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  1. Starting a new medication tomorrow - and as always, it's frustrating trying to find a list of inactive ingredients online. This one has been especially difficult to come by, because I found the list for the tablets (safe) but not the capsules.

    Anyone know if the 20 mg capsules (marked with 4356) from Teva are gluten free?

    Also need to find out about soy & dairy.


  2. I too have to vote for Trader Joe's gluten-free brownie mix. The flavor & texture are amazing, & even my picky, gluten-eating husband loves them! Many of the other mixes have soy, so I haven't tried them. One brand I tried (can't remember which) turned out so hard that I practically needed a chisel to get them out of the pan.

    On a side note, Namaste foods makes a Blondies mix that is out of this world! Add some Enjoy Life chocolate chips, & you have a panful of yumminess!

    Now I'm craving something sweet.... :D

  3. My Enterolab results showed intolerance to gluten, casein, soy, & eggs. I only suspected the gluten, so the others were shocking. I eliminated them all, & after a year I tried eggs again - no reaction at all! I have since eaten eggs many, many times with no adverse effects at all, which I'm so thankful about. I've inadvertently had soy (I didn't realize it was an ingredient in certain foods I had at Chipotle) & have gotten sick every time, so I think that one remains out. I want to reintroduce dairy in small portions to see if I can be successful as I was with eggs. However, I'm just recovering from what may turn out to be a corn intolerance, so I want my gut to heal a bit longer before I try yogurt or an aged cheese first.

    Good luck! I think everyone's body is totally different in how it responds.

    Keep us posted on what happens for you.

  4. JBaby,

    I thought about pancreatitis too, in the midst of the pain. However, after about 5 days the symptoms were gone, & now I feel back to normal again. Since I had similar symptoms back before I knew I couldn't eat soy, as well as when I had to go on the gluten trial for a diagnosis, I think it's either a cross contamination issue, or a new food intolerance. For now, I'm not eating corn, other than the corn starch that's in Udi's bread, because that doesn't seem to bother me.


  5. Hello,

    Been very careful past two weeks with gluten, dairy and soy free diet and just woke up with a reaction. Ankles hurt, fingers little numb, head heavy, tired and very tempermental. I only had a few different things in my diet yesterday that I will list. Do any of these items look like a red flag for gluten?

    White rice flour (I made Sue's white rice muffins from bobs red mill)

    Almonds (used in the recipe above)

    Popcorn (I air popped, and was purchased from local farmers market bag indicated tiny yellow popcorn)

    Have you checked medications you're taking? Toothpaste? Vitamins? Is your kitchen completely cleaned of gluten/dairy/soy? There are many different things that could cause a reaction, & sometimes it's very hard to pinpoint what it is. Perhaps you are also sensitive to corn?

    Good luck, & hopefully you'll feel better soon.

  6. Hi Horsegirl,

    Seems like it would help to simplify things. Why not just eat one kind of chips for a while? At least you'll eliminate some of the possible problems. It could be there is cc happening in one of the production lines.

    You could also eliminate all chips for a while and test the ingredients individually. If you don't have problems with the individual ingredients, then it almost has to be an issue introduced during production.

    Hi GFinDC,

    I've already decided chips of any kind are on my "no no list" for awhile (maybe that's what I'm giving up for Lent??) I wanted to eat something last night but it was made with corn flour, so I avoided it, though I don't want to become paranoid either! I will rule out plain, cooked corn soon, once my stomach feels back to normal again. I hope that's not what it is!

  7. Thanks for the information, Mushroom.

    I truly hope this isn't a corn intolerance. I still find this very hard sometimes, even almost 3 years into it. I was just about to reintroduce dairy to see if I could tolerate it since I've been taking digestive enzymes (and didn't know dairy was even an issue until I was tested by Enterolab), & then this setback with whatever made me sick. I'm finally feeling almost normal again, & have lost 6+ pounds in 4 days just because my stomach has hurt so much I haven't wanted to eat much. Not the best way to lose weight, let me tell you!

  8. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! Many of us have found, either through trial & error, or testing, that we cannot tolerate soy, dairy, or other foods. Try sticking with a very simple diet, with meats, veggies (cook them if raw aren't tolerated), fruits. Other people will probably have ideas too, but that's what helped me at first. I've had very similar symptoms lately, & some on here think it may be corn, or lectins, so unfortunately this journey sometimes seems never-ending!

    Good luck, & keep coming here for support & advice. It helps.

