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  1. Ok, so the more I read on here, the more I see how many tests & such everyone on here has had to confirm their celiac. All I had was a blood test that said I have a Class II allergy to wheat. The doctor told me that I had celiac & sent me on my way with 2 pages basically saying don't eat wheat ever again. :rolleyes: Now, I also don't have near the symptoms that some people on here have but all the bloating, swelling, diahrrea, puffy face, & terrible stomach pain I do have. Is there something else I should be doing to confirm this (test wise)? Or is that all it takes... Also, should I be seeing an GI or an allergist @ all?

    you should see a celiac specialist because they will be able to give you a endoscopy which is when the doctors stick a tude down your throat(when you are asleep) and they take pictures of your intestines, they also take biopsies. at beth isreal hospital in boston massachusetts they have a celiac center for adults and they are really good. i do not go there because i am only 13 i go to Childrens hospital and they have a really great place. i think that the celiac specialists are really talented and they are all really nice so if you can because i don't know where you live, i really recommend these places.