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    Ahem, ahem, announcement. I am NOT DEAD. I was just grounded for months... and months... and months... so yeah. I have most recently been un-grounded, much to my happiness. So I will once again become active. YAY!<br /><br />Heylo! I'm a teenager and have celiac. (OBVIOUSLY) I LoVe to read, write, skate, read, Roleplay, volleyball, silver, Rocs (Anyone who can figure out what those are pm me and I'll congradulate you. Here, I'll give you a hint. Its a mystical creature) and Dragons.<br />Favs:<br />Books:<br />Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer<br />Dragons in Our Midst - Bryan Davis<br />Maximum Ride - James Patterson<br />Mere Christianity - C.S.Lewis<br />Inkheart, Inkspell - Can't think of it right now<br />The Dragonkeeper Cronicles - Donita K. Paul (I think Dragonfire is finally out! YAY!!!)<br />Warriors Series: Erin Hunter<br />Windows XP for Dummies - Who knows?<br /><br />Music:<br />Casting Crowns<br />D.C. Reto<br />Evanescence<br />Cascada<br />Avril Lavrine<br />Superchick<br />Rebecca St. James<br /><br />Other stuff:<br />Chocolate anything<br />Tapioca pudding<br />Most anything Kinnikinnick (they have good chocolate donuts)<br />brownies (gluten-free, of course!)<br />Poetry<br />Skating. Fast.<br /><br />Book quotes:<br /><br />Artemis fowl: <br />"SHUT UP JULIUS! I mean, quiet a moment, Commander..." -Mulch Diggums<br />"All this melodrama. Someone has to poke fun..." Mulch<br />"Don't call me Julius! You always do that before you disobey me!" Commander Julius Root<br />"No, mademoiselle, I would not like to see the childrens menu. I have no doubt that the childrens menu itself tastes better than the meals on it. I would like to order la carte. Or don't you serve fish to minors?" Artemis Fowl<br />"Welcome back. Glad to see everyone's alive. Now I need to leave..." - Butler<br /><br />Maximum Ride:<br />"Louisiana, the state that road maintence forgot." Maximum Ride<br />"His blog was attracting more and more attention - the word was spreading. In just the past three days, he'd gone from twenty hits to more than a thousand. A thousand people were reading what he wrote, and probably more would tomorrow. <br />Thank God For spell-check." Fang<br />" 'Hmm... besides de vings...' Nudges face brightened. 'I once ate nine snickers bars in one sitting. Withought barfing. That was a record!" - Nudge<br />"The plan is hot dogs? I like this plan!" Gazzy<br />"There. Decades of phsyco logic picked apart in three seconds by and eleven-year-old. Take that, modern science!" Maximum<br /><br /><br />I love and write poetry, am in Speech and Debate, and have had Celiac for a while. I don't know anyone Celiac, so I joined here. (stumbled on it by accident)<br /><br />I am a Charismatic Christian, and I'm not afraid to say so. I love God. Without him it would be a lot harder to get through this. I would appriciate respect for who I am, and I shall respect you also.<br /><br />Call me Light!
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    Hiding from the evil CareBears w/ machine guns
  1. I love Dragons in Our Midst as well!!! I was a little sceptical at 1st because I daon't read a lot of fantasy, but I could not put them down, they're awesome!!!

  2. With me, I'm not so sure, as my symptoms are differant than others. I get mood swings and am extremely... irritable. My mom took 15 minutes. Since I'm a moody teenager, It's hard for me to tell.
  3. My heart goes out to you! Death is never an easy thing, or divorce. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  4. I'm sitting here, missing church because I have a cold. Not too much happened, though last night was a WHOLE other story. (note sarcasm) My mom went to her highschool reunion and i got to... Stay at my cousins house. So not much happened. But, I'm probably not going to post my entire life story on...
  5. I had my diagnosis about a month ago, though we suspected it for three months or so. I say i've probably had it my entire life, seeing the symtoms. *sigh*