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  1. I don't know why but fish oil helps me feel better when I accidentally contaminate myself.

    Hello everyone. Long story short, I have to wait until september to see a GI and in the meantime I have been unsure about whether to keep eating gluten for further testing, or to start gluten free immedietly. I know I've risked ruining my testing by doing this, but I've been trying gluten free for about 3-4 weeks, though I would call it "gluten-light" because I've been making a few little mistakes here and there. But for the most part I was beginning to feel much better. I was sleeping better, my skin cleared up, I was gaining back some muscle and put on a little healthy weight, my BMs were beginning to look more normal, etc. If I did become accidentally glutened, the worst I would experience would be bloating, ratty mood swings and constipation that would last a few days.

    Two days ago I began to worry about what would happen if I couldn't get a proper diagnosis, (I already had a blood test that came back negative) so I thought "maybe I'll just eat one item of gluteny food every couple of days now until September." So I decided to have a little chocolate chip muffin.


    My stomach did what I expected, bloated up, and after a while my head began to feel foggy. All familiar sensations so I thought I could handle it. But as the day went on the brain fog became progressively worse and I started to develop strange pains in my abdomen, which was accompanied by nausea. These became so intense that pain relief didn't seem to aleviate any of the discomfort at all, and by the evening even water seemed to be making things worse.

    Luckily I was able to sleep through the first night, and I woke up feeling a bit better. The nausea was gone, the only problem I has was my stomach felt as if I had done 1000 situps. But still, I got up and tried to get on with my day, and had a light gluten-free breakfast. But this seemed to trigger off the nausea and the pain again, only this time it was unbearably painful. I spent most of the day doubled over or curled up crying on my bed. There was no position I could get into that helped. And I couldn't stomach water at all.

    I got no sleep whatsoever, and now I'm awake on the third day feeling terrible. The only good thing that happened is I've been able to pass some BMs this morning and (sorry if tmi!) apart from them looking the way they usually do when I eat gluten, there is no blood or anything like that. Some of the pain has lessened and I feel slightly more mobile, but I still feel nauseus and am still experiencing pain beneath my belly button. I'm too worried to try and eat or drink anything.

    The pain has been so intense I really am scared, I've never had a reaction this bad before. Does this sound like the typical scenario where if someone avoids gluten for a period of time, reactions to gluten will be a lot more severe? Or does it sound like anything else is going on? I'm considering visiting a hospital if I don't feel much better today, I can't handle the pain.

    If this is a gluten reaction then I'm definitely NEVER eating gluten ever again and there is no way I'm ever going to do a gluten challenge.

    If anyone could offer some advice on how to ease the pain, or just some friendly words I'd appreciate it. :(