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  1. I am not on a gluten-free diet, although I do try and eat low carb most of the time and I do eat the occasional whole wheat bread and Kashi cereal and bars, etc. My doctor, who happens to be Celiac herself, took more blood and sent it off to Stanford (I think) for more testing. I told her I wanted to know more before having a biopsy done - if at all. She also is doing food allergy testing. I realize that a negative tTG means Celiac is not likely and a negative Anti-gliadin IGA means that I'm not having an immune response to gluten, but I was puzzled by the above-range Total IGA. Would a wheat or other food allergy cause that to be elevated? Teresa
  2. I finally received copies of my labs and even after talking with my doctor, I'm confused on these results: Results from Regional Medical Laboratory: Tissuetrans IgA: 4 ( 0-19) Gliadin IGG AB: 3 (0-19) Gliadin IGA AB: 7 (0-19) Total IGA: 370 (71-263) Can someone help me interpret these? Teresa
  3. Heidi, Thanks for replying! I have no doubt that going gluten free would benefit her (and me, too), but before we try and experiment, I don't want to change her diet too much in case we need further testing. Also, I wouldn't be able to tell if she felt better going gluten free right now as she does, in fact, have mono so that could keep her feeling fatigued for weeks to months. She's reading up on celiac disease & gluten sensitivity and is trying to learn about it so she may be receptive to changes in her diet . . . . somewhat. Yes, she does eat meat (loves steak!), but absolutely no fish. She's also very athletic and plays competitive soccer so carbs have been a necessity in her diet. I hope that someone else will chime in here regarding the test results. I'd just like to know if she's having an immune response because her diet is soooo full of gluten, or will she be okay if we limit gluten somewhat and can she still enjoy the occasional pizza and hamburger? Also, I read that a positive IGA can be high due to a wheat allergy and other things, but I haven't found out what those other things might be. Anyone?
  4. This is my first post, and I'm hoping someone can clarify my daughter's results as I am thoroughly confused after reading all the different opinions on various websites regarding celiac testing. My daughter is 15 and while at the doctor this week, I asked him to run a celiac panel on her as my own IGA results came back highly elevated, although my IGG was normal. We were in there to check for mono, and sure enough, her monospot test came back positive, and he gave me the results of her celiac panel: IGA: 114 (Range 0-19) IGG: 4 (Range 0-19) tTG: 8 (Range 0-19) She doesn't really have any symptoms of celiac disease other than an occasional skin rash (eczema), and her diet is really poor as she only eats carbs, protein and dairy - no fruit or vegetables. Obviously, we both have an immune response to gluten, but what exactly do these results mean? I read where a positive IGA is a poor indicator for Celiac and her doctor just said we may want to follow up with a GI doc. Limiting gluten containing foods isn't a problem for myself, but she's freaking out!
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