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  1. are they related to celiac disease? Anyone have them? Let me explain. I was reading a post below where someone was talking about blisters and the purple marks they leave after. I get these. I never understood why. I get them on my abdomen mostly. They are painful, sometimes they have puss other times not, they take forever to heal and always leave a purple mark. Eventually they do go away but it takes months. Sorry for asking about all of these things but I am just getting lightbulbs going off in my head with the things you all are going through that I am experiencing too that baffle me. Thanks to all of you who responded to my initial post! I appreciate it! Please tell me though...those "things", are they related to the celiac disease or just some strange thing I have? Thanks! Jen See picture here: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v20/jk3in2003/skin.jpg
  2. that led me here! Hi! I'm brand new, I do not know if I have celiac disease or not, and i don't even know if I am posting in the correct forum but here goes! I am 33 years old and for about 10 years now, not every time but just about, I show as anemic on blood tests. Never really thought anything of it. 4 or 5 years ago, I try to donate plasma, only to be told I cannot because my liver enzymes are elevated. I've had numerous blood tests over the last several years and most of them show elevated liver enzymes. Doctor sends blood off for more tests (the usual, hepatitis and so on), all normal. He doesn't seem concerned, not even after 4 years. I start seeing his PA (because he was booked) about weight loss (needing to lose it), a mysteriously fractured foot (nothing unusual, just riding a bike and it fractured) and so on, and after a hernia surgery PA becomes concerned that my liver function tests show elevated enzmyes. Again, I think nothing of it because I had asked the other doctor why that occurs, and he tells me that "sometimes it just does". PA sends me to the lab for a repeated blood test a month ago (and a month after the last) and the results are the same (though I do not know how elevated). He's concerned enough to send me to a GI on the 16th of this month. I was doing research about this, because i want to know what it is, and I ran across a lot of information about celiac disease. I'm a little shocked because I do have symptoms that grab my attention. I have had strange sores on the top of my head for the longest time: I had them as a kid but they went away and then returned 4 or 5 years ago after the birth of one of my sons (don't remember which, lol, but they are 4 and 5 years old). As a baby, I had eczema. I still get it on occassion but not as bad. My sister has elevated liver enzymes but was never sent to a specialist for it. My mother and sister both have IBS and while I was never diadnosed as having it, I think I do too. And now...the crazy part. Both of my sons are autistic. My older is high functioning, my younger is mild and only now beginning to echo words. Both have bad eczema. Their doctor always sent them off to the dermatologist and they have medication for that but I always wondered if dairy and wheat played a part in their skin problems. The older I get, the more i cannot tolerate dairy myself. Who knows...perhaps I am reading more into this than I need to, but it is a strange series of events. Do I mention all of this to the GI, including my son's problems? A lot of people seem to agree that leaky gut and autism are related, and I am not so sure I don't believe that, you know? I bet it does play a role (kids father has autism too, so it's not totally that). Anyway, thanks for reading this and any information or suggestions you can give I'd be greatful for. In case it matters either, I am over weight, and only became overweight while i was pregnant with my first child. I used to be very thin and nothing really seems to work in taking the weight off. Thanks! Jen
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