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  1. Here is my experience: I went to the location at Queen/Lisgar in Toronto, as they were listed as having gluten-free crusts. However, when I went in, they told me that they do not carry the gluten-free crusts. They told me that people did not want to pay extra and the store didn't want carry them any more. I don't know if this is the real reason, but that is what they told me. I called the main telephone number of Pizza Pizza to see if I could order it from another location, but since that location was the "designated" delivery location for my area, I would have to go in person to pick up a pizza from anywhere else. I will have to check out the other closest locations to see if they offer it or not, as the listing on the website is clearly inaccurate. Anyone else have any luck?
  2. I can't imagine that you would have any problems bringing your own bread. I often travel with my own bread in and out of Canada. However, in Toronto, there are many places to buy it: Wholefoods, some grocery stores like Loblaws and Dominion, and at healthfood stores. I'm sure it is as easy to find in Vancouver as well.
  3. I understand the excitement! When I first found gluten-free delivery pizza, I was so excited. I liked it so much that I didn't mind so much for it over the years, but it's just too much now to order regularly. I'm glad you got to experience it!
  4. I have ordered from Magic Oven dozens and dozens of times over the past few years. However, they recently increased their prices dramatically. My last pizza, a medium pizza, cost $36. I wrote them to tell them that I thought their prices were ridiculously high for a pizza, but have not heard back yet. I understand that gluten-free pizza crusts cost more at any place, but $36 is insane.
  5. Hi, You received a much nicer and more helpful response from Norwegian than I did. I was told that they would note my reservation that I was celiac, but since it was not a full month ahead of my cruise, they would not order me any special foods. I found the main dining room quite unaccomodating and difficult to deal with. The only meal they would serve me that was gluten-free was steak with a baked potato and veggies. Some of the fish dishes were gluten-free as well. The first night we ate there, the maitre d' didn't speak to me, but he did come over on our second time there. He said that they coat all of their meats with flour ahead of time, so to speak to him earlier in the day and they would see if they could leave some aside for me (un-floured). I did try to talk to someone in the dining room the next day, but no one was available, and they called me talk to about it at 10:15pm after the dining room was closed, and I was already in bed. We gave up on the dining room after that. However, I found the employees in the buffet area very helpful. They would go check for me about any dish, if they weren't certain about its contents. Also the specialty restaurants had different options such as gluten-free pasta at the Italian restaurant and many dishes at the Tex-Mex one. Hopefully you won't have as many problems as I did with the main dining room. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. Hi, I just got back from a cruise on Norwegian's Pride of Hawaii. I had my travel agent request gluten-free meals for me, but since it was not made a full month prior to my cruise they wouldn't order any "special foods" for me. I would say your worst options are in the main dining room. The maitre d' told me that they pretty much coat/soak all of their meats with a flour mixture. The only meat they could prepare was a steak and some seafood items were ok, but you have to check daily. They really were not helpful and pretty much made no effort to help me out. I had the steak twice and didn't eat there again. I stopped in once to talk to them about that night's dinner, but they didn't call me back until after 10pm. Dining in the buffet area had many gluten-free options and any time I asked a staff member to check something for me, they did so without hesitation and let me know whether I could eat it or not. Also, in the Italian restaurant, they have gluten-free spaghetti that they can prepare for you. There is also a Mexican restaurant with many options made with corn tortilla. (They have other "fee" restaurants, but we did not eat at them so I can't tell you what they offer) The cruise was great overall, just a few frustrations in the main dining room. Hope this helps.
  7. I live in Toronto, but haven't heard of either of them. I'll have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip.
  8. [im going to the Old Lahaina Luau in a few weeks. I made a note in our reservation that I needed gluten-free food (eventhough it's a buffet). They called me back the same day and said that they would offer me 2 choices, beef tenderloin or chicken, then would give me a list of ingredients for all of the foods in the buffet so I could see what is in them and choose for myself. Maybe where you are going will do the same?
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