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  1. I wanted to reply to this post because for years I have been going back and forth about the whole gluten thing. First of all, I have been constipated for nearly all my life and it was detrimental for me as a child because I never felt like I was like everyone else. Things started to change at age 25 when I had my son. There were periods of time when I would eat and I would be so sick and nauseous that all I could do was rock back and forth to try and eliminate it. I finally headed off to the GI specialist where he told me I had IBS. I was always a very thin person up until I had my kids and now I am so much heavier and miserable. This brought me to try the South Beach Diet where I eliminated all carbs for 2 weeks. I felt really great up until I started adding in "healthy carbs." Immediately after eating a healthy bagel did I realize it wasn't going down so well. I did at one point get tested for celiac but was avoiding it and it came back negative. Overall, I have avoided gluten because it makes me feel so much better but every now and then I will fall off and eat gluten. You think I would learn by now but no. As of right now, I am going through terrible irritability and can't even stand myself and my throat and ear hurts. I can't wait until this is over. Also when I eat it, especially at night, I will wake up with the sorest tender stomach and I can't even touch it. My medical history also includes endometriosis (hysterectomy at 31) and thyroid nodules. I am wondering if anyone else suffers from severe PMS when on gluten. My daughter has really bad PMS also where she is paranoid, moody and it really affects her.
  2. Hi Jams. I live in Hartland, Wisconsin (really close to you). There is a really good gluten-free bakery in hartland right off of highway 16. It is called Molly's Bakery. It is located on JK in that red barn that also has a wine store in it. The Good Harvest food store in Pewaukee on Silvernail Rd. also has a ton of gluten-free items and sells Grandma Ferdon's products.
  3. No but did you buy them in bulk? They may have been cross-contaminated by other grains that also come bulk. Do they contain sulfites?
  4. I am just curious if anyone finds when they do eat gluten if they become irritable and crabby. And also, once you eat something containing gluten do you seem to crave it and want more. Sometimes after eating a meal or what not, my son seems to have stomach issues. He also tends to be crabby sometimes and loves carbs. I am just curious if he may be sensitive.
  5. I truly understand your frustration. I have not clinically been diagnosed with Celiac but feel most of my symptoms are consistent with it. I too have constipation and have trouble losing weight. I also get "acid reflux symptoms", diagnosed with "IBS", sometimes get little bumps on the inside of my cheeks, had eczema forever, irritability, tingling in extremities. There was also a time when I was cooking a dumpling for my family that consisted of flour and began to have a sore throat because of the spores of gluten that were in the air. There are times that if I eat gluten, the next morning I will be so bloated that I cannot even touch my stomach. Many times eating out at restaurants causing nausea on the way home. Truly I believe I live in a carb lover's @#**. There was a time I did get blood work done for a diagnosis but at the time I was avoiding gluten so it came back negative. I have not done any further testing and I guess probably should. I wish you the best of luck and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
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