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  1. Thank you for the great response! I dont know IF there is a hard reason that I NEED to know. It would suck to be the 3% the is negative and eat gluten free ON ONE HAND. On the other hand I feel better off of gluten. Maybe I wonder if gluten intolerant can cause the same diseases? Maybe I am wanting someone to say my symptoms are something else. I honestly have no interest in going to the dr tomorrow. I kinda hope you would say yep you have it! And I would be done
  2. Thank you. I am going to a new Dr tomorrow. Nothing else on the test results. I plan to get retested IF my insurance will cover it. Last visit the dr only used promethius and my insurance wouldnt pay. They said it would be about $1000! Can I assume that with high IGG I am gluten intolerant? Not necessarily celiac?
  3. No they did not. That is all I have. Not enought to interpret?
  4. Was told I was not Celiac by my GI. I went back to gluten. I feel horrible. Nauseaus all day plus much more. I dug and found my old results. So do you think I have Celiac? Found my old results (Oct/06) Gliadin Antibody IGG 31 High Range <11 Gliadin Antibody IGA 6 Range <6 Reticulin igg ab <1:10 Range <1:10 Reticulin IGA AB <1:10 Range <1:10 Tissue Transglut. IGA <3 Range <5 Then found 03/07/11 Everything the same but Gliadin IgG 23.4 High Range <10 What does it mean that eveything is normal BUT the Gliadin IgG?
  5. Found my old results: Gliadin Antibody IGG 31 High Range <11 Gliadin Antibody IGA 6 Range <6 Reticulin igg ab <1:10 Range <1:10 Reticulin IGA AB <1:10 Range <1:10 Tissue Transglut. IGA <3 Range <5 Then last year Everything the same but Gliadin IgG 23.4 High Range <10 What does it mean that eveything is normal BUT the Gliadin IgG?
  6. as far as the child...You mean in old posts? My oldest daughter who is 9 now. Has severe icthyosis. We tried gluten-free for about 6 months and nothing really changed. I posted her test results in a very old post of mine. I have 3 small children btw 1 with Tree nut allergy.
  7. Thank you! I will read the Newbie 101. Im too sick to feel angry today. Tomorrow I am going to wake up angry though!!! I am a wedding photographer. This is going to be so hard. Being gone for 10 hours with no food! Other than bars, etc.
  8. squirmingitch (Tears streaming down my cheeks) Thank you!!! No gluten today at all. Im scared to eat. I ate a banana and some potatoes today. I wish I could find my blood work. I saved it. I would love to share my results.
  9. I am so confused. I was dx Celiac 9 years ago via blood test. Negative scope. Doctore told me to go gluten-free and I did. For 5 years. Kept feeling sick still so went back and they redid the blood work and dr said well your levels are so high I think you are allergic to gluten and if your only symptom is diarhhea then you can eat it and take imodium. I followed her advise for a year or so and returned and saw someone else that said with pos blood test you have celiac disease and quit eating gluten. THEN I had a baby and I discovered that I was reacting the whole time to dairy. When I went off dairy while nursing I didnt get diarhhea again. SOooo, I decided I was dairy intolerant and started eating gluten again. Well, I was sick all the time stilll beacuse I love dairy and kept eating it. Went to GI one last time. Doc said I dont think you have celiac disease (probabily cuz I am very overweight) I think you have post gallbladder removal syndrom. He gave me pills to take when I eat hihg fat and sent me on my way. This seemed to work. I took the pills and never had post meal diarhhea. I continued to still have morning nausea and 4-6 morning bathroom diarhhea(water) trips. I have been eating gluten for 1 year and just last Monday became so sick. I have been sick ever since. Nauseau won't stop. Im also having numbness in my hands and feet. Hands mainly. Should I go back gluten free (2 positive blood tests) or should I go to a new gi and get rescoped? Confusion lies in the fact that I have no gallbladder and am very sensitive to protein and fat. I am OK going gluten free today as I cant stand feeling like this anymore. Help please! I am miserable []
  10. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  11. Cafepress.com/partyanimalco has gluten-free kid tshirts, stickers andmore. I get gluten-free micro mixes and many of them are dairy free and DELISH. Mydd is 6 and loves them. Most are Dairy Free. Like the cake mix I send to school for parties. Email me and I will give you the website as this board will not let me post it Shannon
  12. Domata and Better Batter are my favorites. The mixing wasnt for mr. I am a convience person. Domata has the BEST seasoning mix for chicken batter and pizza crust mix. Better Batter makes THE BEST bread. I use the Brioche bread recipe on her site. Shannon
  13. Hey there. I had to tell you all about this recipe. It makes the best bread and is RELIABLE. I am a terrible baker. Fail most recipes...I have made this 5 times and all times are great. I do use the Better Batter Flour. it may work with some other flour blend...... It is Brioche Sandwich bread. Look it up at Better Batter.org I did add 1/4 cup of fibersure to it today to make it less unlhealthy. Next time I will be replacing the 8 T of shortening with something. I usually replace oil with baby food yellow squash with great results. I think I will do 4T shortening and 4T squash. Will Let you know. I often add flax seed too. I hope you enjoy it as much as my WHOLE family. my husband requests it and he eats gluten!!! Shannon
  14. Thanks for the responses.... I am worried that her skin will cause her embarresment soon. That is why I am forcing the gluten-free for now. However, the doctor says her testes are negative so with the expense, and disappointment on her cute little face.....You get the idea. It is so easy to talk yourself in and out of whether the diet is helping her. We have a pool...is it the chlorine???? She snuck Cookie Crisp BUT she swam the same day....Is it eczema or DH? One doctor says eczema one says DH. No she did not have the DH biopsied. Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) was one of the tests on the Lab paper....I thought it seemed like a Weak Positive too! We are going to continue on the gluten-free diet and see what comes of it. Shannon
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