  9. Thanks for the perspective, everyone. I know he's trying, & the Valentine's Day thing was very sweet. I guess I still grieve not being able to feel "normal" & eat whatever I want, whenever I want. There's no way for him to truly understand that, though I wish there was!

    I will continue to praise him when he tries, & remind him if things are unsafe for me. I just hope he's able to accept that I'm not criticizing him, I'm just trying to stay healthy!

  10. Well, what are the ingredients in the corn tortilla chips? What kind of oil are they fried in? If you get sick every time you eat them, then you may have developed an intolerance to one of the ingredients.

    I used to eat Tostitos chips but can't now because I have a soy intolerance. No more Glutino pretzels either, they have soy lecithin. I've read that soy lecithin ought to be ok but it is not ok for me. I'd look at the ingredients of the chips. They may have changed an ingredient or a supplier of the ingredients.

    I have read some bad things about lectins also.

    The brands of chips are Fritos corn chips, Kettle brand yellow tortilla chips, & another brand of tortilla chips that state "Gluten Free" on the front. All 3 have only the ingredients of corn, salt, & corn or canola oil. I read every label every time, to make sure there is no soy, because I cannot tolerate soy in any quantity. Maybe it's something totally different, but it seems suspicious that this has happened on 3 separate days in which I had chips. If it was the corn though, then wouldn't the Udi's bread I've been eating all week (because it's the only calming thing I'm tolerating) be upsetting too? It has corn starch as one if the ingredients in it. Could it have been the fat?

  11. I've been following the restrictive diet lifestyle for nearly 3 years, with good results for the most part. I am the one who cooks the meals in our household, mainly because my husband won't cook, even though we both work full-time (that's a topic for another day!). I would think by now that he's also well-aware of my restrictions, because he sees me struggle with meal planning, shopping, & dining out, but I feel like he still just doesn't "Get It" much of the time. For example, for my birthday, he bought me 2 boxes of flavored tea, neither of which I could drink because they contained barley extract. For Valentine's Day, he planned ahead & went to a gluten free restaurant/bakery & purchased lasagna, cinnamon rolls, & bread, for a special dinner for our family. That was incredibly sweet to me, because he doesn't usually do that. However, he neglected the fact that I can't have soy either, & all of the things he purchased had soy in them, so I could eat none of them. Only 1 week prior I had been to that bakery, & came home frustrated because they use soy in almost everything, which I very clearly told him.

    Other times, he will do something like cut up a pineapple for all of us to have, neglecting to wash his hands first after having just eaten toast or bread or something equally "gluten-y", so what he's cut up becomes contaminated for me. I have explained my restrictions many times to him, including the risk of CC at home since he eats gluten. I tried to kindly express my frustration to him again after the Valentine's Day fiasco, explaining that while I LOVED the fact that he planned ahead, & did this all on his own as a kindness to me, I still felt left out because of the soy issue. I also told him that if the tables were turned, I would have felt mortified, apologized all over the place, & gone to the store to buy something to make him from scratch so he could still join in the nice dinner. However, once he realized his mistake, he didn't offer anything of the sort, & I cooked my own dinner. With the pineapple incident, he didn't apologize either, & basically said I'm making too big a deal of it because he made a mistake, & "there's more at the store if you want some".

    I know this is a long rant, but as you can see, I'm frustrated by all of this, especially since this week I've been struggling with clearly being contaminated somewhere because I've been ill.

    Any suggestions, or people who might have had similar situations in their relationships?


  12. Thanks for the information about lectins - I was suspecting corn since I had corn tortilla chips on all 3 of the occasions when the stomach pain was severe. But, I eat corn & brown rice very often since eliminating gluten & soy, & have never had any problems. Why, all of a sudden would it come out of the blue like this?

  13. Three times in the past week & a half, I've developed sharp, shooting pains in my upper abdomen, which feel like they're directly in the stomach. One night it felt like nausea, though no vomiting. The past 2 nights I've been in significant pain, with it feeling like heartburn or something similar last night. Pepto tablets didn't do much to help, & I've been sticking with a bland diet. The pain isn't bad during the day, though I do feel generally queasy & tired. I tried Tums tonight, which helped a little. Tonight I have that familiar aching in my legs, & heaviness in my arms, which I used to get before I went off gluten & soy. I've been extremely careful, & have been virtually symptom free for several weeks now (I started Vitamin D supplementation, which has been so helpful). I don't know how this could be gluten, since I'm so careful, & it's happened 3 separate times lately. All 3 times I had eaten corn tortilla chips earlier in the day, but all 3 brands are "safe" ones I've used for a long time, with no changes in the labels.

