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  1. Since going gluten-free, my DH seems to be getting worse rather than better. Normal?

    Gluten Tag,

    I have DH also and mine started to go away within the first week of being gluten-free maybe u r missing something and r not 100% gluten-free?

    Maybe ur cookware or utensil's and also......

    Check ur hair care or deoderant, toothpaste or any lotions or face cosmetics, hair spray and so on cuz when I'm 100% gluten-free my DH is completely gone unless I get Glutened !

    Good Luck!

    God Bless


  2. Why would they of told you to take her off before they did any testing is crazy then make her go back :(

    No way would I go back not worth to have it just on paper if she is doing well and you already have her gluten free keep her there.

    If you haven't started the pills won't do that much good due to her consuming gluten there are for like being gluten free and eating at Grandma's and maybe she has not made her kitchen completely safe but cooked gluten-free then the pills would help, but far as taking the pills and eating whatever don't mix my son tried it when they first hit the market and tried taking 2 and eating bread like the health food store told him but he was reallly sick .so not sure if it is worth the 20-30 dollars a bottle to just try to find out. It is more for being gluten-free but someone being around with gluten foods then it helps you not to get any gluten in your system.

    Not sure if they would do the same effect putting them in something so ask your health food store for more info they could prolly answer the effect.

    I hope this helps and good luck!


  3. Linda,

    Welcome aboard.....

    If you are the "MIAN COOK" do what I did if he wants to eat that no good food then he can eat out!

    Other wise for soy sauce he can still have it just get the Great Value one at Wal Mart there is no differance, except safe for you if you are not soy sensative.

    Like alot have already posted the flours are the biggest problem so switch them to brown rice is the best for baking like pizza's, muffins and so on as far as thickning for gravy I use Tapioca flour or corn startch.

    And if he has just eaten some gluten traced foods make sure he brushes his teeth and washes his face before you kiss him!

    If he converted over slowly he wouldn't even miss his old yucky foods lol my hubby couldn't even tell his pasta was dif lol

    If you don't tell them they have no clue !

    Except for bread there is no comparision found yet, but if he eats it he makes it.

    Good Luck with all and keep us posted / if you need some recp's I have some good ones too he won't be able to even tell!

    God Bless


  4. I saw where one posted *cocoa pebbles & fruity pebbles* sorry folks they r not safe :(

    Malt is in there and malt is a no no for Celiac's also if I'm not mistaken in the fruity pebbles there is a ingredient my son found that was on his list when he was 12 lol that I missed (he is 19 now)

    The only cereal safe in reg grocery stores is Rice checks as mentioned!

    Even tho they say rice is safe the rice crispy cereal contains malt and most cereal's do unless U get the saw dust tasting ones from the health food store! Except for the peanut butter ball one my hubby says is great without milk .

    As far as finger foods my son ate corn chips, gluten-free chetoes (great value at wal mart), gluten-free pretzels,

    animal cookies, He is allergic to alot of fruit's, veggies, & nuts, so we couldn't go there but he did do bananna's dipped in gluten-free chocolate on a stick and then freeze and slice was a big treat he likes, also we made pretzels covered in white chocolate he always helped and made it fun for him to eat later.

    I make puppy chow just out of the rice chex and gluten-free peanut buter and the rest of ingrd's r gluten-free as well noone could tell the dif. peanut buter fudge squares is another .

    I'm not sure ,but if anyone is as sensative as my son he react's to the "Gluten free Pantry produts that say can contain traces of soy " bread and cupcakes were a disater for him he was sick for days due to I made both in the same day :(

    If you are ever in doubt always read your labels my motto is if it doesn't say gluten-free and no traces of any of the bad stuff I purchase that one!

    I have some great recp's I have converted over just not mastered a great bread yet, so if interested let me know. (pizza-mufffins-corn dogs-pumpkin roll-fudge-to name a few)

    Good Luck!

    God Bless


  5. Thanks for all the replies! :) Belinda, Thanks for the article! I actually had this very conversation with my wife before she went into work tonight (concerning breast feeding). It is always great to read new things out there and see the research behind the concerns we have.

    Stacie thanks also for your post! Thanks for the advice and I appreciate your honesty. So do you think that avoidance is the best policy untill we KNOW that the baby has it or not? That seems to make sense to me. That's really my concern, like you mentioned, with the developmental issues. I went to high school with a guy who was born with it. He had many complications at birth and spent a while in the hospital before he could go home. Also he faced complication with growth and mal nutrition (it didnt stop him from taking his own gluten-free alcohal to parties but that's another story :P )

    My wife is also living off the crackers, like you mentioned. She loves them and I know they help with any stomach discomfort. I can honestly say I havent been this nervous since my own diagnosis. Its like having flashbacks :o Its a hard feeling to care so much for this child and want to give all your love to them when they arrive but also know that you could pass on the celiac disease. Not that celiac disease is a life sentence or a horrible thing but I know initially i thought it was. I hope that makes sense!


