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    Leaky Faucet

    ok now your just scaring me. haha. i don't want any more problems. not sure what it could be but i know whenever i eat somethings that are "hard" to digest i'll say like stuff with vitamins i'll say cuz i don't eat much of anything having been widdled down to JUST white rice in an IBS thought...seems whenever foods contained alot of vitamins (or like nuts or seeds, um fruit fresh fruit) on the label there my symptoms increased. like the other week when i frist started and thought i was cured. i had a good sized meal with soy milk labeled gluten free which filled me up for about 20 minutes i'll say then i could feel it just begin to run through; instead of fueling like i should go mow the lawn because, yes, i am a male...i can feel it in my bowels or somewhere like i have a hole or something, it won't go to my body; i urinated every hour until morning; just sits on or in or as my bladder; wish i could explain it better heck maybe then my doctor would be more concerned, but like i said i got so many problems!!...so i stick to bland and light or elementless foods for now--with the gluten free showing positive turn around. thanks again
  2. scotty

    Leaky Faucet

    ok thanks that helps and is reassuring in so many ways i guess. certainly thanks from you. but does the problem subside, go away. should i have my kidneys tested? i know i need to work with a doctor but i am in-between (if you will) doctors; considering the last (and only) GI never even mentioned the possibility of celiac, gluten intolerance, let alone if i know checked for it in my endoscopy...any more insight would be great!!