    Could this be another intolerance? Or something entirely different?

    Any suggestions, advice, or wisdom would be appreciated. I feel awful & hope this goes away soon.


  14. I'm new and that sounds yummy, but what kind of chips are you using?

    There's lots of different corn tortilla chips out there that are totally safe. I regularly use Trader Joe's yellow corn tortilla chips, & Whole Foods has several different brands too. Also, Tostitos has a natural chip line that includes tortilla chips that are huge, but very good. http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/tostitos-natural-yellow-corn-restaurant-style.html

    Hope that helps!

  15. Hi, I, too am intolerant of all grains & milk and dairy, so I choose Vegan Gourmet cheese, made of soy, and it melts almost instantly in the microwave. Food For Life now makes a large brown rice tortilla that you would think was made of flour, that you could cut up for nachos. Hope this helps. Welda

    I can't have soy either, so that cheese is out!

  16. Hi Horsegirl, I'm not sure of all the things you must avoid, but since I have to avoid all grains, all milk & diary, egg whites, yeast, casein, whey, msg, and a couple of other additives, I will tell you what I eat. I have learned to always eat an enzymatic fruit such as pineapple for breakfast (papaya, strawberries, mango, kiwis, etc. would also work), which digests any foods from the day before. If I move then to carbs or starches, I eat those the rest of the day, not mixing with proteins of any kind. If I go from fruits to proteins then I can only eat the easily-digestible starches such as asparagus, salad, etc. with any proteins for the remainder of the day. It is amazing how these simple combining rules help digest the foods.

    Enzymatic fruit breakfasts: pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberries, kiwi: eat only one fruit, as much as

    you want, for as many hours as you want--wait 2 hours before eating a different fruit or moving to other


    Starch & carbs days = salads, any vegetables, beans, rice, corn, potatoes, corn pasta, tamales, and

    anything made of these (cookies of corn flour w/Stevia, vanilla, etc.).

    Protein days = chicken, fish, steak, meats + green salads with low starch veggies (not to include

    potatoes, corn pasta, or any other high-carb vegetables).

    Walden Farms salad dressings are no calorie, no carbs, no sugar, no anything, and taste GREAT.

    Any of these foods are pretty easy to find at most restaurants or grocery stores. Best wishes & good

    luck. Welda

    Thanks, Welda. What do you do for protein in the morning though? You mentioned only eating enzymatic fruits in the morning, but I would be shaky & have a bad headache very quickly if I didn't eat any protein until later in the day.

  17. This one freaked me out! I've thought of the shared knife in the mayonaise or butter, but I hadn't thought of someone who is eating gluten reaching into the same chip bag. Wow. It's so overwhelming to keep track of!

    Sorry, wasn't trying to freak you out! Just another caution, depending on how sensitive you are. I realized that was causing some problems for me, so now my family shakes some chips out, or has clean hands before dipping in the bag. It works!

  18. Other things I discovered too: don't share any condiments or anything else out of a jar unless it's completely dedicated to being gluten free (no shared knives, etc). Don't let someone eating a sandwich on wheat bread reach into the same bag of chips you're going to eat out of (or any other package of food). Make sure hands are washed between handling gluten-y things & dishes, utensils, cups, other foods, etc

    (both your hands & those of anyone helping you). Cross contamination can be a big culprit if you're not careful. All it takes is a tiny crumb that you didn't even notice to make you sick for a couple of weeks.

  19. I have struggled with intermittent, sometimes severe pain even after being gluten free for over 3 years too. I have accepted that while I do have gluten intolerance, I also do have fibromyalgia, & that sometimes it's going to flare up, regardless of what I eat.

    I completely agree with the other posts about finding a different doctor, having additional blood tests done, etc. I recently started seeing an osteopath too, & believe he has some answers other docs didn't.

    I agree with the post about stopping soy for awhile too; I found it was causing the pain from my osteoarthritis (which was diagnosed at age 35!) to be much worse.

    Good luck, & keep us posted.

  20. Have you done the stool testing through Enterolab? My celiac panel (my doc ordered the entire thing) was negative despite doing a "gluten challenge" in which I consumed large amounts of gluten prior to the test, & felt like death warmed over. I figured between the positive results from Enterolab, & the improvements I got from being completely gluten free, I know I'm gluten intolerant & will never eat the stuff again.