    Matt I was told enstead of my niece eating tons of crackers to try ginger teas and such for the nausea ;) I'm with Stacy all the way if I knew then wht I know now NOW WAY would I of ever ate gluten or it's hidden friends :(

    Good Luck!


  6. My son has been gluten-free for a month now. We're starting to get the basics down and I'm ready to look into if any more gluten is hiding in our lives.

    Does anyone know if Suave kids 2 in 1 shampoos and/or body washes are safe? I know there are some expensive brands like Burt's Bees that are safe but I really need to stick with something cheap. My son loves to pour everything down the drain--we're really working on that behavior issue but I sure don't want to buy expensive brands until we get that one resolved.



    I just purchased a cheap kids shampoo from wal mart and it seems to be safe so far we haven't had any reaction and we too r very sensative ppl ;)

    It was only $1.88 and they have several smells lol

    "Suave kids 2 in 1 shampoo"

    not sure tho if it is completely safe so u might want to double check with company but I've read all Suave is suppose to be safe <_<

    Good Luck !


  7. my son's fav is BBQ chicken ;)

    I make it as follows:


    2 cups brown rice flour

    1/4 cup powder'd milk

    1 cup parmesan cheese gluten-free (Great Value-Wal Mart)

    1 tsp onion salt

    1 tsp mrs dash salt free

    1 tsp garlic powder

    1 tsp bay leaves

    1 tsp parsely flakes

    1 tsp oregano flakes

    1 tsp sugar (optinl)

    mix this all together in mixing bowl then add wet ingrd's

    Wet Ingrd's:

    1 egg-beaten into water and oil

    1 tblsp olive oil ( I use 2 makes it not so dry)

    1/3 cup water is wht it called for but I have to use more where I live it almost takes another 1/3 cup just add slowly til u can make a sticky free ball and then I devide into 4 balls and place each in seran wrap til I'm ready to make into pizza's,cuz we each like diff toppings ;)

    BBQ Chicken:

    6 chciken tenders cooked in butter or marg til golden brown

    add gluten-free ketchup,a lil gluten-free warchester sauce,lil gluten-free soy,lil gluten-free liquid smoke, 2 tblsp brown sugar and simmer til ready to use then place mixture on pizza crust and topwith gluten-free cheese (we use pizza blend Great Value) Bake til Golden brown in 400 preheated oven : ENJOY :D


  8. I got this recipe some time ago. Finely made them night before last. Silly me it was more batter then I had hot dogs. Now I need to know if any one knows this recipe and can tell me if I can freeze the rest of the batter for later use with out harming it. Here is the recipe which is a GREAT one by the way.

    By Belinda Meeker.


    6 cups gluten-free cornmeal

    3 cups gluten-free flour


  9. Hey All....

    Just a lil of my own experament with Mc'D's :(

    I hadn't cheated in any way and have been super careful not to get Gluttened,

    BUT I did try eating at local Mc'D's just a few weeks back and man-o-man they r not safe by no means, even if u r careful wht u order,my son use to work at one and he was passing out cooking the fries and working the grill so go figure <_< Yes he has Celiac Spru!

    So if anyone wants to try it's is your own choice, just be careful I aslo got cross contamination at our local Wendy's safe meanu, so it is by our choice if we ever do eat out again we r staying with the only safe eat joint we have never been glutened and it is Chili's :)

    Good Luck To All!


  10. Hey Matt,

    Gratz on the new Arrival :)

    I found this for my new D-in-law for when she becomes expecting for the genetic history we all have and it seems quite interesting <_<

    Hope it helps and I too wish I'd of had first hand what would happen if I would of nursed my boys longer ;)

    Good Luck!


    Breast-feeding May Protect Against Celiac Disease

    Arch Dis Child 2006;91:39-43.

    Celiac.com 12/08/2005

  11. Hey Gal's I'm looking for gluten-free hair products, I thought mine were and my shampoo's and conditioners r I think,, I use Aussi line but my eyes r still sweeling after I use the hair spay or the scrunching spray :(

    I have hair down to my buttox and usually don't fix it on a daily basis due to medical reasons with my arms.

    But on the days it get's shampooed then sprayed I have the eyes swelling and such.

    I'm allergice to tons of stuff so kinda hard to find any thing that works for me, so if anyone has ideas- would be greatly appr.



  12. Update: I believe now it was the potatoes on the side. I definitely seem to have a nightshade intolerance.

    I too have troubles with the red ones but seem to tolerate the white Idaho's ok, so try them I always thought it was what I cooked them in but I have always used Great Value Oils and They have always been gluten-free just didn't know it til now lol

    So check them out and let me know how u do :)

    Good Luck!


