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  1. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    after a couple years, i am miserable and cannot figure out what is bothering me. i feel like im worse than before i began...
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    yall beautiful. just wanted to say thanks Carla
  4. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    sherry, could you tell me how long you been on the SCD diet and how long you been treating the Lyme and how long have...
  5. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    you know i have looked at all these special diets and none really work for me since i can hardly digest anything. i have...
  6. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    everyone, thanks for the advisions.... i want to take a probiotic to help but i thought they all had dairy i mean...
  7. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    Sherry, i have read that herx term before what is this exactly? i think that describes it best my intestines are...
  8. scotty

    The Lyme Disease Thread

    ok i have not been here awhile but i am on antibiotics now and have a Lyme Doctor (finally). my bladder and kidneys...
  9. maybe you could bet him or something...make it fun. i mean make him try the diet for two weeks to a month saying 'you...
  10. scotty

    Whats Your Favorit Band?

    'Themorningafterbendsreflected,AndIcanhardlystand,Thewaythiswholethingmakesmeseem.' ...
  11. scotty


    "When your bowels are always acting weird I suppose it becomes normal in a way." SO TRUE SO SO TRUE "I am willing...
  12. scotty

    Food Obsession Anyone?

    peanut butter--a whole jar and i barely, finally taste the last gob leaving me wanting so much more as it reels through...
  13. start eating fruits veggies and meats. find your foods. you will get better. you come to the right place. the best test...
  14. watch out for soy and watch out for Rice Dream brand....
  15. well you know what they say.....'hope in one hand and.....' lets just say there is a 'handful' of us that fall into...