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  1. I have just started the Gluten free diet due to acid reflux and I am losing weight. In the past I have always had success with weight loss following a high Alkaline low acid diet. I have always hated counting calories and carbs so this diet is great. I eat as much as i want on it. It works and I always feel healthier on it. You can lose a pound a day. They say if your body has an alkaline level of 7 that not even cancer could survive. Here are some good links to a guide to go by. It tells you which foods are high acid and low acid. All household chemicals and medications are high acid. Check shampoos and soaps etc. I use kiss my face soap and natures gate shampoo I buy at vitacost.com. I also have a shower filter. The chlorine in the water lowers your alkaline ph levels. Your body hates high acid and builds fat cells around your organs to protect them. From experience the quickest way to raise your alakaline to 7 (healthy) is to take epsom salt baths(alkaline of 12) 3 days a week. I used to eat something acid and go up about 3 to 4 pounds right after eating it not realizing it was a high acid. Now I have a high alkaline food or drink after eating (low to moderate acids)and this does not happen.

    Lemon, watermelon, sea salt

    Rice flour, millet flour, tapioca starch and flour, buckwheat, potato, arrowroot(regular corn is man invented and a high acid sweet corn is natural and an alkaline)



    lots of fruits and veggies

    Ragu organic spaghetti sauce

    Polaner all fruit jam and homemade tapioca pudding

    homemade mayonaise and salad dressing or buy at health food store

    Haagen Daz ice cream low acid for dessert

    Splenda for sweetner lowest acid sweetner(stevia sweetner alkaline)

    Coffee Put a cal/mag vitamin in coffee filter to neutralize acid

    I switched to Borax, oxy clean and seventh generation dish soap everyone in my house lost 5 to 10 pounds without dieting.

    Candida Diet Foods to Raise PH in The Body(scroll down the page to foods)


    Lose 20 lbs easily raising your alkaline ph levels


    He says to put baking soda in all your beverages to alkaline them. I use lemon or lime. I heard baking soda is not safe to digest frequently.