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  1. after a couple years, i am miserable and cannot figure out what is bothering me. i feel like im worse than before i began treatment. it could be the antibiotic...and dr suggested i could try taking them through a shot once a week (thus to avoid my digestive system, which creates problems with most abx that I have tried)......... i was wondering if this is common: that the ~only~ antibiotic that works actually stops working? thanks in advance, Scotty
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. yall beautiful. just wanted to say thanks Carla
  4. sherry, could you tell me how long you been on the SCD diet and how long you been treating the Lyme and how long have you been sick. for the most part i wonder sometimes since my problems have been around so long how much of a chance i stand. you know what kind of irreversible damage has been done. alot of folks i have come across have all of a sudden starting getting sick so to speak; but i have been there my whole life. somebody has to get this out. i mean really out there......if one of us meets Obama please ask him what his plan for Lyme patients is; that would have been my question on one of them debates. this should recognized sooner, treated before it mutates thanks Scotty
  5. you know i have looked at all these special diets and none really work for me since i can hardly digest anything. i have been through the elminations and narrowed myself down to certain things that are tolerable and i can make it through my days with. so thats what i am eating now. i wish i could get more of a variety in though. i am not sure what to eat at times. i just want something wihtout any consequences or suffering. i can only imagine what that must be like. i had a 3 day urine test sent to igenex so i can't wait to see the results. thanks for the replies too, i can hang in there now; and knowing i can leave the site for awhile then return with the world falling apart to only hear thats normal is really great to have
  6. everyone, thanks for the advisions.... i want to take a probiotic to help but i thought they all had dairy i mean aren't probiotics pretty mad from milk? i will have to try to find some dairy free ones and i checked the site for the yogurt recipe and was a little overwhelmed here at first. i am not much of a cook, but i do follow directions well. dod i use goat's milk is that my understanding. i will have to take a better look. does the magnesium help against this is that why you take it?
  7. Sherry, i have read that herx term before what is this exactly? i think that describes it best my intestines are hsutting down nothing goes in (my bloodstream and to me) and nothing seems to come out. for me though i get terrible urges to urinate. all in all, i think it was turkey, which i could get away with every now and then when i was not taking abx, but now is a real disaster. which leads to me wonder what i should eat next. cuz i can't eat anything (i mean anything; whether it be carbs or veggies or most meat!!) without some consequences and i can feel a yeast overtaking beginning to happen. now the doctors office said to eat some yogurt everyday or Acidophilus, but 'dairy' makes me cramp; really does not help here. what else could i do to keep the yeast at bay. whats SCD? Scotty
  8. ok i have not been here awhile but i am on antibiotics now and have a Lyme Doctor (finally). my bladder and kidneys are getting hard and i feel as though i have to pee all the time. its been a week. and its hard to tell but should i have a feeling they are helping yet. should i stop taking them (of course i need to contact the doctor on this as well)? but i am getting the feeling i am not on the right track. i am not feeling any nausea or diarrhea, more or less constipation or like nothign is in there i still keep peeing every minute in sensation..........can't seem to form thoughts to describe it either.........i hope its just a bad day, but the antibiotics felt good slightly, very subtlely at first; and like everything else i have done the toll heads in on my bladder, accumulates, my anus gets hard my head gets light and dizzy i just know. i will be up in the night several times here before too long. the more i drink the worse it will get cuz the more i will pee.
  9. maybe you could bet him or something...make it fun. i mean make him try the diet for two weeks to a month saying 'you can always go back to eating the other way. c'mon it is two weeks not the rest of your life and if it does not help you get this...' (make sure if he loses it is simple though. i mean totally give him an edge, a better deal in the end). i know it is pretty serious but have him look at things this way--what else has worked? nothing. so it is really nothing as well. and when he notices the difference in himself upon trying to return i think he will understand. you never know the miniscule biological changes until you have a wound heal for yourself.
  10. 'Themorningafterbendsreflected,AndIcanhardlystand,Thewaythiswholethingmakesmeseem.' --HUM
  11. "When your bowels are always acting weird I suppose it becomes normal in a way." SO TRUE SO SO TRUE "I am willing to eat a bowl of plain rice a day if that's what it takes to feel normal." i tried the rice diet for almost two years and became so utterly pale my lips were pasting. grant it i was still eating gluten in my bread, but for two years it was gobs of rice, tuna, bananas and mushrooms since they were the only things not giving me D or pain. now it is cod and cauliflower. not fish! Cod. not cauliflower...Calorganic brand cauliflower only. otherwise i have a vague feeling for two days or so. spots, loss of motor controls, etc. as far as trying the rice diet again now that i know about gluten...the Candida makes me reconsider. whenever i eat any kind of carbs or grains my circulation corrodes and i get cold and the flu infests me like an achy web of cobwebs in-throughout my tremoring nervous system; stems from my digestive track, the attachments are crazy how my gut winces at some pinch then my calf cramps or swells, my elbow gets soar. i can't get my feet warm on a moderate day........---underlying issues is the theme round here---
  12. peanut butter--a whole jar and i barely, finally taste the last gob leaving me wanting so much more as it reels through ripping its way out, and i say to myself 'thisisincrediblestarvinginsatiable...thisisthelastime'
  13. start eating fruits veggies and meats. find your foods. you will get better. you come to the right place. the best test results is how the diet change makes you feel. cross your fingers on that soy and the corn and the...welcome
  14. watch out for soy and watch out for Rice Dream brand....
  15. well you know what they say.....'hope in one hand and.....' lets just say there is a 'handful' of us that fall into the regular Celiac category....stick with it
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