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  1. While I don't have specific answers for you, I do have a few ideas for things to look into.

    Here are some items I'd check into if it were me (all of which are documented to bother people):

    Gas leaks

    Compact fluorescent lighting

    Fumes from carpeting, upholstery or paint

    Mold (including from potted house plants)

    Tobacco smoke or other pollutants from neighboring homes

    Radon or other naturally occurring gases

    Pollen, dust, or dust mites

    Ultrasonic pets repellers (can be from neighboring homes)


    thank you one and all you guys are always so helpful.

  2. Hey guys it has been a while since i have been on here, some days are ok and some are not ok. I made a trip to my grandkids they live in MO. Been here about 2 weeks and have been doing better only 2 real bad days. The babies are 4 and 1, gluten has bound to be here but they kept a hyla water filter vacuum going quite alot. When I visited my father in Arizona i did pretty well also and was gone 10 days, ok here is the question, At home in my own home which is a new trailerhouse, I get sick almost everyday, and never feel like doing a thing, not even visiting my friends,afraid i will become ill at there house, and not be able to get home. I still am not driving, in too much pain and misery. I am wondering if there could be something in my home that is making me ill I do have lupus of the skin and DH and celiac of course but my home is clean and gluten free. which is not the case when i visit family, my husband thinks i am either crazy or just major depression. I have been gluten-free for about 6 months, Please help and give me some advise. :o

  3. I recieved my results can anybody figure this out?tissue trangluteninaseab iga 64

    endomysail ab iga screen 0.5

    gladin peptide 0

    immunoglubin a serum 222

    There was nothing to go by no within normal limits

    Now what?

    thank you again doc never went over my results had nurse call me and she didnt know anything about them just to make a appt for march :angry:

  4. Have you called your DR to get the results yet???? I live in a small town and they had to send my results out and I still got the results within a week! Ofcourse I called every few days....and if that's what you need to do you may want to!!!! You deserve to know!

    The dr's nurse called me last night said, labs normal, endo normal, didnt say anything about the biopsys. Just stay on the gluten-free diet for 4 months and come back and see him in march! Didnt have any other info for me. I asked her to send me my reports but she never said she would just got off the phone. Going to call today to re request my lab and biopsy reports.

  5. I often get cramp in the middle of the night and most often it's in my calf muscles. However lately my toes have been cramping badly, even during the day. I have been taking extra magnesium, but it doesn't seem to help.

    My toes sort of turn up, which sounds funny, but it is extremely painful and nothing helps. Last night I tried getting up and walking around and that didn't help at all. The only way to relieve it was to hold my toes in my hand and try to relax. Now this is a pretty hard thing to do anyway, especially as one gets older.

    Any other remedies out there?


    Have you tried bananas?

  6. OK here it is. It comes together very quickly for an easy supper. I always use 2% milk.

    Cheddar Chowder

    2c. water

    2c. diced potatoes

    1/2c. diced carrots

    1/2 c. diced celery

    1/4 c. chopped onion

    1 tsp. salt

    1/4 tsp. pepper

    White sauce:

    1/4 c. butter

    1/4 c. flour

    2 c. milk

    2 c. chedder cheese, grated

    1 c. cubed ham

    Combine the first group of ingredients in a large saucepan. Boil 10-12 min. Meanwhile in a small saucepan, make a whitesauce by melting the butter. Add flour and stir 'till smooth. Slowly add milk; cook 'till thickened. Add grated cheese; stir'till melted. Add whitesauce and cubed ham to vegetables that have not been drained. Heat through.

    Variation: Omit carrots, use 1/2 of the cheese or a milder white cheese, add corn, chopped red pepper a dash of cayenne, and a little more salt( because of less cheese)

    Thank you Thats what for dinner tonite. :)

  7. I hope that something is gluten free or are you in the doctor prescribed 'let's poison you until we are absolutly sure that gluten is killing you because our tests don't show as positive as we want them to" stage that so many doctors needlessly do to us when our bodies are already screaming at us to get rid of the poison.

    No i am still on the gluten-free diet. Still feeling well today (thats 3 days in a row) :D

    I dont know if he will find anything on the endo after 3 months on diet but he said to stay on diet :blink:

    Right now just happy :D to be able to get out of bed!!!

  8. Here's a turkey meatball soup I posted a while back. If you are concerned about the strong flavor of turkey, buy the groud whitemeat. It's very mild. Check the packages carefully though because alot of places sell the ground darkmeat. Since you are cooking for one or two, I recommend using only 1/2 the recipie of meatballs. It makes alot. And add only the amount of spinach you'll eat at that meal. Then next time you warm up the soup add fresh leaves again.


    The other favorite is a cheesey ham potato soup. It's not exactly low cal. I'd be happy to post it. Let me know.

    cheesy ham soup oh yum that sounds so good could you post or pm this for me? Thank You BARB :D

  9. Hey everyone just wanted to get you guys up to date. My dr finally returned my call last night at 10.30 pm. :blink:

    Said i still tested positive for celiac disease but my IGA is still really low. Now back in for more blood tests and another endo <_< really don't like the idea of yet another endo but what do you do?

    Feeling somewhat better today, YES I AM OUT OF BED !!!

    Think I will take myself to the store and get something good to eat :P


  10. Hi all - I am from Utah as well - I live in Hooper (well it's almost Roy). I am new here too - just diagnosed in July. I am lost too!!! LOL Glad to see I'm not the only one here from Utah.

