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  1. Eggs, too. We removed eggs, although she will have occasional egg whites. She says it doesn't make a difference. She...
  2. We really are true gluten vigilantes. She is really great about it, too. She just gets way too sick. Many nights of tears...
  3. That's the first thing. And no kissing either. We even had the heart to heart about "are you *really* kissing someone...
  4. Yes. I forgot to mention elimination of soy, too. So, to sum up for those keeping score at home, we have eliminated:...
  5. My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed via biopsy w/ Celiac when she was 9. She has been perfectly compliant with the...
  6. buffettbride

    ? Newborn Celiac Disease

    My story isn't quite as drastic as yours, but my daughter who now has Celiac had many similar symptoms as an infant....
  7. buffettbride

    Sending A Sick Child To School.

    I completely feel your pain. Thankfully my daughter (also 13, 8th grade) does not get glutened as much as your son, but...
  8. buffettbride

    What's The Deal With Post's Fruity Pebbles Cereal?

    My super-sensitive Celiac eats Fruity and/or Cocoa Pebbles with no problems, ever. Probably have about 1 box per month...
  9. buffettbride

    Feeding My Teens

    Costco has individual hummus cups? OMG. Yummmm. MUST find them!!!
  10. buffettbride

    Kraft, Conagra, Unilever

    It only took one incident with barley that we didn't know about in a product to find that it gives my daughter the same...
  11. buffettbride

    Breakfast Out?!

    Breakfast is definitely the easiest. We don't do drive-thru or fast food breakfast, but we've had a bit of luck at places...
  12. buffettbride

    Feeding "normal" People

    I usually feed gluten-eaters bbq chicken (I use boneless/skinless thighs and use Sweet Baby Ray's sauce) with white sushi...
  13. buffettbride

    Quaker Oats

    Also, you might switch things up with Bob's Redmill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal. I add some brown sugar and the kids love...
  14. buffettbride

    Quaker Oats

    Glutenfreeda makes gluten-free instant oatmeal. My Celiac daughter can't tolerate even non-contaminated oats (she'll...