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  1. Hi welcom to having to be gluten free. I'm doing ok so far coping. how are you doing?

  2. I wonder if other grains in the US besides oats have the same cross contamination issues that exist with oats. Oats are not safe because they are stored in the same silos and are grown in rotation with wheat. I've pretty much taken it for granted that oats are the only gluten free grain that has...
  3. If you're looking for something high end, Origins says their shampoos and conditioners are all gluten free too. Haven't try them, but if they're anything like their skincare line (also mostly gluten-free) they would be awesome. -Margaret
  4. Also a lot of name brand turkeys (butterball for one) have gluten in them to begin with. Any "self basting" turkey will likely contain gluten before it's even stuffed. I suggest getting an all natural turkey breast, filling it with gluten-free stuffing and having a separate main course for you...