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  1. . . . as many things are schmashed under her highnass.

    Quit talkin' about me arse, GeeEff!! I may not be the queen anymore but I can still get schmashed do some schmashin'

    Speaking of safety . . ...I just signed off a new req for black-belted security. Dunno wth last administration was up to, but the head of security is saying that w/ some new 'seniority by height' rule, the union won't allow a new addition over 5 feet tall.

    Arrrgh how'll I ever find a short blackbelt willing to work for virtually nothing? (At least the work's virtual too)

    Anyone got any of those?

    I got one at my house . . . he's used to working for nothing. To quote him directly . . . "I'm nothing but a slave to you." . . . and my response . . . "Yes, yes you are." (all said in fun by the way)

    My congratulations, King Tom. Unfortunately, what with the holidays and all . . . I was unable to get the robe to the dry cleaners so I just tossed it in the washing machine. It shrunk a tad . . . maybe a little more than a tad . . . How do you feel about a royal poncho?

  2. The intro to the list: (the bolding is mine)

    "Celiac disease is associated with approximately 300 symptoms, which are listed in alphabetical order below. These symptoms are not specific to celiac disease, however, and many may be uncommon. This list is intendend to illustrate the variety of subtle and seemingly unrelated symptoms associated with celiac disease and the resulting diagnostic challenge. The list is not intended to be used as the sole basis for diagnosis."

    We were all surprised when my daughter was diagnosed, including the pedGI. He screened her for celiac disease because that had become an office policy for kids that presented with "generic" GI symptoms. The GI told me that prior to that, about three kids a year would come through the office with skinny limbs, distended belly and explosive diarrhea and hey, what do you know, this child has celiac disease. This is what he had been taught to recognize as celiac disease. After they started their new screening process, they were diagnosing about a child a week and he continued to be surprised by which kids tested positive . . . they didn't "look" like celiac kids.

    That list helps people think outside of the box.

  3. Yep . . . what they've said above!! I read that article and some of the things that immediately came to mind is . . .

    At some point in this series they are going to try and sell me something. Also keep in mind, they are publishing a "series" to make you keep coming back to get more hits on their site. The more hits they get, they more they make in advertising. Plus, reading in the comments section, I saw a reference to testing from Cyrex Labs with a "stay tuned" from the article's author. Yep, they're going to sell us something . . . a product, a test, a guide to health.

    The other thing I want to point out is that they use a lot of "scary" quotes/data from legitimate sources. However, to really understand those quotes or data, you need to go and read those publications in their entirety. You need to see the context of that information. It's easy to lift a quote and leave behind the explanation.