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  1. I have ate two boxes of the honey nut gluten free without a problem. My reaction is pretty obvious too that is distinctive to gluten. I havent tried the cinnamon yet as we dont eat milk.
  2. Im sorry it looks like your post didnt get pinned, Im going to bump it up so hopefully it gets noticed. Sorry I cant help with your question but hopefully someone else can
  3. No unfortunately its not. Triticale, spelt, kamut, durum, semolina, bulgur and then of course wheat, oats (unless gluten free), barley and rye. sorry
  4. It's my treat for certain times but its addicting. If I have one I want the whole 4 pack
  5. I can imagine anything can have gluten in it since I have seen lemonade with gluten in it. I know a&w root beer and virgil's root beer are gluten free. Virgils is my favorite and blows regular root beer away but its very pricey.
  6. Frankly I love walmart its so nice to have gluten free on their great value products so I dont have to buy it and then call and find out it has gluten and I can't eat it and Im out the money for it. I would shop at other stores if they took the initiative that walmart has regarding gluten free labeling...