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  1. My little celiac 4 year old starts school next week and I was wondering if I should be worried about gluten in her school supplies like glue or other things I haven't thought of....... I know she isn't going to eat the stuff but it could be on her hands still at snack time. I won't be there to make sure she washes her hands properly. Anyone have problems with certain types of supplies I should avoid? Or recommend brands I should definitely buy? I get the supply list from the teacher today so it would be nice to know before I head out shopping tomorrow. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. My little one doesn't have the pox yet but we were visiting someone who broke out the day after we visited so I'm on chicken pox watch and would like some answers before they show up if that's possible. From what I read I will need fever reducer, antihistamine and calomine lotion? Does anyone know for a fact any products that are gluten free for this? I called a few numbers I had for fever reducers and antihistamines I had at home already for my other child but these companies couldn't give a proper answer. The pharmasist said I had to call the numbers on the boxes to find out. I don't want to have to call every company at the drug store if I can avoid it. Can someone give me some advice here? Thanks!
  3. We're thinking of going to Cedar Point and I was wondering if anyone here has gone there with a celiac child. I usually carry snacks with me anyway for her but for a whole day there it would be nice if she could eat something at the park. Does anyone know for a fact that there are some good gluten-free options in the park itself? Thanks for any help available. I know it's a long shot but it doesn't hurt to ask.......
  4. Well, I finally got my perfect answer and I thought I'd add it here for anyone else like me who might have been wondering the same thing. A CCA member from a chapter in a different city than mine suggested Piller's meats so I e-mailed the company myself. On their website they have a wonderful link with the FAQs for a list of meats that are wheat and gluten free. In fact, they cover many other allergens as well so if you have celiac or other food allergies it's definitely worth a look. Now if only all food companies could be this helpful. Hopefully it will be something that catches on...... the website is http://www.pillers.com/pillers-allergy-info.php and you can even print it up from the site and find out which stores carry their products and everything. Just thought I'd spread this great discovery. Thanks for reading and replying.
  5. Thanks! Will definitely check that out!
  6. I wanted to purchase this book but the bookstore doesn't carry it yet. I can order it but I'd like to see it before I order it. I even checked the public library but still no luck there. I wouldn't want to buy it if it wasn't any good. Has anyone here read this book and is it worth ordering? Are their maybe other books you'd recommend instead? I did read the "Gluten-Free Kid" from the library which was really great from a basic point of view. Thanks for any advise!
  7. Thank you so much Karen (and anyone else who's replied)! You have no idea how much you have helped me. Not just with the information but with morale. I was beginning to feel alone in my search until I joined this site. Thanks a bunch!!!!!
  8. Thanks a lot! You can never get too much info......... I just discovered Chapman's ice cream yesterday which labels as gluten free. Got this advice from another message board and thought I'd pass this information on here for anyone who's reading. Thanks again for your reply!!!!! It's nice to see I'm not alone in the world. What kind of reaction should I be looking for with play doh or lotions, shampoos etc..... I'm guessing rashes? I have put away all the play doh but I can't control everything she'll be doing at school when she starts in September so I'd like to know what to look for. So far her only symptoms are vomitting and small size. It took her three years to start vomitting though so I think it will be hard for me to tell how sucessful we are in keeping her gluten-free. All I can do is my best and hope it works. I guess if she stops throwing up and starts to grow that's all I can ask for. Sorry, I like to think "out loud".............
  9. Hello, I'm new to this group and to this "disease". I just found out in December my 3 year old has celiac and no one else in my family has it that we know of so far. I'm looking for a support group but from what I can figure out so far the CCA (Canadian Celiac Association) has no chapter in my city. Does anyone here know about this program and if it's even worth my while to pay to join? I e-mailed them myself already but no reply yet (a few weeks ago). Just looking for any useful information or advise I can find out there. Hopefully I can find helpful support here. This is my first post so time will tell I guess. Thanks to anyone who can help.......... What I'm looking for is a place I can ask experienced celiac's what they eat or can't eat mostly. I wish I had the problem instead of my 3 year old who can't really tell me how she's feeling but no such luck. We didn't even know she was sick until she started throwing up weekly past her third birthday. She never complained about pain or anything. My first concern is meat. How can you control cross contamination if they cut gluten containing meat with the same equipment as gluten free meat? How do you know who to trust? I know Schneider's meat lists all their meat as may contain traces of wheat but other companies don't mention anything. Ziggy's meat admitted to me there could be traces in their meats although it's not labelled. I called Maple Leaf as well but they can't give me a straight answer it seems. They mentioned having to list if contains the "top 8 allergens" but from what I understand this list contains wheat and not gluten in general. I'm getting very frustrated as you can probably tell. I guess this post is starting to get a little loaded. I have sooooooooo many questions I could write all day probably but I'll start with this and see what I get. Thanks for reading and letting me vent a little.
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