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  1. Belinda Meeker

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    Thank U !
  2. Belinda Meeker

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    Thanks a Mil
  3. Belinda Meeker

    Comment Left

    Wht do I have to do to approve a comment left for me ? I foget in my old age of 46 as of today lol thanks a mil...
  4. Belinda Meeker

    Rash Getting Worse?

    Gluten Tag, I have DH also and mine started to go away within the first week of being gluten-free maybe u r missing...
  5. Belinda Meeker

    Gluten Digestive Enzymes

    Why would they of told you to take her off before they did any testing is crazy then make her go back No way would...
  6. Linda, Welcome aboard..... If you are the "MIAN COOK" do what I did if he wants to eat that no good food then...
  7. Belinda Meeker

    Toddler Snacks?

    I saw where one posted *cocoa pebbles & fruity pebbles* sorry folks they r not safe Malt is in there and malt is...
  8. Belinda Meeker

    Celiac With A Pregnant Non Celiac Wife

    Matt I was told enstead of my niece eating tons of crackers to try ginger teas and such for the nausea I'm with Stacy...
  9. Belinda Meeker

    Shampoos, Body Wash

    Marsha, I just purchased a cheap kids shampoo from wal mart and it seems to be safe so far we haven't had any reaction...
  10. Belinda Meeker

    Yummy Pizza Toppings

    my son's fav is BBQ chicken I make it as follows: Crust: 2 cups brown rice flour 1/4 cup powder'd milk 1 cup parmesan...
  11. Ok now I have a huge ? how r they when they too contain Alcohol I also have been searching for good hair care and...
  12. Belinda Meeker

    Is Anything Safe At Mcdonalds?

    Hey All.... Just a lil of my own experament with Mc'D's I hadn't cheated in any way and have been super careful not...
  13. Belinda Meeker

    Celiac With A Pregnant Non Celiac Wife

    Hey Matt, Gratz on the new Arrival I found this for my new D-in-law for when she becomes expecting for the genetic...
  14. Belinda Meeker

    Do I Confront The Pediatrician With Our Discovery?

    Christina, Well Gratz on finding out the problem With most doc's they have no clue to this gluten-free world so if...