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  1. All, It is so difficult for a celiac to live in the USA!! I come from Australia, and there the labeling laws mean that you know INSTANTLY if a product contains gluten. They can't just say "natural flavorings" or "dextrose", they have to label what the ingredient is derived from. Therefore, if a label does not say the words "wheat", "oats", "rye", "barley", "malt" or "gluten", you can be 100% positive that the item is gluten free. No more looking up products online, no more calls to the manufacturers, no more uncertainty - like being normal. Ahh I miss it! Even with the new laws here, from my understanding, it seems that only wheat will be labeled. That is no good whatsoever if the other gluten sources are not labeled. Best of luck over here! Sarah.
  2. I notice that someone asked about wheat glucose syrup? I am biopsy doagnosed Australian celiac (now living in the US) and my specialist in Australia is well recognized internationally. According to her, as well as the Australian Celiac Society and the Australian version of the FDA, wheat glucose syrup is one of the only wheat-derived products that is safe for celiacs. This is because it is so highly processed that there is no longer any gluten present. Wheat starch, however, is not safe. I eat various candies in Australia that contain wheat glucose syrup and have never had a reaction, however drinking an iced-tea by accident that contained wheat starch caused me a great deal of distress. This seems to back up my specialist's views.
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