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  1. I'm hesitant to just try the diet because it seems pretty difficult to eliminate gluten altogether, and I'd be eliminating a good source of grain with no justification. I guess I don't need an endorsement from the medical profession; I'm just trying to get up enough nerve to try the diet. Thanks for your reply. I will look into some details regarding the diet. Elcamino
  2. Hi all, I've been reading your posts for quite a while now. I was given the celiac panel about 6 weeks ago. Evidently, the results are meaningless because I am IgA deficient (they did conduct a total IgA for me). GI, to exclude Celiac and positively diagnose me with IBS, took multiple duodenal biopsies last week. Only positive finding at the time of the exam was erosive gastritis; still waiting on biopsies on celiac and cause for the erosive gastritis. I am also severely lactose intolerant and have been for most of my life. Everytime I google IgA deficiency and lactose intolerance, Celiac-related websites pop up. I've also read that a minority of celiacs are actually IgA deficient. My problem is that my GI is just dying to diagnose me with IBS and get me out of his hair (what little of it there is ), so he's already biased against a celiac diagnosis (as I suspect most doctors seem to be). Also, I guess without some kind of laboratory proof, I'm hesitant to try a completely gluten-free diet without the endorsement of a medical professional. Someone has mentioned the use of enterolabs to test for celiac? Can you provide me with the website information? It would be much appreciated! Elcamino
  3. I've recently (4 days ago) taken the blood test for celiac disease (I think IgA and the tissue one were ordered), in addition to thyroid testing which often goes along with celiac disease). Like many of you it seems, I'm stuck between a diagnosis of celiac or IBS. I'm not willing to accept IBS at this point because it is a diagnosis of exclusion, and basically means that they have no idea what is wrong with you. I may very well start the gluten-free diet regardless of what my test results say and just see what happens, although I will discuss with GI. My question to anyone is how long before test results are back? Is this a 4 week test? Or will I get it in a week or so? I requested that the laboratory mail me a copy of the results once they fax them to my doctor, so I will know prior to seeing GI doc--not sure if this strategy will work. Any experience? Thanks! Elcamino
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