  13. How long does it take for your symptoms to appear if you eat something with gluten in it?

    Hi Joyous,

    Well each person is differant, us it happens right off the bat, but for some it can take a few days.

    I'm not really sure for you and maybe someone else will chime in and know more for you.

    Just hang in there someone will answer you soon, just try to keep an eye on what you eat or are around so you don't get glutened.


  14. I've been gluten free (as far as I know, completely) since 2007-10-29. Not the slightest positive difference since then. Not any.

    Time to give up? <_<

    Oh no don't give up......

    Hubby was still being glutened from a pain killer they had him on, but now since he is 100% gluten free he's so much better and it could take u up o 6 months to get feeling better like he did :(

    I also was having problems with red potatoes <_<

    I had to make a food diary before I found out all what was geting me so maybe u will have to keep one as well.

    I hope you get your answer soon cuz it's no fun at all being sick as this can make you.

    Hang in there!

    Good Luck


  15. Belinda--

    I sent you a reply yesterday--did you get it?

    I think that you would cut the shortening into the dry ingredients, and than add the liquids :)

    Hi jerseyangel

    Thanks so much for this, u and Rikki where the only ones who responded Thanks!

    I made them and the taste was great but they still fell apart like the others I've tried :( it called for only 1/2 cup milk which wasn't near enough so I had to add more )

    But Dyani told me another to try so maybe it will be better.

    We r big taco and fajitia fans so maybe there's one out there yet <_<

    I found a great pizza one that I modifeid and it is great, so if u'd like the recp' let me know. it is simple, taste great and bakes wonderful.

    Thanks again gals!


  16. is it possible to know if you've been glutened by breaking out in hives along a bikini line?

    well I do know u can get them where ever lol

    I'm a hive on hive peson myself and get them daily :(

    I'm also Laytex allergan along with being Celiac :angry:

    I have had them in places unimmaginable to mankind lol

    So if u think it's a reaction to the gluten keep a diary like I had to do to tell what is causing the problem :)

    Good luck !


  17. So I always make Gluten Free Pantry truffle brownies. The last few times, I noticed that they would crumble when we were cutting them. This even happened when they had been cooled completely. So two nights ago I made them and saw on the package where it said to cool in a freezer for best results...This could't have been more wrong.

    I stuck the tray in the freezer, it was only in there 10 minutes. I took them out and the pan was rock hard. When I finally did slice one it crumbled to hard chunky powder flying all over the kitchen. Even letting them warm back up to room temp didn't help.

    Has this happened to anyone else?


    sorry this happened, I too haven't had much luck in the begining with any gluten-free baking til now.

    I use Bob's Red Mill brownie mix and it too is quite expensive $6.95 on sale lol

    I get mine at the health food store and make it just as suggested then put into a greased throw away pan (comes with snap on plastic lid from wal-mart I use the 13x9) I use half the better then melt 1/2 cup carmel bites new from Kraft in the mocro 20 sec each til melted - I save the mixing cup I used to melt my butter in - and immediatley add to spreaded mixture in pan and then add the rest of the batter making sure all carmel is covered, bake accordingly and I don't cut or even do anything til the next day. after I let them cool awhile I put the plasitc lid on the pan and leave alone til next morning then slice into squares of whatever is bettter if company I slice smaller if just us I slice about a 3x3 square. If u made them of a morning u could eat that evening :) I think with them not cooling all the way and putting the lid on makes them moister :)

    Good Luck !

    I live in IL so don't have a high altitude, but with some of these recp's I've been trying posted on the site they call for not enough liquid and I have to always add more, so if they could tell us that it maybe wht is the problem u r having ?


  18. Do you have any other restrictions? I have a bunch, but they are not dairy or nut free. I'll post, as long as there are no other allergens! :D


    (I have quite a few!)

    Hi ya kbabe,

    Vanilla Pudding Powder, Nutella where could I find these? Health food store or regular like Wal-Mart?

    They all sound great I copied and pasted them to my gluten-free recp' book lol

    can't wait to try some of them.

    Only thing is son's allergic to nuts :(

    Maybe I'll take them to family doings and then I have an excuse to make-em so he won't eat-em lol

    Thanks for the posting's :)


  19. From time to time I break out in blisterlike bumps on my fingers (mainly on the joints) and elbows. They are raised, red, hard, and they hurt. Does this sound like DH? or is it something else? :huh:

    Yes it sounds just like mine I use to get while eating gluten :(

    Check and make sure ur not getting Glutened in any way shape or form (like hair products, lotions soaps, tolietries and so on) read labels too some products tend to change and alot that say they don't use gluten have hidden gluten :angry:

    Good Luck!