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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Im not sure about "dry roasted peanuts", but I do know that some nuts that are flavored (usually they are "candied") have gluten. Southwest airlines ruined me with their peanuts one trip. worth looking into if you want to eat there again.
  3. I bought some loose tea from Teavana (not thinking about it at all) and drank some today and felt like absolute crap. I couldn't figure out what it was, and this is the only new thing in my diet. I looked on their website and they don't have the particular tea (Samurai Chai Mate) labeled as containing gluten. Here is the list of ingredients. If you have any knowledge about anything of these being glutenous, I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks! Green Mate, Red Rooibos, cinnamon, candied pineapple bits, orange peel, lemongrass, aniseed, coriander, cardamom, almonds, and cornflower blossoms. I feel like it might be in the candied pineapple or the cornflower blossoms (I couldn't find anything on cornflower). Anyways, thanks again!
  4. i'm not sure about this specific brand. however, i do recommend eating it with some type of bread or roll. I don't know if you've ever eaten a hot dog by itself (since the age of five), but hot dogs with no bun make my stomach CHURN.
  5. This is their website- EnviroKidz is actually part of Nature's Path if you've ever had any of their products. http://www.envirokidz.com/food scroll down to "bars"
  6. I haven't tried those, but I have tried something similar from the makers of Envirokidz products. They were pretty gross to be honest. definetly not very similar to a standard rice krispie treat
  7. I have to share this with everyone I know, because Against the Grain's Bread is absolutely the BEST gluten-free Product I have ever had! I bought a frozen baguette on a whim at Wegman's hoping to make some bruschetta. And I thawed the bread on the counter for about half an hour and started slicing. I munched on a slice thinking it would be petty gross until toasted (like most gluten free breads are). But instead, it was FABULOUS! It was gooey and soft on the inside just like real bread. I almost started crying I was so happy and proceeded to eat the entire loaf. But i figured, what the hell-I haven't had anything that tasted that good in over 5 years, I was aloud to eat the whole loaf. Regardless, it is fabulous whether toasted or not. http://www.againstthegraingourmet.com/availability.htm This is the link to their website. they don't ship directly, but they do give you a list of places you can find their products in your state. I HIGHLY Recommend it.
  8. That is the best thing ever! I think I would have cried tears of happiness!!!
  9. Somewhere on here I read how everyone raved about Joans gluten-free backed goods, so I bought some bagels, and it might have been the best moment of my life. best gluten-free profuct I'ver ever tasted! so thank you to everyone who suggested them!
  10. thanks for the sympathy. I suppose I could take a sick day, but Im an intern for the summer, and I'm only here for 8 weeks, so I kind of feel bad just leaving I've been gluten free for a little over 3 years. this is really atypical for me. I don't eat much dairy-i was REALLY lactose intolerant as a child, but I mostly grew out of it. I only eat yogurt and the occasional cheese on a sandwhich, which doesnt bother me. Maybe it was the new cheese? Edam is the kind. maybe the wax on the rind?
  11. Nature's path honeyed corn flakes
  12. Just looking for some sympathy. Im at work and the past three days have been horrible. Im running to the bathroom every half an hour. I have no idea what it is, ive introduced two new things into my diet this week. A new cheese and a new cereal. I stopped eating the cheese, but im still getting sick. The cereal is gluten-free, is says so on the box. i suppose im just looking for some sympathy, its not something I can talk to my co-workers about, im still new. Sometimes I think though, that if other people experienced the pain and discomfort we did, they wouldnt even leave bed, let alone go to work and just deal...
  13. I still have problems with stomach pain and ive been gluten free since 2004. weird too, because I play soccer too. and it usually gets me at the end of a work/out when ive been sprinting. i get naseau, the big D, stomach cramps, and a myriad of other problems. My sister, who is celiac gets it too. i dont really know what to do about it?
  14. I have serious troubles when i run. My sister and I both have Celiacs, and we call the pain "alien babies," because thats what i imagine it feels like. We both run alot, she played college lax, and i play college soccer. At the end of a long run, when you sprint the last bit, thats when it tends to get me. or if i did a really hard workout, i head straight to the bathroom. it seems that the pain is really concentrated in my lower stomach (below the belly button) and the only thing that makes it better is laying in the fetal position. Also, the Big D comes along with the pain for both of us. I know this isn't really helpful information, but sometimes its nice to commiserate. My only suggestion would be to make sure you are 100% gluten-free, even a little bit tends to get stirred up when you run. also, maybe try lighter workouts?
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