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  1. I do feel I'm more of a gluten sensitive than a celiac, but it would be good to know for sure. Reading Gluten Free Bible, things are clicking and falling into place. However, both boys were just tested and I'm waiting to see their blood results. They have not been gluten free, I guess I can judge more off their results where I should go from there.
  2. I need something that is going to help me prep for an everyday kitchen. I'm kind of stuck on what to have for lunches or snacks so far. Also my son for his school lunches this year.
  3. Alright, so I was given the Gluten Free Bible. I like it and I realize that some of the info is old. Then I read some of the reviews on Amazon, some of them are less than glowing. Any opinions from here? Also any recommendations besides Celiac for dummies which is next on my list.
  4. I need to have my IGG blood tests and whatever else they decide, but I was gluten free all summer because I was working at a kids summer camp and I didn't want to feel sick. No one seems to know how much gluten I need to eat or for how long before I have the blood work done now that came is over. I've been having small amounts each day for the past week or so, half a donut, half a waffle. I feel like crap - past two days I've had to nap. My hair is falling out again. Anyone have any ideas?? ****does it matter if I took about 6-7 weeks off, and then realized I probably was never a good 100% from lack of knowledge?
  5. Thanks. I did email the guy who is in charge of the whole weekend and told him about my allergies. I did tell him I could call and talk to the kitchen staff if he wants me to. I didn't feel right doing it without permission first. There were several helpful tips - I will take food with me for sure! Maybe not tuna since I'll be all gussied up in a ballgown. LOL Don't want to scare off the men. :0)
  6. This is very sad news. Three weeks ago I bought her Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread - 200 Wheat Free breads. I am new to the whole wheat free life style and the one thing I have not been able to tolerate is the commercial breads. I figured someone, somewhere had to have done something better. I found the book and started collecting the things I needed to bake some of them. I even have been scouring Freecycle.org for bread machines. I just got a few days ago. I will write to her family and let them know that she was my light at the end of the tunnel, I thought I wouldn't make it without some real bread and my kids definitely wouldn't it.
  7. I'm going to a Ball in Philly at the end of Sept. There is a reception on friday and dinner before the Ball on saturday. This is my first experience traveling with a semi-diagnosed sensitivity. What would a nice way to approach the group that is planning the weekend and let them know that I have some dietary issues? And how do I ask for either something safe to eat or be able to talk to the chef? Thanks for any help!
  8. Ok, it's my first week gluten free. My first pasta was a failure. I'm half sicilian, I grew up on pasta every week. If I go more than two or three weeks with out spaghetti and sauce then I start to CRAVE it. So last night we had spaghetti and meatballs and I used corn pasta. Ew. It smelled like a corn tortilla as I drained it, that wasn't so bad. I figured, ok, I'll wait and see what it's like with sauce on it. Yeah. No. I ate some of it and then ditched the rest of it. Any help and insight into the world of Gluten free pasta is desperately needed and appreciated or I will go insane. Shelley
  9. How funny, this is my first week of gluten free - and Ranch Doritos are my snack food of the Gods! I must have ate a whole half bag yesterday!! I was in the grocery store the other day and panicked when I saw them on the shelf. I thought OMG! What if I can't ever eat them again, what will I do!?!? I save them for special occasions and I had to chaperone a field trip yesterday for my son. LOL I ate them because I scanned the label and didn't see anything. Nice to know there is some backup from you guys on this one, plus the fact that I wasn't sick as a dog all afternoon yesterday.
  10. My biopsy results came back negative. I found that out yesterday. But by last weekend I'd had enough! Saturday day I'd had no gluten and then that night we went to a friends for dinner and it was all Italian - spaghetti, chicken parm and desserts - within 2 hours I was sick to my stomach, headache and reflux. The next day I had some coffee roll - I ate it as a test and sure enough I was down for the count! So, starting monday I have been gluten free and haven't felt this good in weeks. I've also been starving because I had nothing in the house to eat but some dried fruit that morning. Anyway, my pediatrician today ordered blood screens on both my boys - one has Asperger's and the other has some bad bathroom issues. So, I want my Dr. to order one too. If I've been off gluten for three - five days, do I need to be back on it for a few days first?? Thanks! Shelley
  11. Hi everyone - I'm new here, I'm a 39 yr old Mom of 3 and I live in the Boston area. I'm married and my husband has been pretty supportive. I'm getting tired of feeling like cr*p all the time, this has been going on for about 3-4 mo. I have been having some symptoms that the Dr.s are looking at, so far the tests that I've had done are a CAT scan and last an endoscopy. So far the results have been from teh CAT scan fluid in my small intestine and I'm waiting for the biopsy results. They did look for ulcers because my Dad had them, but that looked fine. The symptoms that I have are lots of bloating in the upper abdominal area, with LOTS of fullness feelings. A lot times I don't want to eat because I already feel full, or if I do it it's a small amount because I feel full after a small meal. I did feel better eating things like tapioca or cream of wheat, until the thought was I might be gluten intolerant. Some days are better than others, and some days I'm just so tired or some tasks just wipe me out that I want to lay down and take a nap, my limbs are so heavy. Also, I have an almost continous upset stomach, not reflux, just upset. The other wierd thing is that I'm losing my hair - the hair up near the front of my head is coming out, especially when I wash it!! I have always had fine hair, but a ton of it, and the women in my family have never lost their hair, so this has kind of freaked me out. Yesterday I went and got my hair cut up above my shoulders because it was looking a little ratty. I don't know a lot about celiac, I also feel like if they come back and tell me everything is normal I'm going to scream. My GP told me that it's a possibility, and I asked him wouldn't I have known after all this time and he said 'not necessarily'... being Italian, being gluten intolerant would really be a HUGE lifestyle change, but at this point I'm so sick all the time I think it would be a relief.
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