have to look forward to if I ingest gluten once I'm cleared out. For me yes. I have been able to get out and do more lately....Some of my running to the bathroom so often now is also contributed by the chemo that I am on. Like I said, I can do more now....just a lot of pre-planning.
  4. minton, thanks for asking the question of DH and DD....I was wondering myself. I knew what DH was in some post when referring to dermatitis herpitformis. I have seen the D put in front of H, D, S before and could not figure out what the extra D was for.
  5. All of the above are very good suggestions. I highly recommend investing in a generator...but, please get knowledge about the use of one. Never have the generator running in a garage or areas near doors or windows where the fumes would come into the house. Your local Lowes or Home Depot or such retail store will have someone who can instruct you on calculating wattage use. We live where hurricanes are a norm and we have many days to weeks without power. Our Generator has save us from food spoilage, the abilty to have one light on and keep our water well working. We use our outdoor grill for cooking. Now, I don't know what you would be able to do if you live in an appartment/condo building. Hopefully, they would have a source for their tenants. Good Luck- Stay Warm and Full Enough!
  6. I have to have treatments every four weeks at a hospital here, the dietition and staff are well informed (now). I am there for about 4 hours which always is either at breakfast or lunch time. The meal for my first treatment day did not go well, gluten was everywhere. Fortunately the nurses understood and had gluten-free yogurt that I was able to eat. The hospital were I go sends out a questionaire after each visit. I filled it out and when it came to the questions about the food service....I politely informed them that I had requested a gluten-free breakfast but what was sent was not. From every visit thereafter, whether breakfast or lunch, has been perfect. Oh, on the next questionaire, I wrote a very nice note in the comments section about how well the food service was tending to my gluten-free meals. I suggest you call your hospital and talk to the dietition. If ever (hopefully not) you are hospitalized, request that the dietition comes to your room or calls your room to discuss your meals. Your hospital wants to please all of their patients. Your doctor also should put, gluten-free meals on his hospital orders. Now, like the rest of you.....I am very concerned that if I ever have to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility...."will they be as concerned in preparing gluten-free meals?"
  7. Hi Jen, I just wanted to reiterate what you already know...yes it will take time to heal. I too have a Vit. D deficiency---I had it checked in May of this year....very very low. My internist put me on mega dose of Vit D....I had it checked again last month and it has come up to just below the normal range....so she has me continuing the dose for another six months. Main thing with taking Vit D is that you need to be monitored by your doctor...you can become toxic. I am not experiencing the leg pain as much anymore. I had my B's checked out...I am ok there. My gastro doctor told me to take probiotic every day also. (get a good one- I use Flora Q) This to has helped me a bunch. I know that my celiac is now under control....I just have to remain diligent in reading labels and asking questions when eating out. Hang in there...!! P.S. I would like to "Thank your husband for his service!"
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