    Welcome You should get some good info here alot of helpful people. I live in wyoming thats just a hop skip and a jump away. I travel to utah to see my gastro. welcome to the group :D

  11. HI, first off thank you for the link.. But see now here is the thing.. Childrens Grape flavored liquid Tylenol- I was told that IT IS NOT gluten-free... BUT THEY HAVE IT ON THE LIST AS gluten-free..

    Also, they have alprazoam (xanex) on the list, and I know that it is not gluten-free.. company told me so, because i ck'd 4 myself..


    most of the time if you type in the product and then gluten it will bring up information. But if you still dont believe it then call the company Hope this helps :D

  12. Not sure whether you mean in a PM or a post in a thread, but the answer's the same anyway.

    I've seen that when some of the code got messed up.

    For instance, in the 'closing tag' below, I left out the bracket from the end.


    Sometimes I'll inadvertantly wipe out a bracket or slash or something when quickly deleting parts I don't want to show up as quoted. Like when out of 4 paragraphs, I only want to comment on one sentence.

    If you can try again, look for something missing.

    It could also be whole word missing, instead of just one character.

    I hope I'm not just making it MORE confusing!! :blink:

    thanks Tom

  13. I love Tinkyada pasta... but I don't know why they say it can stand up to overcooking! I did the same thing as you the first time I made it. I have found that I get a much better result using their alternate cooking method (usually printed on the front of the package). Basically, you boil it for 1 minute, cover and turn off the heat. You let it sit there for 20 minutes, then drain it.

    Don't worry, we've all gone through the learning period in the kitchen. Just please tell me you didn't gluten your new pots and strainer with the egg noodles? :huh:

    I have a question, I bought all new pots and pans good stainless steel paid a good price for them if they are scrubbed real well and have no scratches on them is it ok for my husband to cook noodles in them? I thought that was the reason to get rid of teflon. :blink:

  14. Thank you both for your input. i really needed a little encouragement seems life is a little rough right now. I was feeling somewhat better just tired mostly, no energy, but now i seem to be going backwards.

    I just turned 50 last week. I dont care about the 50 thing I just want to be healthy. Have enough energy to at least have some sort of life.

    I dont feel like i can do anything anymore, I am so tired, achy, upset tummy, and a constant headache.

    Will go to bed and try to wake up in the morning with a better attitude. Thanks again Barbara123

  15. Ok long time since i have posted, I have been really sick with celiac disease and on the diet for over 3 months, last week i finally got to see my new gastro (waited 4 months for this appt.) office visit goes something like this..

    looks like you have been diagnosed with celiac, yes been on gluten-free diet for over 3 months, I want to do a level on you since your diagnoses, I asked for a gene test because my granddaughter has had constipation since she started eating any food. Doc says I dont really believe in the gene test. Said he wanted me to have another test (wouldnt even tell me what it was except testing my levels. Out the door i go. 1 week later still have not recieved my results. Call office for results, secretary calls me back (after 2 more days) says dr says my tests were neg, what test neg? she didnt know But the dr. is concerned about my IgG being deficient and wants me to go to the hospital ASAP and have more lab work done, I ask what for she says she dont know but asked for phone # of hospital in my town to do additional testing I go up there all he does is IgGab and IgG

    whats up with this?

    I am so upset with this dr. I waited 4 months to see him and then had my dh take a day off work to drive me 200 miles one way to see him. Secretary said he wants to wait until my new tests results come back and then he will talk to me and try not to worry I am in good hands.

    At this point I do not feel like I am in good hands. I am scared, sick, tired, and tired of living.

  16. shan---does your baby have reflux, by chance?

    you can start nursing again. it would be a little bit of work, but it can be done. there are a couple of prescription meds that will increase your milk supply. one of them is called reglan. it is a motility drug, but it increases the chemical in your body that controls your milk supply---can't think of the chemical off the top of my head. you would need to get your baby to breastfeed as much as possible and using an electric breast pump would help to stimulate milk production, also.

    drink lots of liquids and let the baby nurse as much as your breasts can handle

  17. It sounds like you have adrenal fatigue and/or hypothyroidism. Which are both quite common with celiac disease. The added stress you are under now will make it worse.

    I used to feel absolutely dreadful in the morning, but would feel somewhat better at night as well. I have recently been diagnosed with Addison's disease (near complete failure of the adrenal glands, which you may not have, but you never know) as well as hypothyroidism.

    Since I am on meds (hydrocortison and fludrocortisone, as well as dessicated thyroid), I am able to get up in the morning and go to bed at a normal time and actually sleep. I also wake up refreshed, and before I was nearly as tired after sleeping ten hours as before I went to bed.

    In fact, before I could have slept 24 hours a day, I was so tired. Now I can't go back to sleep and have to get up in the morning after about nine hours of sleep, and manage to be fairly active all day!

    Thank you for your input, i have a appt with a GI on the 2nd of october will he be able to do tests or do i need to go back to my internist?

    When I had test done before he told me that i had a very large adrenal gland is that a clue? He didnt diagnose me with celiac until after 2 years of vomiting and I lost 90 pounds i found this site, did research went back to dr and asked for celiac test came back real positive i will do some research on adrenal glands thank you so much

    thank you again BARB