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  1. My daughter has been gluten-free for almost 8 months now, and is very good about knowing what she can and can't eat, as well as always asking before eating anything (since she is the only one gluten-free in our House). She has had 3 accidently ingestions over the months and we alway know when b/c she vomits profusely. NON stop for hours. Thank goodness I am an ER nurse and have a great supply of anti-emetics at home, car, and camper, just in case. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that had a kiddo with this same response??? I have only read about stomach pain, or diarrhea, but never the vomitting. Thanks for any input.
  2. The thing is YOU know the TRUTH!!! Why do you need a biopsy to tell you so. We were gluten free for 9 days before by daughter's biopsy. They told me it would change the histology of it and may have changed the results from severe to moderate. I didn't care. I didn't want her to be sick any longer. Go with your "gut" and do what makes you feel healthy!!
  3. My daughter was dx at 2.5 years and she had pos blood work and still did the biopsy b/c they said they wanted to be sure and to know the severity of the damage already done. We went gluten-free the day her blood work came back pos. Looking back I'm not sure I would have put her through the biopsy, but I was so over whelmed and glad they finally found out what the problems were that I was okay with it.
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