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  1. I originally had it on my face and scalp. (22 years ago) First biopsy with dermatologist came back as folliculitis. Then when I had a new outbreak on my upper back, she was able to remove a nice clean blister and we got the diagnosis of DH. She started me on Dapsone (100mg/day) and gluten free...
  2. I was diagnosed with DH in 1995. I don't remember how long it took to clear up after going gluten-free, I was taking 100 mg Dapsone, now I take 25-50. The only true treatment is being gluten-free. Iodine will not cause a flareup but it can aggravate one. I don't mind continuing the Dapsone...
  3. After 21 years, I still take Dapsone daily. My dermatologist requires blood test annually. Besides being gluten-free, try avoiding iodine. It doesn't cause a flare-up but it can aggravate one. Don't use iodized salt and avoid shellfish.
  4. I was diagnosed with DH 21 years ago. I don't remember exactly how long it took to heal. As the previous poster said, avoid iodine. If you use salt, do not use iodized salt. Avoid shellfish. Make sure you are eating 100% gluten free. Be very careful. Even now, I don't always know what...