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  1. You mention this pain being associated with certain arm movements. Could you possibly have a nerve that is being pinched? Have they done an x-ray? Perhaps a chiropracter or a physical therapist may be able to help if a nerve is being pinched? I hope this clears up for you soon. In myself a glutening...
  2. I find Tiger Balm helps a great deal. A hot shower or bath can also give some relief. If you can take them an anti-inflammatory can also be used.
  3. In addition to the site Scott mentions I find this one to also be helpful: https://pillbox.nlm.nih.gov/pillimage/search.php When checking gluten statis I use the word 'wheat' rather than gluten. Barley and rye are not used in medication that I have ever seen so I don't worry about those...
  4. I use the Immodium or a marked gluten free brand in caplet form. While it worked quick the Immodium liquid tastes really awful.
  5. Yes from most of the makers I know of but to be sure ask your pharmacist to check. That you have celiac should be noted in your file since they need to check every script.
  6. I have DH and am very sensitive. I use Andalou shampoos and conditioners as well as their facial products with no issues. I like the ones for sensitive skin and have used their anti-aging line. I really enjoy the Cocoa Mask. Smells so good and leaves my skin nice and soft. I also use Cerave. I like...
  7. Have you considered that it may not be gluten that is impacting you with things like dried fruit? You may be sensitive to more than just gluten. Sulfites might be the issue with the dried fruits. In addition you mention DH. I had severe DH and iodine would cause a flare even if what I ate was gluten...
  8. I find Cream of Buckwheat cereal to be soothing and easy to digest. I use Pocono brand. It is grown and processed a couple towns over but is available nationwide and they may have it available off line. Other than that I go with stuff that is easy for me to digest. Homemade chicken soup, well cooked...
  9. Please make sure the derm is familiar with how to biopsy. If they biopsy the lesion it will be a false negative. (I had lots of derms do the biopsy in the wrong place greatly delaying my diagnosis) The biopsy needs to be done next to an active lesion not on it.
  10. By 'the big C' are you worried this is a sign of colon cancer? While they have cancelled your follow-up appointment you might still want to try calling and asking to speak to either a nurse or the doctor. In myself mucus is a sign that I have eaten something I don't tolerate. It can be your bodies...
  11. Call your doctor and ask for the doctor to call you back or to speak to a nurse. They will know what procedure was done and if this is something you should worry about. Hope you get some answers and are feeling better soon.
  12. I don't think so. Could you have come in contact with something during the move? Had they recently remodeled the place you moved into? Drywall mud has been a problem for me in the past as was wallpaper glue. Could a significant other not brushed their teeth throughly before a kiss? You mention having...
  13. Hi Bruce welcome to the board. You have come to a great place for info and support. Do be sure to read the Newbie 101 post at the top of the Coping section. Cyclinglady has given some good advice sticking to whole foods is a good idea as is the idea of a food and symptom diary. It can take some time...
  14. I agree completely with Scott. The only thing I would add is to have your doctor rerun the panels after 6 months or so. If your antibodies are down and you feeling better you have your diagnosis.
  15. Celiac blood testing is specific to celiac. IMHO endoscopies for adults are not needed either but the sure do make money for the doctors, hospital, etc.