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  1. Posterboy, Oh its totally possible that's what the problem was, after 2 weeks of steroids & double my normal allergy meds I am seeing improvement. I am just confused about why I would test negative or >10 for a wheat allergy when I scored the highest possible level before I stopped eating it, not to mention the other things I am allergic to. I don't think I am magically "cured" of all my allergies & its a reputable lab so I want to believe they didn't make a mistake. So what do I do? Go get a skin prick test? Have another lab repeat the blood test? I don't understand how I could have so many false negatives.
  2. Hi all! I tested positive for a severe gluten allergy almost 10 years ago & have been gluten-free since (with the occasional accidental glutening from time to time). I had a weird skin rash (hives, dry skin, burning, etc.) come up about 3 weeks ago & my doctor said it was a histamine reaction. Did a blood test for a few major allergies (wheat being one of them) & the results came back showing me either negative or >10 for everything they tested for! I am so confused! I did take some Benadryl roughly 36 hours before the test to help with the rash, but my doctor assured me it had been long enough to not influence the test. I mean, literally nothing came back! No ragweed, no pollen, no gluten, no pet dander, no shrimp, NOTHING! Is it possible to have a false negative when you haven't had exposure to the allergen for a prolonged period of time? Has this ever happened to anyone? I am at a loss for what to think.
  3. Hi Sella, I know you said you had your thyroid checked but have you had a full blood panel done? While I don't have Celiac (well, I haven't been tested for it), I do have a severe gluten allergy (IgE) as well as gluten sensitivity (IgA). When I started my gluten-free diet, I did experience pretty serious hair loss that I still struggle with today almost 10 years later. Turns out, the hair loss is a symptom of my PCOS (which is what triggered my gluten issues according to my doctors), not the gluten-free diet or gluten in general. In my efforts to get healthier I replaced old symptoms with new ones. Try talking to your doctor about the hair loss & see if there is anything else going on that could be behind it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! If anyone else has any more, please let me know. Jess
  5. Hi ya'll! I will be vacationing for a week in July in the Destin/Ft. Walton/Miramar Beach area. Our condo has a kitchen in it thank God but we will be eating out on the beach & boardwalk alot. If you know of any safe suggestions please let me know! Otherwise I am going to be eating nothing but steamed crab legs & mussels! Thank you! Jess
  6. I am going to be in the Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area in July & desperately need restaurant suggestions! Otherwise I will be drinking wine & eating crab all week!!!!! Any links or information would be helpful!.
  7. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  8. I am constantly eating @ the IHOP here in Dallas after some late nights @ the bar. While I have never had a glutening attack, I also order the same things everytime. I only get fresh egg omelets or the breakfast sampler with absolutely no pancakes. I wish that could eat other items & sometimes want to chance it but I don't. It is wonderful that more & more restaurants are educated & accommodating to those of us with food sensitivities but it is definitely not the norm or a requirement. To be completely honest unless a place has a gluten-free menu I mostly don't even mention it to the wait person. I am just very careful & precise about my order & say it as nicely as possible. That usually gets me what I want & if not b/c I was so nice they are more than happy to fix something that is wrong when I finally bring up my gluten allergy. I like how it was put earlier, Eating out is a privilege not a right for me. This is so true & a fact it took me forever to come to terms with this! No restaurant employee (unless I know them personally) is going to give a crap about my special needs & I shouldn't expect them too. Alot of this next part comes from the fact I am young so I still have many friends in the industry, but take the advice that was given to me... Kindness goes a looooong way. Be specific & nice when you order. And if they go above & beyond, PLEASE tip good! A terrible first experience with a person with allergies can ruin the wait person's opinion of all of us & they are waaaaay less likely to help future customers with the problem!!! Sorry for the rant just thought I would pass on my 2 cents...
  9. Sorry this is such a late response but I didn't see this post! I go to Fox n Hound like twice a week but the only thing I eat there is the cheese fries. They are definitely gluten-free as I have never gotten sick from them as is the ranch dressing. They are really good too! Well, at least the ones around Dallas are. They also have Tito's Vodka & during the week it is counted as well vodka! Hope this helps a little....
  10. Ok, so here are my previous test results. Comment away! Cortisol (Free) - 24.2 (4.0-50.0) Urine Creatine- 0.92 (0.63-2.50) Testosterone (Free) - 1.3 (0.1-6.4) Testosterone (Total) - 23 (2-45) DHEA- 147 (45-320) Progesterone level was a 32 in a range of 30-100 FSH- <0.7 LH- <0.2 TSH- 1.80 (0.40-5.50) T-4 (Free) - 1.1 (0.8-1.8) Like I said before I am 24 if my age is @ all important. Also these tests are from this time last year when I had only been off of BC for about 3 months. I have seen a huge increase in the severity of my symptoms since that time so I am wondering if the BC was still in my system @ the time of this test.
  11. Ok, so I am still having problems with my thyroid & have yet to find a doctor willing to do anything about it. According to them it is not enough that I lose a handful of hair 2x a day, am constantly tired & cold, have terrible skin, insanely high cholesterol levels, & have extra body hair creeping up everyday. Somehow they find it
  12. I am not too sure about the celiac aspect but I as far as wheat allergies go, you should have a blood allergy test. I do not test positive for wheat on the skin test however I test VERY positive for it on the blood test. I also suffer from severe hives every so often when I have been glutened. You really should have another allergy test!
  13. Mitch, You should really go see an allergist. When I found out about my wheat allergy there was a list of other things I was allergic to also but never got a reaction from. Now that I am gluten free I have noticed I get a reaction from these things that I did not before. My allergist describes it as you body can only fight back so had so it fights the hardest against the things that will really hurt you. If the wheat it what hurts you the most & you have eliminated it from your diet, your body has the chance to focus on your other allergies. It may seem like a bum deal (or @ least I thought it was) that you have acquired these "new" allergies but really you had them the whole time. You body is just now healthy enough to fight back. On the allergist topic, make sure they give you a blood allergy test & a skin test. A skin test will not always tell you what digestive allergies you have. I hope this helped a bit!
  14. Loraleena... Here is what I found in an old post. I know there is more than this but I don't know where the paperwork is! Cortisol (Free) - 24.2 (4.0-50.0) Urine Creatine- 0.92 (0.63-2.50) Testosterone (Free) - 1.3 (0.1-6.4) Testosterone (Total) - 23 (2-45) DHEA- 147 (45-320) Progesterone level was a 32 in a range of 30-100 FSH- <0.7 LH- <0.2 TSH- 1.80 (0.40-5.50) T-4 (Free) - 1.1 (0.8-1.8) I am 24 if my age is @ all important.
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