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  1. I also use their Sour Supreme and Better than Cream Cheese and haven't reacted. I did, however, notice that one of the ingredients on the cream cheese label is "hydrolyzed vegetable protein" which can be sourced from wheat. Karen
  2. You're not alone! I just joined, too. I'm in Halifax. Karen
  3. Hi, all. I live in Canada and I understand that labelling laws here are not very strict concerning the term "gluten-free". I have read that our food safety governing body feels that there are acceptable levels of exposure so that any product coming in under a certain level can be labelled gluten-free, even though it contains gluten. So, like many of you, I don't trust lists completely, just as a guideline. I have only been gluten-free on a doctor's orders for a couple of weeks. I am still discovering what is safe and what is not for me. I can tell you that dried fruit purchased from a bulk food store is NOT safe! I ate some 2 days ago and had a huge reaction. Everything else I ate that day was safe so it had to have been that. Like many of you, I have also read that dried fruit is dusted with wheat flour to prevent clumping (as are potato chips). I also have been warned about cross-contamination in bulk food stores where scoops from one bin may be used in another. I guess it all just comes down to maintaining your vigilance. To vary a well-known dieting phrase: "A moment on the lips, a lifetime of DH?" SO not worth it!!! Karen
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