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  1. thanks for the quick reply! I think i'm going to use the gluten-free rice cereal i bought and make my friends some rice cripsie treats so i don't have the temptation in my house.
  2. After I eat any processed food (glutino breakfast bars, puffed corn cereal, rice/corn tortillas, etc.) I get either a bad headache or a terrible stomach ache and diarrhea similar to what I used to have when I ate gluten (pre-diagnosis). Does anyone else get these symptoms? Do you eat a diet of just whole foods? I'm guessing i should probably avoid the processed foods, as it is healthier, but I do miss foods with gluten in it and the replacements are pretty tasty. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was in a rush at the supermarket today and I didn't see "oats" in the ingrediants of the luna bars that I bought until I got home. I would give them to the other people that I live with, but none of them like luna bars...I'd feel really bad throwing them out and I don't live in a town where there's a lot of homeless people to give food to, otherwise i'd give them away to the less fortunate. Any ideas? I bought 6 of them.
  4. Hi there! I looove kombucha tea. I don't really find that it helps with weight loss, but it does have a slightly laxative effect (at least for me) therefore decreases some bloat. I've never had it from Yogi, but the brand I like is bottled and raw and is probiotic. Good luck and enjoy your tea!
  5. I also have a wacky thyroid. It wasn't until after I started gaining tons of weight and was diagnosed with hypothyroid that I was tested for celiac disease. Everytime I cheat on the diet I end up gaining 1-5 lbs. About the digestive issue: Even though I'm hypothyroid, I have no problems when it comes to digestion. If i eat something, it will be eliminated from my body in 2-5 hours. I think its because i drink so much fluids and eat a lot of fibrous foods such as apples. *Also...about a week ago I tried Raw Kombucha tea and it definitiely has a laxative effect. It tastes really strange (kinda like a mixture of rotting beer and yogurt) but sometimes i find myself craving it.
  6. I made non-gluten free brownies yesterday for a friend and ended up eating a few(yes, i know i will be paying for this). After this, i literally felt like i was in a coma. I've been so tired since then. Today i took a three-hour nap and felt completely unrefreshed afterwards. I couldn't even get myself to go to the gym because i feel so exhausted. Does anyone else feel robbed of all energy after they've been glutened? p.s. when I am strictly following the gluten-free diet i really don't have much sleep problems/feelings of exhaustion.
  7. I bought an all-purpose mix today made from rice flour, corn flour, flava bean flour and something else (forgetting at the moment, but it is definitely gluten-free!) and I tried baking muffins twice with different recipes and both times the muffins fell apart. Does anyone have any tips on how to make delicious baked goods that don't crumble when you touch them?
  8. I know that this might seen obsessive, but I've successfully avoided stamp-liking because of the adhesive containing gluten, but was wondering do those little plastic stickers on fruits and veggies (apples, tomatoes) contain gluten? I was once warned that most adhesives contain some kind of starch...anyone know this one?
  9. My story begins when I was about 3 years old I started having eczema all over my legs. The more I itched the more it spread and became like hives all over my body. My parents thought it was the soap they were using to wash me, but the rash continued. My eczema plagued me for most of my childhood along with chronic stomach aches and lower GI pain, accompanied by terrible bouts of constipation and diarrhea. When I was in middle school I started paying attention to what I ate to eliminate some things that might give me a stomach ache, so I stopped eating junk (cookies, cake, etc.). However, my stomach troubles continued and then I decided I was probably eating way too much processed food so I became vegan (I also love animals). My stomach didn't get any better and every day I felt exhausted and famished, not to mention I had to come home from school to go to the bathroom everyday. I saw a GI doctor who told me I had IBS, and I should go on the B.R.A.T (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet, and it did me no good. In high school I started dropping weight, partly because of stress from school but mostly because I was still eating a lot of things with gluten. My mom's side of the family has issues with their digestive tracts so I asked my grandma what she thought it could be. She told me that her brother has Crohn's disease and she was advised not to eat wheat since she came to America and was seen by a doctor. I researched food intolerances at the library and found a lot info that applied to me but I was skeptical, so last year I stopped being a vegan and starting eliminating wheat. I still had no clue that there were websites like this available and was uninformed that wheat products are hidden in so many things. This August I went to my doctor who is both my therapist and my regular MD and he put me on a gluten-free diet and within 2 weeks my stomach aches were lessened by about 70%. I also asked my grandma if she had ever seen a doctor since being advised to not eat wheat and she told me in these words exactly "yes, they told me I had celiac disease". Thanks grannie (haha). So far, in the last few months i've gained so much needed weight, and i've gotten my period back for the first time in 3.5 years! Going grocery shopping is somewhat of a challenge although I've made some new favorite foods! I'm lucky because I'm living in NY now, which has a lot of health food and specialty stores, andi'm also going to be living in san francisco next year, and I have memorized the address of every whole foods and trader joe's in the 7 mile radius of my future college (okay, well maybe not memorized...but i know theres a whole foods on fourth street!). The food is my kitchen that isn;t gluten-free was consumed by my family because no one else (besides g-ma) has celiac. In school, its a bit of a challenge because the cafeteria only caters to wheat-eaters (Err!) so people always ask me why I go out during my free periods. At home, what really gets to me is how much wheat-products my family buys knowing that I can't eat it. My mom buys 2 loaves of bread ... for what?....me to stare at? Anyways the one food that i really miss is... egg bagels!
  10. The greek yogurt that I use is made from skim milk, but I believe they do make greek yogurt from goats milk. I bought it at Whole Foods but i've also seen it in the dairy aisle of conventional super markets. Also, If you have specialty food stores such as an italian market, you might see it sold there.
  11. I used to be vegan for 3 years and I tried really hard to get in all the necessary nutrients that I was deficient in. Unfortunately, I'm intolerant to soy so it was hard for me to get protein. A staple of vegan protein often includes protein-fortified "soy meats" which often include gluten....and don't even get me started on the seitan episode I experienced! It was also extremely difficult to get in enough calories on such a bulky diet. One product that helped me with the protein issue was rice protein packets that you could make smoothies out of. They are kind of chalky tasting but healthy non-the less. Good luck on your decision and I hope you find what works for you!
  12. When I needed to gain weight I used to make smoothies which included any fruits (bananas, blueberries, etc.) mixed with juice or milk (or rice milk/soymilk) and 4 tbsp. of flax oil. It is very high calorie and an extremely efficient way to gain weight without feeling over-full.
  13. I just discovered my love for greek yogurt! I'm also lactose intolerant and I have no problems with this yogurt (I use fage brand). The consistency kind of reminds me of frozen yogurt so this morning for breakfast I mixed a cup of the greek yogurt with 4 overflowing tablespoons of peanut butter and a banana in it...it felt like i was at coldstone! Tomorrow i'll be eating my greek yogurt again but experimenting with different fruit. The label says "gluten free" and it has no sweeteners, additives, chemicals, etc. SO GOOD!
  14. This is my first post and i'd just like to say that this website has really helped me! Anyways, I noticed that Whole Foods Market has a new line of gluten-free items that claim to be 100% gluten free and are made by "good manufacturing" but this week I tried the gluten-free sandwich bread and i've had slight stomach aches and problems with "dumping my garbage" (sorry if TMI). Does anyone know a decent-tasting gluten-free bread that doesn't taste like sawdust and won't make me sick?
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