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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. K... it just took me 5 minutes to figure out what snaugh was.... I must think phonetics..
  3. I know, right!! They plop the evil thing in front of your face.. you're sittin' there like.. ummm.. kryptonite.. please remove.. dying.. keeling over... heeeeeeeellllppppp.. Or maybe that is just me and my weird imagination.. But I'm fairly certain just looking at the big 'ol bread bun is going to kill my shhhooper powers Oops.. everything but the celiac disease... Ummmmmmm... we're talking about the malicious effects of buns of kryptonite.. what's gluten? who's Celiac? Pssshhhhh, I know nothing.... ::tip toeing out of conversation::
  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!!! :lol: .... still lafffffing... lafffing... needed that
  5. I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

    Curlyfries, is definitely right.. The pity parties are okay, occasionally, but you have to know when to pull yourself up and out. I went through the recluse stage too - it is friggin hard to socialize!! You know what though? You just have to figure out what will work best for you in a social setting. I know, it's the whole - well I don't wanna have to put that much thought into it and I don't wanna.... The question you have to ask yourself is, how long do you wanna be a recluse? Unless the UPS sends your soul mate to your house, it looks like you're gonna have to get out and about May I ask what your age range is? Also, what are some of your core concerns about the social scene? You will have days where you're going to feel like a complete poop, but you have to know that underneath you're solid gold and worth the fight.
  6. Searching Problems...

    I know the Google search bar is a back-up alternative to searching the actual forum. However, when I use the Google search and find topics that I wish to comment on (to prevent starting a new thread), it wont allow me to post. Yet, every time I get the forum search to work, it allows me to post. Is there something I am missing? It seems like there may be a lot of duplicate topics if individuals can't easily search the forum.
  7. I've got a loaf in the freezer from the end of last year. I remember having 2 slices and that was it for me. I pick up on chemical tastes and smells.. and woah this was intense. I got it from the Walnut Creek Whole Foods. I've just stuck to Mariposa's bread and the occasional Kinnikinnick since that happened. I used to get Charlotte's bread, but man it takes too long to get to my house.. I need an instant button
  8. I Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

    Oooh honey, your 2009 sounds just like my 2008.. right down to the not being able to get married yet or not sure if you can have kids! Oh and the sick grandparent part too. My guess, you're going through a bit of depression - trust me, I hate even using the word - but what you're going through sounds very familiar. I would cry for no reason, wasn't motivated, always hurt and then sort of let my personal hygiene slip (that's when I knew things were REALLY bad). I would say that after my Grandmother died and my Dad was in an 8 car pile-up, then my medical insurance was canceled, lost my job and then had to start filing for bankruptcy.. I was crying at anything! The best thing I did though was try and stay positive, so even if that pessimistic side was rearing its ugly head, I would try and do one positive thing every day. I did hit rock bottom (on Christmas), but once I did, I was able to start building myself back up. Oh and not being able to eat gluten, can also cause some bouts of depression, especially if you didn't let yourself get upset about it when you were first diagnosed. I really wish you the best of luck. It is okay to cry. Have you explained to your boyfriend that you just feel overwhelmed in general and not necessarily with him? I had to have that talk with my boyfriend. He thought I was mad at him for not wanting to get married right away, so I had to sit down with him and try to explain my crazy brain. In the end, it helped him to understand and his support really helped me keep fighting and get through everything. Quick question - what is your Grandfather's prognosis?
  9. I Cry At The Drop Of A Hat

    Do you have any other things going on besides the crying? Do you feel motivated to do things? Are you feeling especially tired at all? Do you notice any relation with the crying and your boyfriend? You mentioned you cry during certain TV shows.. but I am wondering if there is a link to the TV show and your boyfriend? Any other crying triggers? *hugs* I do know how you feel... Been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt.. It'll be okay, promise.
  10. I know there are certain ways to improve contamination symptoms.. but this is different.. Think silly .. Okay, I'll start. Whenever I get contaminated (which thankfully doesn't happen often), I have to have cold towels. They need to be FREEZING cold and one needs to go on my forehead and one on my neck. In addition to this, I cannot wear pants. It's either shorts or a big shirt. Nothing constricting. Plus, I have to wear only a loose shirt.. no tight shirts, sweaters or tank tops, just a very huge shirt. It is because of this that my boyfriend sometimes can't find his tee shirts Oh... and I have to take my cell phone with me to the restroom. I don't know why. Maybe because subconsciously I think the toilet monster is going to come get me, but I must have the cell phone and a bottle of water. Those are my silly needs that help me cope with getting contaminated I hope I'm not the only one.....
  11. I get this too. I am not sure what correlation it has with anything, other than poor blood circulation. I remember my Orthopedic surgeon recommended holding my arm over my heart to improve blood flow. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. I think B12 sounds like a good idea! Something that I may try.
  12. Ditto on the low back pain! I have Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Degenerative Disc Disease and Arthritis - once going gluten-free the low back pain miraculously subsided. Interesting thing was, when I was drinking Starbucks Frappuccinos up to three times a day (after my dx), I was still having intermittent intestinal cramping and severe back pain. Oh and add that to the menstrual cramps, eeeeeeeyikes, I was a mess!! Luckily, I found out about the Frapps - this was only after landing in the hospital because I collapsed at the eye doctor (that's a whole different story).. but in the hospital they said that I was being glutened by something. Light bulb when on and I was like the frapps!! I guess they can't avoid the CC in those blenders - even though they had a dedicated blender for me - it still wasn't enough. So, long story shortish, anytime I am severely contaminated I get the following: - hot flashes - severe cramping - the big D or C - usually both - slight hallucinations (I attribute this to becoming overheated) - double vision - peripheral neuropathy - bone pain - lower back pain - migraines If it is slight contamination from CC: - lower back pain - intestinal cramping - migraines - peripherial neuropathy So, you can add me to the gluten-causes-me-back-pain-train
  13. Health Insurance Decision

    Haha, thank you!! And you bet I'm getting my butt to the doctor (pun slightly intended) and my little friend too. I'm hoping for a Friday appointment. Have to wait one more day for Health Net to process my enrollment form, but once that's done, I'm good to go *Happy dance*
  14. Health Insurance Decision

    Hey Everyone, I just wanted to report that I was able to retain the Health Net coverage. I appreciate all the input. It's a big relief to be able to keep the coverage where I had finally found such a great hospital, Orthopedic surgeon and Primary Care doctor. If anyone lives in Contra Costa, Alameda or Solano County, I would recommend checking out the John Muir Network. The Walnut Creek campus has a very dedicated staff, excellent training and a wonderful Dietitian. If anyone would like her name, let me know. Thank you again, =D
  15. I've had some really horrible reactions from Amy's, so I just stay clear of her stuff. Just because it says gluten-free, doesn't mean it actually is. Gluten-free is a business, anytime a company can put gluten-free on a product, they attract a larger audience. It isn't until people start complaining about reactions does the company do something to change. I also avoid any product that says it is processed in the same facility as wheat. I sometimes will call the company if the ingredients seem safe, but the way it has been processed hasn't been specified. I'd rather be safe then REALLY sorry Best of luck