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  1. I love my Bosch. I don't think I could do without it. My mom has had a Bosch for as long as I can remember and she is the bread "Queen". Since I'm new to celiac I haven't taken the time to experiment with gluten free bread. But I can't see why it wouldn't work. I use my Bosch for mixing, chopping, blending, food processor, everything. Absolutely love it!
  2. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I have been gluten free with the exception of oats for about 5 weeks. I have seen HUGE improvement in DS. He has never had wheat with the exception of one time. (small amt of homemade wheat bread). This week DS has taken 2-3 hr naps everyday and he is only getting up once at night during a 12 hr time frame. And the remarkable thing is I nurse him and he goes right back to sleep. None of this awake for hours stuff. Woo hoo I can relate to you PacerNYC with not suspecting gluten. I had suspected dairy and I've been off dairy for quite some time but had someone told me 6 months ago to go off wheat I probably would have laughed in there face. And the amazing thing to me is how what I eat affects how my son sleeps. Who would have guessed that? Thanks for the heads up on vaccines. I had been pondering refusing his vaccines for awhile until his sleeping had settled down. I can't correlate his sleep with vaccines since he was messed up from birth. QUESTION? Is celiac and gluten intolerance and wheat sensitivities all the same thing? Or do people just use those terms interchangably as referring to someone who is sensitive to wheat and gluten in varying degrees?
  3. Yes Jenny your son's sleep habits sound just like my son's. He wakes up in the night and is awake for hours!!!! We've tried everything to try to get him back to sleep. I've just started reading about the above symptoms. I know he's never had diarrhea. Constipation? maybe on a rare occasion. Definately appetite issues in that some days he eats tons of solids and sometimes he just wants to nurse lots. Hard to tell at this point since I don't know how much breastmilk he's getting and then with frequent growth spurts who knows... I'm not sure what a distended tummy would look like. Yes he's got a little round tummy but most kids tummy's seem to stick out don't they? I've alot to learn. Thanks for your help and input.
  4. Hi I'm new to this forum. TIA for your help. Sorry for the length of this post. I have an 11 month boy who I've determined has an intolerance to dairy and wheat. Here's some background info... *Exculsively breastfed *Extreme collicky for the first 3-4 months. Cried almost 24 hrs a day. *Primary symptom -- the INABILITY TO FALL ASLEEP. Has never slept well day or night from the beginning. At the worst aprox 8 mo old he was waking every 1-2 hrs all night and I would be lucky if I could get one 1hr nap in during the day. No matter what we do rock, walk, drive in the car he will not go to sleep. *Other symptoms would be general fussiness, some gas, restlessness, hard time relaxing. *We would use Gripe Water (made from fennel seed) to help him when we was at his worst. This seemed to help him most of the time. When it would kick in he would melt. *I have been off obvious dairy pretty much from the beginning. At about 8 mo I also went off hidden dairy. At this time we saw some improvement which gave us hope at that time. *At about 9 1/2 mo old I went off all wheat. Almost immediately DS drastically started improving. He is not at 100% by any means but is sleeping much better than he has ever in his life. *I introduced solids at around 7 mo. He was pretty much not interested at all. Eating maybe 1-2 Tbsp of food 1-2 times/day. Within a very short time after I went off wheat he started eating tons of solids. It's like he's starving. I'm still breastfeeding with no intentions of weaning. *DS has been in the 10 - 15% percentile in weight and height all along. To his pediatrician this is not concerning at all. To me I am concerned because his 2 sisters where in the 75% and 100%+ range all the time. Overall DS is healthy, developing well and got his 1st cold when he was 9 mo. *My health has improved and I feel better not having wheat & dairy. I've actually dropped 5 lbs since I omitted wheat. Woohoo. Our family if vegetarian. *There is no obvious known allergies in our family. But the more I'm learning I'm suspecting there may be some that we've never really understood before. I guess what I'm saying is we've never been tested for allergies. MY QUESTIONS!!! 1. Is there anyone out there with wheat intolerance / celiac who has had major sleep issues with there babies? 2. Would you recommend getting DS tested for celiac? 3. With his primary symptom of not sleeping well would this indicate to you allergy or intolerance or celiac? 4. Are there any links or testimonies of sleep related food intolerances? Thanks again for your help. This has been one of the most difficult years in my life. I am so thankful for others who are willing to share there knowledge with others. -Brenda