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  1. NewGFMom

    Celiac Horseback Riding?

    Thanks everybody. I'm pretty sure we can work around it. But I just wanted some affirmation that it's not that big of...
  2. NewGFMom

    Celiac Horseback Riding?

    There's wheat in most horse feed. Barley too. It's kind of a given... What do you do??
  3. Hi Everybody, Haven't posted in a while. Looks like child #2 may be celiac as well and I'm really sad. She loves food...
  4. Hi welcom to having to be gluten free. I'm doing ok so far coping. how are you doing?

  5. Hi all, Just got a new Cuisinart bread machine. I mad the Gluten Free Pantry White bread and it came out GREAT. The...
  6. NewGFMom

    Need Menu Ideas

    That looks REALLY good. Thanks! Have you made it without the cheese?
  7. Normally my house is just gluten free. We eat everything else. My vegan friends are coming over next week. We're...
  8. NewGFMom

    Pizza Parties At School

    I meant making pizza for the class... I'm just not sure what to ask them for. It would probably be OK if all the kids...
  9. NewGFMom

    Pizza Parties At School

    I can make him a pizza, that's not the problem. I make great pizza that he likes. It's the fact that the classroom...
  10. NewGFMom

    Pizza Parties At School

    Hi there, My son's school is really big on pizza parties. The principal is retiring and plans on having a pizza party...
  11. NewGFMom

    Christmas Baking Questions

    Try this for the shortbread: http://www.foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/0404gluten.cfm This is a lemon square recipe...
  12. We didn't biopsy, we were already gluten free by the time we got into see the GI and I flat out refused to start feeding...
  13. NewGFMom

    Holiday Parties

    What is it in BBQ Beef that you can't have? Most BBQ sauce is gluten free. Can't you just request a specific brand of...
  14. Try lite coconut milk. WAY less calories and I can't taste the difference. You can get it at Trader Joes. I also saw...
  15. NewGFMom

    Mmr Vaccine/celiac Disease/autism

    I'm about as pro vaccine as they come. BUT, I did wait until both my kids were three months old and a little sturdier...